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Day 24 Part 2 (2/8)

I needed to add some extra things about today so that I am not silently crying in my dorm room without processing what happened today. I have been struggling (and procrastinating some, I’ll be honest) trying to work out some financial issues with Augsburg for the last three weeks. 376 kata lagi


Day 21, 22, 23 & 24 (2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/8)

So I survived the snow in Utah with my “robot arm” crutches and missed the storm back home in MN, but now the white fluffy crap has made its way to Vermont. 1.739 kata lagi


Day 20 (2/4)

Today was significantly better than yesterday, despite the fact that my phone died and I had no alarm this morning. My bio-clock worked out fine and I still got to go up to breakfast. 770 kata lagi


Day 19 (2/3): Running with the Big Dogs

Happy Wednesday. It feels like Monday out here. It is the first day of real classes, but even that is a stretch.

DON’T PUSH IT: 479 kata lagi


Day 18 (2/2): Finding Footing

We made it home late last night. I’m finally back on the laptop. The only difference is that it makes my formatting duties easier :) 690 kata lagi


Pixel Art

SO many talented pixel artists and i’m just here like…

Marlboro Forever (Freestyle) x Rodd.D (Prod. by Money Montage)

Gearing up for the release of his upcoming single “Last Night”, Rodd.D teams up with his good friend Money Montage once again and decides to give his supporters and hometown, “Marlboro Forever (Freestyle)”, to snack on until the single is ready to launch. 56 kata lagi

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