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The Top Ten Best Songs by MBLAQ

Though ultimately brought down by member departures and poor management, during their heyday boy group MBLAQ were vying for the k-pop a-list. They were initially notable for their ties with superstar… 340 kata lagi


Park SangHyun will come to Jakarta for Global Taste of Korea "Hansik Contest"!

Jakarta, 2017 – The Global Taste of Korea will be visiting Indonesia! The event will be held in order to introduce Korean Food or K-Food more widely to Indonesian. 225 kata lagi


Throwback Thursday: MBLAQ's 'Smoky Girl'

We’re rolling back to the year 2013 when Smoky Girl by MBLAQ was released.

The song was part of my formal introduction to K-pop. I remember… 160 kata lagi

Throwback Thursday


Written by: IJaggys

Yang Seungho & Nana

I hate your fucking eyes, too. I know I said that already, but I do. Hate them, that is. 520 kata lagi


[FOR SALE] MBLAQ - Mirror Album

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  • ITEM:  MBLAQ – Mirror Album
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  • 55 kata lagi

K-Pop Producer Spotlight: E-Tribe

If there’s anything I’ve learned from covering pop music for over a decade, it’s that songwriters and collaborators are just as important as the artists themselves. 164 kata lagi


Punya Vokal Bagus, 9 Idol Korea Berikut Ini Belum Juga Bersinar

Ada banyak vokalis suatu grup yang beruntung mendapatkan kesempatan unjuk kebolehan memamerkan vokal mereka. Dengan kerja keras atau memang karena promo yang tepat dari kelompok tersebut. 545 kata lagi