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The International Language of Screaming

A couple of recent projects have meant that I had to get to grips more seriously with R and with MATLAB. Regular readers will know that I am a die-hard… 337 kata lagi


Robot Control Using Gestures with MATLAB and Arduino

How’re you doing makers!

I hope you liked my previous post which was to control computer mouse operations using image processing in MATLAB. If you’ve not seen it yet then… 336 kata lagi


A simple command for plotting autocorrelation functions in Matlab

Autocorrelation is a measure of persistence within a data set, which can be defined as the tendency for successive data points to be similar (Wilks, 2011).   340 kata lagi

Assignment: Approximating solution of Brusselator equation by using Runge Kutta 2 method

Abstract. This post contains MATLAB to approximate solutions of the following system of differential equations

In general,

In vector form,

1. Matlab.

1.1. x.m

function x = x(V,h,y)
k1 = f(y);
k2 = f(y + h*V(4)*k1);
x = h*(V(1)*k1+V(2)*k2); 471 kata lagi

Financial Econometrics final project- Projet final pour le cours d'économétrie financière

Use of / utilisation de MATLAB and/et STATA-Study based on Jones and Kinkaid 2014

Can the correlation among stocks predict market decline? Est-ce que la corrélation entre actifs peut prédire un déclin du marché? 506 kata lagi


Slide: Le Anh Ha, Finite Difference Method

Readling list.

1. Introduction. 

1.1. Math modeling and simulation of physical processes. describe physical phenomenon, model the physical phenomenon to become mathematical equations (PDE), simulate mathematical equation (discrete solution), compare discrete solution and experiment result. 207 kata lagi

Euler's method using Matlab

  1. Download the attached file.Copy and paste the commands into Matlab.
  2. Look the directions on how to adjust the code. In particular, play around on adjusting the initial condition (t0,y0), the step size, and the function.
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