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From Elective Affinities and Selection to Base/Superstructure and Back - an Attempt at Salvaging Concepts

„Es ist mit den Geschäften wie mit dem Tanze; Personen, die gleichen Schritt halten, müssen sich unentbehrlich werden; ein wechselseitiges Wohlwollen muß notwendig daraus entstehen…“  J.W.

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On the Ideal of Ethical Neutrality in Research on America’s Culture Wars

I am not sure what it says about me, but in my career as a sociologist, I have been drawn to some of the more controversial issues of my time. 1.416 more words


Napolitano e il disastro Gheddafi

di Michele Marsonet. Si sa che la storia non si fa con i “ma” e con i “se”. Gli avvenimenti, una volta conclusi, assumono una dimensione di inevitabilità che sfugge del tutto al nostro potere e si pietrificano immobili, a disposizione degli storici ai quali spetta analizzare cause, ragioni e conseguenze sugli eventi successivi.
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Tutti Gli Articoli


“The market economy is driven by the desire to consume and possess, and this is a major factor in the ecological crisis. Not giving but consuming is the operative ethic. 117 more words


"Harakiri" (Spoilers)

In 1962, Masaki Kobayashi directed a film with the controversial practice of harakiri, or ritual suicide by disembowelment, as its primary focus. The film operates in 1630s Tokugawa Japan: a time of great social and economic change and uncertainty with repercussions not unlike those Japan experienced after the end of World War II. 1.305 more words


Work, Wealth and Inequality (Part 1)

David Cappella and I assess work and wealth in the developed world. I write Part 1 on how we have reached an unprecedented level of inequality of ownership in our society: 489 more words

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Heinrich Blücher on Laozi (Mystic Weber)

There is a strange and largely unnoticed return of Orientalism into the social-scientific debate. The anti-rationalist turn against what often is perceived to be a continued stranglehold of Cartesian mind-body dualism now often seeks to ally itself with ‘Eastern thought’. 6.708 more words