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#EF10 - Indonesian Foods Are.... Priceless

Last week I received a comment from Mabel, she asked me to post about Indonesian Food. So many delicious Indonesian Food that I can post, she said. 659 more words


Martabak @playground Jakarta, an extraordinary twist

Martabak is like a pancake with a crispy texture on the outside, originated from middle east but a common dish in indonesia, but the chef at playground improve it to another level! 87 more words

Food Lovers

Mini Martabak Tofu

Inspired by Indian food namely murtabak,  these foods are very popular in Indonesia, we called it Martabak.

Martabak Indonesia usually contains chopped meat , scallions and beaten egg. 144 more words

Daily Life

Risol dan Martabak Mini

Have you tried this one?

Risol dan Martabak Mini

Varian isinya hampir sama. Berisi daging cincang dan sayuran seperti wortel dan kentang. Pada martabak biasanya diberi irisan daun bawang dalam campuran isinya yang hanya berupa daging. 66 more words


Food Journey ep1 "Bali Streat Food Cafe"

Before you ask, no I don’t write it wrong. Streat is the actual name and when I asked the manager how to pronounce it, he laugh and tell me to pronounce it as Street which is now make sense. 432 more words


Mutabak Breakfast Pockets

Something my family used to do every so often was have breakfast for dinner. There’s something about sweet and savory breakfast foods that are usually served in the US that just seems like a good idea any part of the day. 353 more words


Holiday Day 2: Convention

Actually I’m writing this in day 3 cause I barely had time yesterday and yesterday (Saturday) we keep the Sabbath. Or observe the Sabbath. Whichever suites you. 238 more words