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Implementation of time delay to transfer function in MATLAB

Take the implementation of as an example:

Approach I:

g1 = (s+1)/(s^2+s+1);
g2 = exp(-s);
g = g1*g2

Approach II:


Both the above two approaches give the following result: 9 more words


Persistent (Static) Variable in MATLAB and Octave

In C/C++, a static variable is stored in the memory until the program exists. It is not destroyed and its value is retained throughout the execution of the program, even while it is out of the scope of the current execution point. 199 more words


Computer Vision - In focus regions

Versión en Español

Turns out that recently I have been taking my first steps into the photography world, and I am discovering a great deal of interesting things I didn’t have think about before. 440 more words


Fourier Vases

In my last blog post I waded through a lot of maths with no pretty pictures to show for it. I’ll redress the balance here and make the pictures extra pretty. 913 more words

Voice Signal Segmentation Using MatLab

Segmentasi sinyal suara merupakan hal yang tak terpisahkan dalam pemrosesan sinyal suara digital, biasanya teknik ini diperlukan sebelum dilakukan ekstraksi fitur terhadap sinyal suara. Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan… 291 more words


Triangular elements: Compare results of 3-nodal, 6-nodal elements varying density of meshes

The problem in this entry will be considered in aspect of plane strain. Input parameters are fixed: LX=50m; LY=4m; t=1 m; E=8E4 kPa; v=0.25; P=-10 kN. 52 more words

2D Triangular Element