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Trump epitomizes the "charismatic leader" where power is personal

By Christopher B. Daly

Nothing so aptly captures the phenomenon of Donald Trump as the social theory laid out more than a century ago by the German social thinker Max Weber. 1.023 kata lagi


Why the Euro Divides Europe


A landmark critique of Smithian notions of money as neutral medium of exchange, naturalized in social theory from Parsons to Habermas. Arguing instead for Weber’s concept of money as weapon in the market struggle, Wolfgang Streeck reveals how the single currency has transformed Europe’s qualitative horizontal diversity into quantitative vertical inequality.

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On Abstraction and Homo Oeconomicus

It can be easily argued that abstraction is an elementary methodological tool in several social sciences. Social sciences have definite and different man concepts that highlight those aspects of man and his behaviour by idealization that are relevant for the given human science. 231 kata lagi


On Brand Advocacy and the Transcendent Customer Experience

How to create brand advocacy through customer journey mapping? And what kind of a customer experience do strong brand communities promote?

Brendan Richardson, the author of “ 649 kata lagi


The Charisma of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has energised the American political scene like no other figure in recent years. He has apparently come from nowhere to build a formidable public following that may yet see him become the next U.S. 1.296 kata lagi


Economics: Debates around the Unread Literature

The difference between mainstream economics and some other approaches is rarely as clarified and explicit as in Hicks’ seminal book ‘Value and Capital’ (1939, Oxford, Clarendon Press). 415 kata lagi