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Applied Category Theory at UCR (Part 2)

I’m running a special session on applied category theory, and now the program is available:

Applied category theory, Fall Western Sectional Meeting of the AMS, 4-5 November 2017, U.C. 594 kata lagi


[BOOK] 수학의 언어로 세상을 본다면

수학의 언어로 세상을 본다면 – 오구리 히로시 지음 / 서혜숙, 고선윤 옮김

부제: “수학자 아버지가 들려주는 수학으로 본 세계”

정보의 홍수에 밀려 떠내려가지 않고 본질을 파악하고 새로운 가치를 창조하기 위해서는 스스로 생각하는 힘이 여느 때보다 중요해졌습니다.


880 Flip the Diagonals!

There are 880 different 4 × 4 Magic Squares. (In addition, each of those can be rotated and/or reflected to make 880 × 8 Magic Squares.) I have found a few that start with some simple ways to order the numbers 1 to 16 in the boxes and then flip the diagonals to create a perfect Magic Square. 297 kata lagi


Platonic Dice

An unbiased single 4-sided die is thrown and its value, , is noted. unbiased 6-sided dice are thrown and their scores are added together. The sum, , is noted.  1.510 kata lagi


Formerly Feral Cat Named 'DOG' (Who Thinks He Is a Dog!) Helps Train Service Dogs in St. Louis

This adorable black-and-white kitty is the boss of 23 dogs, just don’t tell him he’s not a dog himself!

DOG (pronounced ‘dee-OH-gee’) can blame fate and a kind animal lover named Nadine Wenig, Director of Canine Services at Support Dogs, Inc., in St. 360 kata lagi


Secondary Math Tuition Centre for Holland Village

Holland Village Math Tutor Secondary Math Tuition with comprehensive and effective tutoring for Holland Village Sec 3 Sec 4 Add Mathematics and E Math Tuition doing GCE O-levels, IGCSE, IP and SAP Programme Syllabus Examinations in Holland Village Singapore. 394 kata lagi