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OpenBCI Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) - From Python to Matlab

Lab streaming layer is a system for synchronizing streaming data for real-time streaming, recording, and analysis of biodata. Theopenbci_pylsl program uses Python to establish an LSL stream that can be received using scripts in Matlab. 626 kata lagi


MathWorks Webinar: MATLAB for New Users

MathWorks are organising webinar to introduce MATLAB, a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. The course will take place 2nd August 2016. 101 kata lagi


Frontal alpha asymmetry toolbox for EEGLAB

I would like to introduce my EEGLAB toolbox for computing frontal alpha asymmetry index. This can be useful to getting affective component in terms of its valence. 283 kata lagi


A plug-in for real-time histograms in Scanbox

A Scanbox user requested to add the ability to display a histogram of image values in real-time.

Here, I use a the general mechanism of… 340 kata lagi


[Kaggle] Exploring SF Salaries - Clean up Job Titles

Overview of Data

On Kaggle, the SF Salaries example provides San Fransisco salaries from the years 2011-2014 normalized into a single .csv file. The data is originally from Transparent California, and if you go to the website, the data now includes 2015 data. 998 kata lagi


Affective Gaming

The Electronic Gaming industry has been growing ever fast. The innovations and virtual realities clubbed together are building a new horizon of games ever built before. 5.352 kata lagi

Embedded Systems Design