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Create XYZ files from Matrix using Matlab

There are times when your software requires you to have an *.xyz data, while most of the time, we have the *.dat in a matrix form. 103 kata lagi


Facial Reconstruction Of an Unknown face using Matlab

For my final project in my linear algebra class, I was allowed to pick an individual topic relating to this field of math. I chose machine learning, specifically facial reconstruction using eigen vectors. 656 kata lagi

School Projects

Matlab code for control of a resonant scanning microscope

For control of resonant scanning 2P microscopes, my host lab uses a software that I have written in Matlab. Due to some coincidences, the software is based on Scanimage 4.2, a version developed few years ago for an interface with a Thorlabs scope and Thorlabs software (DLLs). 632 kata lagi


When Is Thanksgiving Most Likely To Happen?

So my question from last Thursday nagged at my mind. And I learned that Octave (a Matlab clone that’s rather cheaper) has a function that calculates the day of the week for any given day. 345 kata lagi


Assignment: Numerical Linear Algebra Code 007

Abstract. This assignment aims at solving Exercise 10.2, [1].

1. Problems.

Problem 1 (Exercise 10.2, [1]). 

  1. Write a MATLAB function  = house(A) that computes an implicit representation of a full QR factorization  of an  matrix  with  using Householder reflections.
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Applied Regression Analysis

For the final project, you will need to produce an original statistical analysis or forecast using the regression techniques covered in this course. Students are free to select any topic they would like so long as it meets the requirements described below, and may also work in groups of up to two people. 507 kata lagi



  1. Install YALMIP
    1. Download lastest version of Yalmip from here
    2. Extract the folder to yalmip/ and place it under some directory inside
      C:/Program Files/MATLAB/…/yalmip
    3. In MATLAB, go to /yalmip, addpath using this command below…
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