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Max Weber explains Trump 2016: we want a charismatic leader to restore America

Summary: Past posts discussed the role of long-suppressed populism in the rise of Trump. But there are deeper forces at work, described a century ago by the philosopher Max Weber. 1.965 kata lagi


How clearly is the behavior of the rich expressed! They are grieved if they do not seize others’ property; they refuse food, they fast—not to atone for a sin but to commit a crime. 

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The Opalescent Parrot

Private Property and the Weberian State

“But, isn’t private property a monopoly on the legitimate use of force” whinges the socialist, “since, after all, the proprietor is allowed to keep people off his land?” 1.330 kata lagi


The sports fan, however, is in an uncommonly powerless position: No fan can change the outcome of a game. So why devote so much attention and passion to a process whose outcome one cannot hope to influence?

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Ending of 'In The Beginning'

(Continued from February 1, 2016)


Did it seem to you that Monday’s post was a bit strident?  “Beware, the Redcoats are coming”?  I wasn’t not proposing a revolution.   801 kata lagi


A Post-Syria Middle East

A recent article about a purported American deal to use an airbase in Syria to support operations against Islamic State (IS) struck me as odd. It was not that the United States was further establishing a military presence in the war-torn Middle East — let’s face it, it is 2016 and this the norm — but rather who the agreement was made with: the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). 1.001 kata lagi

Islamic State