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       Perkembangan teknologi dari tahun ke tahun mengalami perkembangan pesat yang berakibat ikut banyaknya perubahan yang terjadi di dunia saat ini. Mulai dari model pemasaran, hingga pemikiran seseorang untuk menghadapi setiap tantangan baru yang ditimbulkan dari perkembangan jaman. 690 kata lagi

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How to develop new products

Beyond the cluster’s and cross-destination conditions, product competitiveness is no doubt a key factor to consider in the overall assessment and strategy. Product competitiveness strategies entail sometimes developing new products and others just improving the current ones. 460 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

Developing emotional value: experiences

The value created by the experiences and feelings in relation to the discomforts and risks lived by the tourists during their holiday in the destination is referred to as emotional value. 488 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

Cross-destination competitiveness programs: enhancing marketing

Route partnering with neighbor destinations. Regardless of whether nearby destinations are within the same country or not, for some tourism sectors such as International touring or Fly & drive, marketing an attractive route encompassing a selection of interesting destinations is likely to be far more efficient and effective than marketing these destinations independently. 585 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

The power of social media - The marketing world shifts to Marketing 3.0 (Part 1)

The picture below was posted on Facebook by a journalist, Pham Nghia, last week (Mar. 03, 2017), and it immediately received much attentions, shares and comments from the public and the media. 601 kata lagi


Cross-destination competitiveness programs: developing experiences

Charming transport systems. In line with the aforementioned congestion challenges, a smart solution to both release congestion and boost visits to the least popular sites is to develop charming transport systems connecting all sites and attractions throughout the destination. 319 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

Cluster competitiveness assessment method

Tourism clusters are areas –often encompassing many tourism sites- that are internally homogeneous or with a distinct character. Defining clusters is structuring the territory in smaller geographical areas which help us identify where the tourism activity is carried out and where it can be developed, among other issues. 407 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0