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Buku NX CAD - Pembuatan Model 3D dalam NX11

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Nah, ini adalah buku NX saya yang kedua. Temanya tentang Pembuatan Model 3D dalam NX11. Harus saya akui, software ini benar2 canggih. Proses mendesain obyek2 3D menjadi terasa sangat mudah! 217 kata lagi


CO2 Dragsters - CNC Machining

I have been teaching  CNC machining for the last 5 years at Suncoast Technical College and have over 30 years experience in the trade. When I started in 1984 the CNC machining centers where just starting to become popular but it was a learning curve.  1.122 kata lagi

Machine Shop

MasterCAM X6 - Work with STL File

  • Create your 3D Objects (I made it with AutoCAD)
  • Save it into STL
  • Open it with MasterCAM X6
  • Define the material (stock setup)
  • Determine the type of toolpath, endmill, and other cutting parameters…
  • 43 kata lagi

ArtCAM - Work With STL file

  • Create your 3D objects (I made it with AutoCAD).
  • Save as STL
  • Use ArtCAM to open it
  • Develop your model
  • Define the toolpaths. Check your tools and material thickness.
  • 30 kata lagi

ArtCAM - Simple Art

Dari gambar 2D (bitmap) hingga menjadi ukiran kayu jati 3D…. From bitmap to 3D teakwood relief…

For corporate training (only) on AutoCAD, ArtCAM, MasterCAM, CNC: 14 kata lagi