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CO2 Dragsters - CNC Machining

I have been teaching  CNC machining for the last 5 years at Suncoast Technical College and have over 30 years experience in the trade. When I started in 1984 the CNC machining centers where just starting to become popular but it was a learning curve.  1.122 kata lagi

Machine Shop

MasterCAM X6 - Work with STL File

  • Create your 3D Objects (I made it with AutoCAD)
  • Save it into STL
  • Open it with MasterCAM X6
  • Define the material (stock setup)
  • Determine the type of toolpath, endmill, and other cutting parameters…
  • 43 kata lagi

ArtCAM - Work With STL file

  • Create your 3D objects (I made it with AutoCAD).
  • Save as STL
  • Use ArtCAM to open it
  • Develop your model
  • Define the toolpaths. Check your tools and material thickness.
  • 30 kata lagi

ArtCAM - Simple Art

Dari gambar 2D (bitmap) hingga menjadi ukiran kayu jati 3D…. From bitmap to 3D teakwood relief…

For corporate training (only) on AutoCAD, ArtCAM, MasterCAM, CNC: 14 kata lagi


Helical Tools, Great Cutters With A Crummy Download Policy

Today because I suffered a lot of grief and un-needed exposure to web hacking I am going to use my soapbox. I really like Helical end mills. 481 kata lagi