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Have you read the sine wave

Like a clock in time

Spinning space

Up at twelve and down

at twenty-four

But it is only even at… 11 kata lagi



This is nothing but data

A string of keys on a screen

A series of dots trapped in light

Burning squares into the mind.


Fear, time and squares

There is a real fear

Buried deep in time

Where should be the heart

Is the tick of a clock

A miniscule sound

A blacksmith banging hot steal… 154 kata lagi



Breathe to save time

With wings folded back together

Stop to make time

Feel the heart beat

Stand in the sand

In time to the earth spinning… 6 kata lagi


The Mathemagican

The mathematician
is indeed a magician
for he plays with numbers
like they were some kind
of juggle balls.

He speaks the language of the universe, 156 kata lagi



In my opinion, today is a magical date: 4/8/16 (dd-mm-yy; as I write on my notebook). So let me tell you what I think about “mathematics” and “magic”. 355 kata lagi

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