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Matlab Simulink Training

Every one is welcome to join us in interactive training of MATLAB SIMULINK training

  • Learn basics of Matlab
  • How to Simulate real life problem
  • How to get Matlab set in action…
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Matlab to Python - some code examples

Two years back, I was converting a matlab script to python, here are some of the errors that I encountered during the conversion. Found them documented in that converted script, posting them here for wider audience. 145 kata lagi


Membuat Program Face Detection Menggunakan MATLAB

Salam. Face Detection adalah salah satu ilmu di dalam bidang image processing, algoritma dan program mengenai face detection sangat bermanfaat ketika kita akan melakukan otomatisasi untuk mendeteksi siapa saja orang-orang yang berada pada sebuah foto digital. 106 kata lagi

Image Processing

Maybe we should be teaching biology undergraduates to code in the julia programming language

Another post about bioinformatics teaching – more exciting on-topic microbiology posts coming up soon, I swear!

Today I was at an event as a part of my… 786 kata lagi

Should I be using pandas?

My PhD consisted partly of doing very hands-on neuroscience experiments, and partly of analyzing the “medium-sized data” sets produced by those experiements. I say “medium-sized” because the data was large enough to require care, but not so large that it couldn’t fit comfortably on a single disk in raw form, and fit in memory once partially processed. 3.453 kata lagi

Music for your projects.

When you are preparing a new project (doesn’t matter if it is a game, a video, a presentation or a new home audio system), it is always good to have access to some music to use as background. 176 kata lagi