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Sociology Spotlight-Max Weber On Objectivity

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s societies and thought processes surrounding how societies should behave were being formed.  Karl Emil Maximilian “Max” Weber was one of those that was helping to shape these thought processes.  560 kata lagi


O que é capitalismo?

O Brasil é capitalista? O capitalismo é culpado por vários problemas que observamos no Brasil? E outros países? A China é hoje um país de economia capitalista, ainda que com política socialista (ou comunista)? 1.062 kata lagi


How Life Chances Matter

In 1964, a television show was conceptualized by the UK-based production house Granada Television, that followed the lives of 14 British children belonging to diverse backgrounds since they were seven-years-old. 678 kata lagi

Concepts Of Sociology

Why Sociology?

People often wonder what Sociology is all about.  With so many studies focusing on every intricacy of human development, Sociology is often considered to be a catch all for developmental studies.   174 kata lagi


Values and Voting

I’ve been thinking about values and politics ever since a fractious online exchange with a high school classmate about the current political campaign led me to conclude that we were talking past one another because we came to the discussion with different values. 1.214 kata lagi


The Dogmatic Slumber of Neil Degrasse Tyson

(Trigger warning:  Hyperbole was used in the making of this polemic, check references for the substance behind that hyperbole. Thank you.)

Around ten years ago, when Neil Degrasse Tyson was primarily writing on Pluto and people didn’t realize while he railed against God, Richard Dawkins was still more or less an middle class Anglican prig, my best friend got me a signed copy of Tyson’s book on Pluto.   745 kata lagi

Cultural Criticism

All the Good Stuff that Cannot be Measured

Yanis Varoufakis talks about the neoclassical economic tradition and its (futile and detrimental) attempt to quantify non-quantifiable phenomena. Such a debate has been raging on in the social sciences for quite some time, and continues today. 115 kata lagi