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Libertà accademica in America, 1955

Nella foto qui sopra (ripescata da Tim Barker) un giovanissimo Eugene Genovese , storico marxista e pacifista (sarà messo alla berlina per i suoi commenti sul Vietnam nel ’65, poi si convertirà al cattolicesimo negli anni Ottanta) scrive ad un ottantenne William Du Bois, mitico storico afroamericano emarginato dai maccartisti. 150 kata lagi


Heart full of scroll

Some people say Arendt’s concept of totalitarianism doesn’t apply to Trump. Maybe not. But Trump is comparable to other modern dictators (i.e., Erdogan, Putin, Duterte, etc.). 109 kata lagi


Can Sociology Students Work in Specialist Fields?

“You can do anything you want” is a self-help refrain that often shows up in the sales pitches of generalist disciplines, not least Sociology. The problem with having too many options is that Sociology graduates-to-be still have no idea which career path(s) to take. 539 kata lagi


Would You Press the Button?

The state is a condition, a certain relationship between human beings, a mode of human behaviour; we destroy it by contracting other relationships, by behaving differently.

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Work Ain't Working For Us (And Hasn't Been)

‘Work’ is a four-letter word, variously used to describe an activity for which a bewildering array of pejorative adjectives have been deployed over the years. Slogans abound, on bumper sticker and office cubicle alike: we’re working for the weekend; thank God it’s Friday; a bad day fishing is better than a good day working; and so on. 454 kata lagi


Where the state came from

One of the questions that led me to libertarianism was “what is the state?” More than that: Where did it come from? How it works? What’s the use? 828 kata lagi


El mundo neoliberal y su impacto en el sindicalismo

Con la caída del muro de Berlín (1989), el mundo pareció enfilarse a una carrera por determinar en cada soberanía un nuevo régimen político. Esto llevó a muchos países de occidente a considerar los modelos neoliberales de Gran Bretaña (Thatcher) o Estados Unidos (Reagan) relevantes para lidiar con las demandas sociales que buscaban libertad, igualdad y justicia. 1.125 kata lagi