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Dont be a Bad Eskimo

Anik took a quick drag from his Marlboro. His hand landed in the wet snow with a smack.

Heart attack. Must’ve been.

He was dizzy, had a hard time lifting the cigarette to his mouth. 224 kata lagi


Earth Day Affair

I cozy up in the chair beside the woodstove,
a peppery mug of chai in my hand,
and turn to face out the French doors, 177 kata lagi


Firefighters, Police, EMTs, And Military Playing Hockey For Charity

By Mike “Sarge” Riley, 98.5 The Sports Hub and WBZ NewsRadio 1030

MARLBORO (CBS) — Over 900 firefighters, police, EMT, and military personnel from around the country will be lacing up their skates this weekend at the Hero’s Cup Tournament. 297 kata lagi


Smoking Determined To Be Cause Of Fatal Marlboro Duplex Fire

MARLBORO (CBS) – Investigators say that smoking was the cause of a fatal fire that burned through part of a Marlboro duplex Thursday morning.

Deputy State Fire Marshal Maribel Fournier, Marlboro Fire Chief Kevin Breen, and Marlboro Police Chief David Giorgi say the cause of the early morning fire was, “Improper disposal of smoking materials.” 264 kata lagi


Disabled Marlboro Veteran Devastated After Thieves Steal Personal Items

BOSTON (CBS) – Sixty-six-year-old Gene Rano is furious. The U.S. Army veteran says earlier this month he had to have emergency surgery. While he was in the hospital someone robbed his house on Lakeshore Drive in Marlboro. 238 kata lagi


Beached Wails!

For too many nights and days , Andrew and I have been practically marooned on a first-rate beach, in a second-rate guest house, with third-rate plumbing, fourth-rate bedding and fifth-rate company!   703 kata lagi

The Lola Boys

Smoking cigarettes for 40 years will cost you $1,861,544.99

THESIS: Cigarettes literally burn holes in your pockets.


It is a frequent occurrence in the Emergency room that when handing a prescription to a patient at the time of discharge, I hear,  “Doc I don’t have the money to pay for this medicine” or “I can’t afford this, do you have any samples?” (I totally understand that some less fortunate folks do not have the money to pay for said medicine, nor do they have the money to pay for food for themselves or for their children). 1.341 kata lagi

Quit Smoking