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Some thoughts (related to Jordan B. Peterson)

This time, I’ll try the Nietzschean way: aphorisms. (Or almost).

1. I don’t remember precisely when I became interested in Jordan Perterson’s ideas, lectures, etc. 1.085 kata lagi

Considering Weber's social scientific realism

I spent the last couple of days reading. I am making efforts to reword Weber’s methodological stance through concepts I am familiar with. Here I would love to refer to entity realism and structural/causal realism. 706 kata lagi


Weber and Lucas: a different narrative?

Weber and Friedman’s story featured Knight as the most probable mediator of ideas. However, if we turn to the post-Friedmanian developments in Chicago business-cycle theories, the emergence of Weberianism seems to be implausible for Knight’s effacement at Chicago’s Department of Economics. 1.496 kata lagi


Max Weber

Max Weber (1864 – 1924), Germany

Weber described bureaucracy as the most efficient way of working.

Bureaucracy in this context is the organisational form of certain dominant characteristics such as a hierarchy of authority and a system of rules. 594 kata lagi


Knight, conveying Weberian tenets

Frank H. Knight played a significant role in Weber’s American reception. Due to his contribution the University of Chicago grew one of the American centres of Weberianism (Scaff, 2011, p. 1.052 kata lagi


Chicago business-cycle models: from Weber through Friedman to Lucas. A selected bibliography

The most important methodological works of Weber:

Weber, M. (1949). The methodology of the social sciences. Glencoe: The Free Press. Translated by: Shils, E. & Finch, H. 665 kata lagi


Chapter 1.6 “Disenchantment” of magic

According to Max Weber, an essential factor of the progress due to modern science was the “disenchantment of the world”. The progressing “intellectualization and rationalization” would have led to the knowledge or belief, that there were no mysterious, unreckonable forces, that one could rather bring all things under control through calculation: “This means that the world is disenchanted. 140 kata lagi

Magic Of Nature: On The Mystery Of Healing