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Reflections on ICD-10

So far, ICD-10 seems to be going so much more smoothly than many expected. Are we to believe that smooth operations will continue indefinitely? Based on conversations I’ve had, people seem to be waiting for one significantly potential driver of change: 45 kata lagi


The Next Coding Deadline - February 2017

Have You Heard? – January 28, 2016

The hubbub over last October 1’s implementation of ICD-10 is starting to settle a bit. But will you be affected by the… 22 kata lagi

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Why Accuracy Matters in Medical Coding

A major factor in maintaining patient records and obtaining proper insurance reimbursement is medical coding.  When a claim is coded accurately, it lets the insurance payer know the particular illness or injury and the method of treatment that is necessary.  454 kata lagi


Will You Need These ICD-10 Codes?

Have You Heard? – January 20, 2016

In this “countdown” from #16 to #1, published last summer, of sixteen most absurd ICD-10 codes, Healthcare Dive… 54 kata lagi

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Specificity – Getting the Most Out of Your Payer Contracts

The shock of ICD-10 implementation this past fall has faded and healthcare providers are settling into the “new normal.” Denials are not the only thing your receivables department has to worry about. 567 kata lagi

Medical Coding

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A New Course - Pre-order Available

Have You Heard? – November 16, 2015

Our newest course, The Where’s and When’s of ICD-10, is now available for pre-order during the pre-release period of now through Monday, November 30. 20 kata lagi

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