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DataChant is 6 month old

Thank you for following my blog. I wanted to write something personal today to celebrate the blog’s 6 month milestone.

I started this blog 6 months ago after two great years as a senior program manager at Microsoft Excel team. 265 kata lagi


Downsampling (decimating) a brain surface

In the previous post, a method to display brain surfaces interactively in PDF documents was presented. While the method is already much more efficient than it was when it first appeared some years ago, the display of highly resolved meshes can be computationally intensive, and may make even the most enthusiastic readers give up even opening the file. 556 kata lagi


Summer List To Do // Musings

I have a bit of time this summer after freshmen year. I’m taking two physics classes at the University of Delaware, but they both end before one every day, so I thought I would put the time to use focusing and honing in on certain skill sets and discovering more hobbies. 548 kata lagi


R's matplot function in MATLAB

By default, MATLAB’s plot function draws no markers in the figure that it produces. One may explicitly specify a marker and a line style following… 235 kata lagi


MATLAB : Post 11 : Suppressing Output

Suppressing an output means that you are making a defined value to not show up on the command window. Have a look at the below example:


Mouse Control By Color Markers Using MATLAB

This project is about “Tracking of Hand Gestures for Cursor Control in a Computer”. It has been implemented on MATLAB using its image acquisition toolbox. 363 kata lagi