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99 Cartridges of Sega on the Wall

With the data scrub finished I was 100 games away from a full set. Keep in mind I’ll only ever get 98. So with today’s mail day I’m officially at 99 games to go! 201 kata lagi

Collecting Thoughts

Marsupilami - Maurice the Gorilla Quick PVC

Characters: Maurice the Gorilla
Label: Quick
Made in: China, 1990’s

Walt Disney

Re-rooting doll hair, here I come!

You encounter dolls with messy or cut hair. For a long time I thought there is nothing you could do about it, maybe cut the hair and make a wig? 726 kata lagi


[ Gratitut ] Télécharger Marsupilami, Tome 27 : Coeur d'étoile

André Franquin , Cerise , Luc Batem , Stéphan Colman: Marsupilami, Tome 27 : Coeur d’étoile

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Une grosse déception attend les auteurs des aventures du Marsupilami, de retour dans la jungle pour prendre des nouvelles de leur héros : le nid des marsupilamis est fermé, et toute la petite famille, partie pour une destination inconnue ! 815 kata lagi

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Meet Marsupilami!!!

Marsupilami is a fictional comic book species created by Andre Franquin, first published on 31 January 1952 in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou. 2.044 kata lagi

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Marsupilami - Applause PVC

Characters: Marsupilami (from Raw Toonage)
Label: Applause
Made in: China, 1992

Walt Disney


A  fanart doodle of Marsupilami, Franquins wonderful creation for Spirou. For more visit