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Default Path on MATLAB

MATLAB stands for Matrix Laboratory, it is a powerful programming language for computations, optimisation, plotting functions or data etc.. MATLAB is widely used in the science, mathematics, engineering and economics industries as well as academia and research institutions. 203 kata lagi


Introduction to Programming with MATLAB

A introductory course on MATLAB  is being offered by VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY

By this courses students can:

  • gain an understanding of the general concepts of programming…
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PART 2.1: Plotting BTC-e API Data in Matlab

This next tutorial will guide you through how to get nice, clean, and readable plots out of Matlab. The data that you have fetched with the API and have stored, will be plotted so you can have a view of what everything looks like while double checking that your code is working correctly. 597 kata lagi

MATLAB And Neural Network Trading On BTC-e

How to check the list of files that a function (or a script) depends on in Matlab ?

Suppose you want to know the list of user-authored functions that a file ‘functA.m’ depends on.

Since Matlab R2014a, it is possible to do so using  111 kata lagi


ASIDE: What do you really want to measure?

In the last post, I covered the basics of wound-healing assays and how to quantify and visualise them. This is great, but is the ability of cells to heal an artificial wound really what you want to measure? 175 kata lagi

Image Analysis

Its Official Maths Can Be Beautiful

Hello Internet,

So as you may know I am currently studying for my doctorate in Developmental Biology. I am funded by a scientific research council, the BBSRC, combined within my course is the opportunity to learn how to use a software called Matlab (for more info check out my… 152 kata lagi