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A lil' on programming today

Getting bored again… Nothing to do…

Reminded me of my Final year project which will soon require to implement a GUI after completion of all the speaker recognition phase coding…

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Matlab - Substitute Structure

function [ delta_eff, mass_eff, K_eff, T_eff, lambda ] = …

    substituteStructure( massVector, deflectionVector, base_shear )
% Function takes the displacement and mass vectors and returns the
% effective displacement, mass, K and period

PI =3.1415;

delta_eff = sum(massVector.*deflectionVector.^2) ...
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Blogging - The Beginning Of The End

In just a few weeks, I’ll begin a series of short blogs meant to help those who frequently program and plot using R and MATLAB. To make up for the absurd amount of time I’ve spent time toying around with code and making fancy plots, I hope to share the love (i.e. 29 kata lagi


Quick parallel implementation of local sensitivity analysis procedure for agent-based tumor growth model

In the last couple of posts I’ve shown how to implement agent-based model of cancer stem cell driven tumor growth, both in MATLAB and C++ 1.010 kata lagi


MATLAB code for computing frequency variance: a proxy for spontatnous phase resetting in resting EEG

Frequency variance (fv) is a measure I have developed to capture spontaneous phase resets in resting EEG signals. A phase reset is an event in which an oscillator skips a portion of a cycle. 671 kata lagi