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MATLAB: Graph Plots

One of the basic functions within MATLAB is the ability to generate graphs on which you can plot a variety of data contained within matrices and vectors. 87 kata lagi

Honours Project

Save out Python/Numpy data as .mat files for Matlab

A cheap way to save out data for Matlab within python is as follows:

Suppose you have a numpy array of shape (10777, 9) called pkt_np_array… 78 kata lagi


Matlab: Quadratic programming


x = quadprog(H,f)
x = quadprog(H,f,A,b)
x = quadprog(H,f,A,b,Aeq,beq)

H: Symmetric matrix of doubles. Represents the quadratic in the expression 1/2*x’*H*x + f’*x. (Obviously,  97 kata lagi

Memories: some good, some sad, some funny and also a bit of a rant. Why I never thought I was good at math or even particularly smart but as it turns out I actually am?

I recently discovered that I have extremely detailed memories of my life I really shouldn’t which is called hyperthymesia (the research group that spearheads this has this confused this with another savant trait that I don’t have so while I obviously have extremely detailed memories I shouldn’t have I but do, they don’t believe me and aren’t responding to my emails and I am mad at them so I have decided that I am going to read their papers so I can better explain how they got it wrong (the first case study they did was of a woman who like me had amazing recall but unlike me it was tied to another trait, being able to be given any date and tell exactly what happened on that day, which I can’t.  5.102 kata lagi




Berikut diberikan variabel pi serta format penulisan jumlah desimal dalam MATLAB :

  • format short

3.1416 (5 digit)


MATLAB: Editor and Command Window

It has been a little while but I am back and making a renewed effort to learn MATLAB as it does form a key part of my Honours project plans as they currently stand. 362 kata lagi

Honours Project

ARTE for Robotics Simulations

So there is this great library available for download at: http://arvc.umh.es/arte/index_en.html

So now, the program is pretty much straightforward. This toolbox simplifies a lot of things by providing functions like ‘dh’, using which we get the homogeneous transformation matrix for a joint axis feeding it with just the dh parameters. 173 kata lagi