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Roundoff Error in Cosine Function

% Floating Point Arithmetic with cosine function
% Description: Performs n-fold cosine followed by n-fold arcos

x=0; % x is a row vector of numbers between 0 and 1.5 of increments st

for i=1:n

z = y;


for i=1:n

% Plot the output y versus the input x
title(['Output of the Computation with n = ' num2str(n)],'fontsize',14)
xlabel(['Input x'],'fontsize',12)
ylabel(['Output y'],'fontsize',12)
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How to build Caffe

Building Caffe from source is easy. There are two options provided: using a Makefile or using CMake. I found that using Makefile was easier, since CMake was erroneously complaining about… 134 kata lagi

Computing in the TV '90s (open blog post)

Beavis and freaking Butthead.

They were gross and parentless troublemakers who ate junk food and watched lame music videos, all while trying to squeak by in high school. 123 kata lagi

Beavis And Butthead

Explorative Analysis: Dimensionality reduction I

The objective of this assignment is to see if we can use PCA to classify different periods of the 24-hour EEG recording in a similar way as the expert human in the hypnogram (rech). 3.164 kata lagi


Building Neural Networks with Weka

Building neural networks models and implementing learning consist of lots of math this might be boring. Herein, some tools help researchers to build network easily. Thus, a researcher who knows the basic concept of neural networks can build a model without applying any math formula. 760 kata lagi

Machine Learning

A Comparison of Random Forest and K-nearest Neighbors Applied to the Student Alcohol Consumption Dataset for prediction of student performance (with matlab code)


Description of the problem

  • Two classification models are used to estimate student’s second year grades (referred to as G2) based on the previous year’s grades (
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Drone For Medication of Crops

Agriculture is humankind’s oldest and still its most important economic activity, providing the food, feed, fiber, and fuel necessary for our survival. With the global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, agricultural production must double if it is to meet the increasing demands for food and bioenergy. 444 kata lagi