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Parallel Computing Researcher Interview

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Your Background?

I did not start out with a major in mathematics; instead, my background is in computer science. During my undergraduate years, parallel computing (using several processors simultaneously to run a large computer program faster) was an emerging and exciting new area of computer science. 298 kata lagi


How to Get Unscared of Maths

By Aditi Singhal and Sudhir Singhal

During one of my recent 10-day summer workshop on maths, I asked the mother of a child studying in 5th standard to practice the times tables with her son at home. 1.586 kata lagi


Good news on Mathematics teaching

Is the crisis in mathematics teaching over? According to the data in the 2016 School Workforce Census, if not over, then the problem is at least well on the way to being solved, if you use two important measures for the teaching workforce. 487 kata lagi


Hilbert Spaces

The mathematical concept of a Hilbert Space is named after the famous mathematician David Hilbert and is a generalisation of an Euclidean space. It is an abstract vector space possessing the structure of an inner product allowing length and angle to be measured. 265 kata lagi


Better Math Grades for Your Child

So, the business my husband has been working so hard on these past six months has finally launched and I am so excited to finally be able to introduce to you, my dear readers,  350 kata lagi


Which is Deeper? Mathematics or Physics?

This is quite a can of worms to open as a first blog post, but I was feeling a little edgy and it was on my mind, so why not? 2.513 kata lagi


10 Algorithms Every Programmer Should Know – and When to Use Them

@tachyeonz : Programmers love algorithms. What’s an algorithm? Good question! In my academic days, we would have said, “An algorithm is a well-defined, self-contained process or set of rules to be followed in a data processing system.” 6 kata lagi