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The French Food In Abidjan

As I approached the entrance of the so-called guest house, the driveway presented itself in a self-determiningly subtle but conspicuous manner.

There were two lines drawn parallelly on the reddish soil of the earth – the width of those two lines barely enough to fit the perimeter of car tyres, and the lines were made out of two inches square of bricks – very red in colour. 2.414 kata lagi


Elementary School Teacher Accused Of 'Inappropriate Conduct With A Student'

MARLBOROUGH (CBS) –A teacher in Marlborough was placed on paid administrative leave after allegations of “inappropriate conduct with a student” and the school waited weeks before notifying parents. 197 kata lagi


Orangutans Rights: Smoke Em If Ya Got Em

ABC News

A video showing an orangutan smoking a cigarette has gone viral — and sparked international anger toward a controversial zoo’s alleged mistreatment of animals. 461 kata lagi


Semiotic Advertisements

For the past year I have been very interested in semiotics (signs and how we interpret them). This is to say I have tried to look at advertisements and everything in general more critically to find they’re intended meaning. 14 kata lagi


Photo of the Day: March 2, 2018

The aesthetics of this cup and saucer were better than the actual coffee it was holding: a strong Turkish brew at Galata in Marlboro.

Photo Of The Day

Afternoon Smoke

Afternoon Smoke Print

This is for a single 8x10 print of the drawing titled Afternoon Smoke.