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Work Ain't Working For Us (And Hasn't Been)

‘Work’ is a four-letter word, variously used to describe an activity for which a bewildering array of pejorative adjectives have been deployed over the years. Slogans abound, on bumper sticker and office cubicle alike: we’re working for the weekend; thank God it’s Friday; a bad day fishing is better than a good day working; and so on. 454 kata lagi


Where the state came from

One of the questions that led me to libertarianism was “what is the state?” More than that: Where did it come from? How it works? What’s the use? 828 kata lagi


El mundo neoliberal y su impacto en el sindicalismo

Con la caída del muro de Berlín (1989), el mundo pareció enfilarse a una carrera por determinar en cada soberanía un nuevo régimen político. Esto llevó a muchos países de occidente a considerar los modelos neoliberales de Gran Bretaña (Thatcher) o Estados Unidos (Reagan) relevantes para lidiar con las demandas sociales que buscaban libertad, igualdad y justicia. 1.125 kata lagi


Another Day at the Office

It’s no surprise that the President follows the same path as he had in business. After 50+ years, you go with what has worked for you.  92 kata lagi

Donald Trump

Christians Need to Tell Better a Story

The following is excerpted from Kairos Journal. While it deals with the somewhat arcane subject of work ethics, it has much broader application. As the culture drifts further away from biblical values, Christians need to shift more (not all) of their tactics from public disputation (which must continue) to better art, better literature, better poetry, better novels, and better movies where the beauty, integrity, wisdom and truth of a biblical worldview can reveal to dying culture around us. 742 kata lagi

Friday Thoughts

Max Weber's Social Action Theory

Max Weber (1864-1920) was one of the founding fathers of Sociology. Weber saw both structural and action approaches as necessary to developing a full understanding of society and social change. 916 kata lagi

Social Action Theory (Interpretivism And Interactionism)

A tribute to Max Weber

We’re making people rational,

Scathing full scaffolds that draws lines

Between seceding your control and shaking in anxiety

Rationality is pretty alien to us isn’t it – the hallmark of an artificial civilisation – 60 kata lagi