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A New Course - Pre-order Available

Have You Heard? – November 16, 2015

Our newest course, The Where’s and When’s of ICD-10, is now available for pre-order during the pre-release period of now through Monday, November 30. 20 kata lagi

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Latest Acquisition

I just got a crappy library copy off of Amazon. And it came from the Pima County Public Library, that was my library growing up. 309 kata lagi

R.A. Lafferty

ICD-10 Codes, Tips, and Scenarios for Family Practice

Have You Heard? – October 9, 2015

In CMS recently released a helpful handout called ICD-10 Clinical Concepts for Family Practice. It contains common codes, documentation tips, and clinical scenarios for the family practice specialty. 18 kata lagi

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I Hate Unclear Questions!!!!!

So I was taking the chapter test to The Cardiovascular System in my Pathophysiology module tonight and the following penultimate question came up:

What part of the conduction mechanism terminates in the Purkinje fibers?

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ICD-10 Codes for Halloween

Being a Coder for so long has had its effect on me al right. While browsing through the images of Halloween after a hectic day at work, my mind was actually juggling codes that fit the different wound & injury props that people chose to deck themselves up last year! 392 kata lagi


Bit by a squirrel? There's now a medical code for that (W53.21XA)

By Jen Christensen


(CNN) — If you get hurt in a close encounter with a sea lion, injured at the library or burned when your water skis catch on fire for the second time, you are now in luck. 1.174 kata lagi


Importance of selecting ICD 10 billing software

We are now moving towards to a phase where we demand accuracy, precision, and new technology to its best. Be it any aspect of any industry we demand just the best. 207 kata lagi

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