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Assignment: Numerical Linear Algebra Code 001

1. Problems.

Problem 1. Write a script to compute the determinant of a square matrix. Compare the obtained result with built-in function det in Matlab. 245 kata lagi


%% EX1
%A 6 PTS
type LAB04ex1
%do not print the entire vectors t and Y, but include a few values which… 375 kata lagi

Academic Writing

Assignment: Numerical Linear Algebra 003 and 004

Abstract. This assignment contains my solution for Exercises 3.2, 3.6, 4.1 in [1] and some relevant problems.

PDF. nguyenquanbahong1411103nla003004

Code. codefornla003


  1. Lloyd N. Trefethen, David Bau III, 
  2. 10 kata lagi

Applied Mathematician - MATLAB Modeller @ DSTG, Melbourne

The Dept of Defence’s research labs (DSTG) require a professional with data analysis and software development skills.

You will assist in developing the capability of our defence force to analyse surface platform infrared (IR) signature data in a range of environments. 41 kata lagi


Hyphenation Question: Row-wise or Rowwise?

Sam Clark of T&T Productions, the copy editor for the third edition of MATLAB Guide (co-authored with Des Higham and to be published by SIAM in December 2016), recently asked whether we would like to change “row-wise” to “rowwise”. 353 kata lagi



If you’re new to MATLAB, you may wonder “why MATLAB?”

Well, according to IEEE, MATLAB is 9th most popular programming language in enterprise settings. Of course, it’s not as popular as C or C++ (and it will never be probably), this is still a very popular one. 176 kata lagi


Starting a MATLAB Series

Well, this is my first post on this blog. But then again, it really isn’t the first post.

I have had this blog for a few years, and I have neglected it for a couple of years. 181 kata lagi