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Avoid the Top 5 Risks of ICD-10

Have You Heard? – May 19, 2015

A recently released paper by healthcare industry software provider AthenaHealth covers the top 5 risks facing provider practices… 42 more words

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Music and work update

There are lots of ways for musicians to get their music out there into the world. Last year, I kind of went through this phase where I posted songs to different websites, just to see what would happen. 342 more words

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Another Bill to Delay ICD-10?! Again?!

Have You Heard? – May 13, 2015

As reported on the Healthcare Finance News website, Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) has introduced a bill to delay the conversion to ICD-10. 72 more words

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Why do physicians prefer outsourcing services?

The role of medical billing company is getting more significance, Outsourcing medical billing services is the main solution for those who need to make their medical and health care industry more productive. 154 more words

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What makes Bristol Healthcare Services the best in medical coding???


         Bristol Healthcare Services (BristolHCS), one of the reputed offshore medical billing and coding company is considered to be the leader in this field due to the accurate and quality work done by its medical coders. 181 more words

Medical Billing Outsourcing

A general overview of medical coding process

Medical coding is usage of standardized codes to diagnose the services rendered to a policyholder. Every possible injury and diagnosis is assigned a universal code that is readily understood by both healthcare providers and insurance companies so these parties are operating under the same umbrella of information. 385 more words

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Process of Medical billing

Medical billing might seem large and complicated than medical coding but it’s actually a process that’s comprised of eight simple steps.

The billing process of medical billing is simply stated as the process of communication between the medical provider and the insurance company. 659 more words

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