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PODCAST: Social Science Bites - Peter Ghosh on Max Weber

I denne episoden av Social Science Bites diskuterer Oxford-historikeren Peter Ghosh bl.a. Max Webers sosiale bakgrunn, kapitalisme og hvordan “Den protestantiske etikk og kapitalismens ånd” fortsatt kan være relevant for oss i dag. 10 kata lagi

VIDEO: Noam Chomsky - Requiem for the American Dream

I denne dokumentaren, som er tilgjengelig på bl.a. Netflix Norge, diskuterer forfatteren og aktivisten Noam Chomsky temaer som økonomisk ulikhet, demokratiets fremtid, og det amerikanske samfunn. 70 kata lagi

Economics of the Future

What Money Wants: An Economy of Desire (2014) by Noam Yuran is an intriguing work on the philosophy of economics. What follows is one of my typically adventurous book reviews. 3.637 kata lagi

Oh no, not politics!

“. . . if he complies with the habitual expectations of a leader’s role, then he is not a charismatic leader . . .”

This is not really politics, but I apologize for turning from thoughts of eternity and the open prairie to the hyper-mundane. 1.273 kata lagi

notes 4 today: 2016-12-14 (The Protestant Control Ethic, and Relativism; Uniting With Mexicans; Gaming The Olympics; Poor Ritualization And Superstition)

title: The Protestant Control Ethic, and Relativism*

The implications of Max Weber’s connection between the Protestant Work Ethic— and how it evolved to buttress capitalist efficiency and productive obsessions—has some grand implications also for non-protestant inhabitants that have nevertheless been exposed to the protestant types (whether through already living in their community, or being victims of a culturally protestant empire). 1.390 kata lagi


Are You In It for the Sociology Degree?

You’d think sociologists are best-equipped to debunk stereotypes. Surprise then, this semester, when ALL 3 of my NUS Sociology lecturers, in cordial but resigned tones, levelled essentially the same accusation at us students:  609 kata lagi