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SCAM - Marlboro Free Cartons Giveaway

Outline: Marlboro is giving away a limited number of free cartons to Facebook users who like and share a post.

Verdict: SCAM

In October 2015, links began circulating on Facebook promising users a free carton of Marlboro cigarettes as a celebration of the brand’s 100th anniversary. 272 kata lagi


Got a headache from smoking?

Smoking is super unhealthy, German case study by Andreas Fuchs shows cigarette smokers get headaches much more often than non smokers

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The children are wise

I have just arrived back in Brighton, England, from my most recent visit to Munich. A favourite pastime there is photographing and commenting on cigarette advertising. 62 kata lagi

Cigarette Advertising

By Adnan Mouhiddin

My fellow Arab man is pretty unhappy about everything and anything. For instance, he is unhappy whether the Americans and/or the West intervene in the conflict and crisis in his homeland or they don’t.

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The Friday Post: Education of the more entertaining type.

Arms folded, backs straight.  Are you ready for your Friday educationamalisation?

Gynotikolobomassophile:  Is a real word and it means:  Someone who likes to nibble on a woman’s earlobe. 815 kata lagi

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passing thoughts on a hot day

Kevin McCoy hails from Northern California. He spent several years travelling the world with the Navy before obtaining his MA in English from the University of Aberdeen. 139 kata lagi