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Does Bank of Montreal MasterCard actually monitor for credit card fraud?

This hasn’t been the first time a credit card has been compromised and it won’t be the last. As someone who takes all forms of security very seriously I am always ticked off when these breaches occur. 344 more words


This past Saturday was Priceless—MasterCard Priceless! I spent the evening at The New York Botanical Garden’s special event called, Orchid Evenings and then went on to view… 346 more words

NOW AVAILABLE: Mobile Commerce Forecast, 2015-2018

The focus of mobile payments tends to revolve around proximity payments (mobile payments at physical retail locations) and person to person payments. Yet quietly, the area of mobile payments that faces the least friction in the marketplace remains mobile commerce/mobile checkout, defined as when a consumer makes a purchase online using a mobile device. 87 more words

Target's settlement with MasterCard costs retailer $19 million

Target is still cleaning up after its disastrous data breach of December 2013, and recovery costs continue to climb for the US retail giant.

Target says it reached a $19 million… 389 more words


The Orchid Show: Chandeliers At The New York Botanical Garden

It was a perfect day at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, NY. It was supposed to be below 60 degrees, but I didn’t need my coat because it was sunny. 254 more words

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LetsTalkNews: Targets MasterCard settlement: $19 million 

Target has agreed to pay MasterCard-issuing banks as much as $19 million to reimburse for losses related to the 2013 hack that resulted in up to 40 million accounts being breached. 146 more words