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Tokutember - Day 6

Masked Rider Comb Comb is a lady Rider based on a bee. She throws pollen and has stingers on her shoes. My only regret is that I didn’t make her with a open jacket that had the fur trim.


Masked Rider Cosplay Guide

Name: 仮面ライダー/Masked Rider/Kamen Rider

Region: Japan

Type: special adventure science fiction real people

GRP Mask Movie Masked Rider Mask ウルトラマン Cosplay Mask Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Mask… 19 kata lagi

Movie Cosplay

Behind the Mask

This story originally appeared in Time Out Hong Kong (Issue 61, August 2010)

As the live show comes to town for the very first time, Leon Lee discovers why Masked Rider’s legion of fans is still growing… 776 kata lagi

Time Out Hong Kong

Mid-Season SuperHero Time 2017 Update

What can I say this has been another one of those great seasons of the Super Hero Time television block. The pairing of this season’s Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Super Sentai’s  Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger. 253 kata lagi


Cowboys & Engines

Cowboys & Engines (2016) is a steampunk western short film written & directed by Bryn Pryor for 1876 Productions, Unpunished Films & Flamboyance Films. Starring Richard Hatch, Walter Koenig, Libby Letlow, Kaila Katesh, and Malcolm McDowell. 318 kata lagi

Short Films

Kamen Rider Black: The Best Opening Sequence

It begins with darkness.

A line of light slices through the middle of darkness as if the light was a sliver of hope during the darkest of times. 332 kata lagi

Front Seat