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Storytelling marketing for the Santiago Way’s pilgrimage

One of the worldwide famous life-changing experience destination is the Santiago Way, a pilgrimage route that revived two decades ago from the middle age. It was first developed through the local Government’s investment in hospitality facilities and promotion, and from then on through word of mouth and high-profile storytelling, including many films. 322 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

Case study: Trip4real. Tourism experience collaborative business model

Trip4real is a paradigmatic example of how the collaborative economy flourishes in new business models for the tourism industry. Founded in Barcelona by Gloria Molins, it connects local experience developers with tourists eager to discover the destination through tailored experiences for them. 218 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

Why is it necessary to create a collaborative culture?

The future of destinations is likely to depend upon a strong force that breaks the traditional rules of competition through stimulating cooperation, hence causing the union of its poles. 277 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

Controlling service quality through customer reviews

The Spanish Online Travel & Entertainment Broker “ATRAPALO” has opened a blog to let their customers express their opinions on their lived experiences with Atrapalo’s products. 278 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

Co-creating experiences in cooperation with Airbnb

Airbnb is partnering with iconic brands all over the world to promote its services. The news is that they partner with all sorts of brands, regardless of their relationship with the tourism and hospitality business. 457 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0

Know About Marketing Models, Today!

       Perkembangan teknologi dari tahun ke tahun mengalami perkembangan pesat yang berakibat ikut banyaknya perubahan yang terjadi di dunia saat ini. Mulai dari model pemasaran, hingga pemikiran seseorang untuk menghadapi setiap tantangan baru yang ditimbulkan dari perkembangan jaman. 690 kata lagi

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How to develop new products

Beyond the cluster’s and cross-destination conditions, product competitiveness is no doubt a key factor to consider in the overall assessment and strategy. Product competitiveness strategies entail sometimes developing new products and others just improving the current ones. 460 kata lagi

Marketing 3.0