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Professional vs Amateur: Who to Hire?

Costs are often the biggest consideration when building a website. Businesses with conservative budgets often debate on whether to hire a professional or an amateur. 625 kata lagi


50 Ways that Being an Entrepreneur or Blogger Will Change Your Life (5 min read)

1. You become passionate about working. Success in entrepreneurship depends on following your passions.

2. You wonder how you ever held a normal job. Each day, that typical office-based 9-to-5 lifestyle seems stranger and less appealing to you. 988 kata lagi

Millionaire's Digest

The class system is changing with immigration. Wake up.

What marketing people are missing?

Why focusing on the middle class that losing blood every single day.  The way it goes you will be either working class (don’t matter what profession you have) or upper class (it is all about how much you make.) 521 kata lagi

An Interview with Amy Smith

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy at an entrepreneur program that we both attend. After meeting with her briefly and talking about her business, I knew I had to get on her TYE. 672 kata lagi


Google Will Add Waiting Time to Restaurants In Google Maps

Google Will Add Waiting Time to Restaurants In Google Maps … However, it's the creativity and technology behind the feature that is really ingenious.

from Google Alert – restaurants technology… 7 kata lagi


7 Essentials for Building a Million Dollar Brand (2 min read)

1. Show Legitimacy

Think about the people you admire the most in business. They are very legitimate. They have a following. They have an actual business name. 446 kata lagi

Millionaire's Digest

Wait Till After the Tour

Last weekend I FINALLY got to go to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. All thanks to @yardsofhappiness // @professordwj  *she’s the reason I write this blog in the first place. 128 kata lagi