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Corvettes and Cigarettes

No this is not a post about smoking. But what it is about is a rare 1 of 1 corvette that caught my eye and my heart. 390 kata lagi


4am on a Tuesday.

I remember the night I met you.
It was October-chill not January-cold
and I was in my
faded parka.
The one where the elastic had started… 98 kata lagi


Marlboro's You Decide goes raddled old man

 Naturally I thought the point of advertising was to sell products. So, use beautiful people doing interesting things in the sunshine. Clearly, I am no marketeer. 93 kata lagi

Cigarette Advertising

You Decide, the new Maybe

A few weeks ago Marlboro started posting up their blank You Decide. posters (left) in that marketing ruse to spark interest. You Decide. what? An urban mystery that is compelling. 115 kata lagi

Cigarette Advertising

Tobacco Use Linked to Periodontal Disease

When we take into consideration that cigarette smoke is made up of 4800 chemicals, with 69 of those being carcinogens, and the fact that each and every one of these chemicals is being entering directly into our mouths it doesn’t come as a surprise that a connection can be found between the use of tobacco and periodontal disease. 281 kata lagi


Gauloises spring campaign

It is Gauloises’ spring in the cigarette advertising race now on in Germany. Two new posters have appeared, both extolling the virtues of being young, as youth hides the fact that the product is lethal and makes consumers chronically ill. 229 kata lagi

Cigarette Advertising