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Respect For Medical Coders

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One of the numerous tasks assigned to coding auditors is to review documentation and validate the codes abstracted by the coders.  317 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Coding Popular Summer Injuries

Have You Heard? – June 20, 2019

Summer arrives tomorrow, and so does a season of summer-related injuries to code. A recent article on the website… 12 kata lagi

Have You Heard

Tele-medicine and its Effectiveness (Benefits Included)

The best part – You get the best treatment when you are not able to visit hospitals as well as clinics.

Sounds amazing?

Well, it is! 370 kata lagi

Medical Billing Services

What Year Is It?

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When you’re contracted as the coding consultant or auditor, you’re not always accepted by the staff.    Some may feel that you are there to replace them or point out all of their mistakes and cause problems for them.  222 kata lagi

Medical Coding

Commencement of the first batch of Medical Coding training program at Salem

Sona Yukti successfully commenced the first batch of Medical Coding training program at Salem center, on 5th June, 2019. Mr. Shankar, Sr. Manager, Training & Development, Mr. 64 kata lagi


Top 4 Benefits of Medical Coding Training- SonaYukti

Discover why the time is right to become a certified medical coder and explore new career prospects.

Read on to know more : http://www.sonayukti.com/blogs/top-four-benefits-of-medical-coding-training.php

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Medical Coding


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I audited a group of urologists, and one of the physicians consistently documented “SOS” in his impression.  I could not find a medical term for the abbreviation, and I could not associate it with a condition in the Chief Complaint or HPI.  54 kata lagi

Medical Coding