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MasterCard's 'Display Card' Has LCD Screen, Touch-Sensitive Buttons

MasterCard is billing a new credit card it’s issuing in Singapore as the ‘next generation of payment cards.’ With security in mind, the Display Card has an LCD screen and touch-sensitive buttons both of which let the user employ a one-time password. 11 kata lagi


RI Akan Punya Gerbang Pembayaran Sendiri, Apa Keuntungannya?

PT BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk) menyambut baik inisiatif dari Bank Indonesia (BI) yang akan membuat gerbang pembayaran nasional atau NPG (National Payment Gateway) sendiri. Apa keuntungannya untuk Indonesia? 186 kata lagi


Apple Pay now available to Mastercard customers in Italy

Apple Pay is now live in Italy, and Mastercard has announced that it will offer its cardholders with boon, Carrefour Bank and Unicredit cards immediate access to the new service helping them to use their cards where and how they want with a seamless experience. 272 kata lagi


12.000 bonus miles with Brussels Airlines American Express!

While you’ll be able to find amazing flight deals online, there is an easier and even cheaper way to fly around the globe for a small amount of euros… Airline Miles! 797 kata lagi

Brussels Airlines

Mastercard is becoming the main ticket in more than 80 global cities

As residents and visitors of the world’s major cities look for the best way to get around, Mastercard is making commuting easier, faster and more consistent. 398 kata lagi



So now you know about what we did and why we did it (and if not you can find out by going to the what… 1.315 kata lagi


How Mastercard Plans to Make Chip-and-Pin Payments Speedier

Mastercard has developed a new method intended to make chip-and-pin transactions faster, and the financial giant is partnering with Verifone and Global Payments to add the technology into their point of sale registers. 210 kata lagi