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The Virtue of Meaningless Bourgeois Religion (Ancient Judaism) (Max Weber)

“Meaning” can sometimes seem like it is all the rage around some corners of the contemporary Jewish discourse, particularly in relation to religion and ritual. “Have a meaningful fast.” “What is the meaning of life?” “The synagogue seems to so many to be utterly devoid of meaning.” You get the point. 989 kata lagi


Black Mirror: Ódio, Vingança, Alienação e Justiça

Black Mirror é uma série britânica de ficção científica que estreou em dezembro de 2011, foi criada por Charlie Brooker e ficou marcada por duas características, a primeira sendo seu formato de poucos episódios, onde cada um conta uma história fechada sem continuidade ou ligação direta com os outros, e a segunda sendo a – inteligente e provocativa – abordagem que a série traz sobre o impacto da tecnologia na vida humana. 1.513 kata lagi


A Century of Disenchantment: Weber's "Wissenschaft als Beruf" Turns 100

One hundred years ago this past week, on November 7, 1917, the German sociologist Max Weber delivered a speech in the modestly sized lecture hall of a bookstore in Munich. 1.451 kata lagi

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Another tragedy in the USA due to guns: why things will not change and how to fix this.

Yesterday another slaughter has been done in the USA: in a church in Texas a man has opened fire killing 26 people.
Sadly it is not the first time it happens this year and once again the debate on the liberalisation of guns opens, a debate which, in my opinion, remains meaningless because this issue cannot be solved in one day and maybe will never be solved. 456 kata lagi


500 years ago Martin Luther published his 95 theses: a moment which changed the world.

In 1517 the world was different from the one we live in today: the Catholic Church had immense political power and influence in all Europe and not only if we consider Spanish and Portuguese colonies in America.  669 kata lagi


¿Qué es el consumismo?

El consumo es un hecho banal, que sin embargo, todos hacemos a diario. Es una función necesaria para la supervivencia biológica, a su vez representa un rol importante de los patrones de relaciones interhumanas donde nuestras capacidades de querer, desear, anhelar y experimentar, todas esas emociones son el fundamento de toda la economía de las relaciones humanas. 307 kata lagi


A note on the dating of Max Weber’s “Science as a Vocation”

Having recently taught Max Weber’s “Science as a Vocation” (Wissenschaft als Beruf), I noticed that in their response essays many of my students were unsure about when he gave this famous lecture. 403 kata lagi