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The Cellist

The Cellist painted by Max Weber circa 1917

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Don't waste your life on drama

Yesterday my friend M invited me to a semi-formal hosted at UPenn. I had a grand time meeting her doctoral friends, whose sheer level of intelligence (and awesomeness, for that matter) blew my mind. 536 more words

Life Wisdom

Barry Barnes' Theory of Power in the Context of Tim Jordan's 'Cyberpower'


It is said that the communications revolution signals “the death of distance”[1] as it has allowed activists to gain more influence as new communications and information technologies are beginning to enable advances in e-government, e-democracy and e-participation. 1.742 more words


How Hard Work became a Lust and Why the Catholics are Right

The Origin of the “Protestant Work Ethic” started back in the reformation.  Catholicism had (and still has) an extensive theological framework for the partial forgiveness of sins.   654 more words


Holy Week celebrates Exodus from Iron Cages and Freedom from Faith in Powers

While studying at Temple University, John Balzarini taught me about Max Weber (“VAY bur”) and the Iron Cage of Bureaucracy. I bet most of us are unfamiliar that the societal systems of dehumanization we’re so accustomed to ever did NOT exist. 696 more words

Circle Of Hope

Definición de “abogado” según Max Weber

Max Weber en su obra Economía y sociedad. Esbozo de sociología comprensiva, publicado en 1922, al realizar una contraposición con la figura de “prolocutor” ( 143 more words



vogue brazil
model: amanda wellsh | photographer: henrique gendre
fashion editor: luis fiod | makeup: max weber