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Loop-free search for proliferative cells in MATLAB

When thinking about implementation of agent-based model only few of us consider MATLAB as a coding environment, even though it has plenty of built-in visualization and analysis tools. 338 more words

For Loop

A Classic Matlab Easter Egg!

I think this is the Easter Egg most Matlab-users know. The user asks the Matlab console “why” and Matlab returns some answer! I inspected the source-code for the “why”-function and it randomly (as expected) outputs an answer.


Help: pcolor/m_pcolor cannot create world map correctly

Anybody can help me with the issue below?

I have an issue to create world mean temperature map correctly with pcolor/m_pcolor. There are strips on the map created. 77 more words


A Quick and Dirty Way to Generate a Poisson Process

Say you want to simulate a Poisson (jump) process with intensity lambda over the time horizon

General approach: Instead of drawing probabilities for each discrete time interval dt and generating jumps as the process involves, I draw the number of jumps then place them within the given time horizon according to properties of the Poisson process. 186 more words


Program Safari

We started learning programming in embedded, matlab and C. We faced a lot of problems, there were sites which provided us the solution but lacked explanation, some had explanation but no examples. 80 more words


Auto generation of a reloadable M file

The script dump2mfile saves variables in MATLAB workspace down to a reloadable .m file. The results will look like:

No less than 3 arguments are required. 97 more words