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Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Things getting a little dull or routine in your relationship lately? Have you two allowed life to kind of dump on your relationship? Are you wanting to reconnect (on every level) and get back into relationship with your partner? 1.558 kata lagi


They Who Keep Me Real

To be true to myself  was my mantra as an angst-ridden teen & young adult.  But what does that mean?  What is the cost of that?   353 kata lagi


Our Pre-Cana Seminar

Last Labor Day, 1 May, we attended the pre-Cana Seminar as a requirement for our upcoming wedding in September. I have no idea what it is about, but we have to attend. 693 kata lagi

Sammy Dailies

Joan's Journey continued

My husband and I met while I was in college. By this time I had stopped calling myself an atheist but I wasn’t going to church and had no real interest in God. 607 kata lagi