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Festive Fruit Cake

First of all, apologies for the ordinariness of the photo here.  This was my actual cake, newly removed from the oven and photographed with my phone while I was busy making the evening meal. 913 kata lagi


my manly man day

“How was your manly man day?” Mo asked.

What to say?

It started out innocently enough. I had a flat tire. It sort of amused me, because I was screwed. 833 kata lagi


Cottage Pie

Cottage pie is a lovely comfort food, it can be prepared in advance, then left in the fridge until you are almost ready to serve. I believe it came from a way to make another meal out of the left overs. 801 kata lagi

mr. pants' guide to job interviews

when a prospective employer calls, consider answering with:


as opposed to:

“you should know i’m watching a hallmark movie starring luke perry on a dude ranch that i’ve seen several times even though the nfl is currently on, a clear indication you will be hiring a chick. 6 kata lagi


Caesar Salad

Thoughts Before Cooking:

So this recipe comes from my sister blog theCatWhoWroteaBlog.wordpress.comI was going to a work function and had to bring an item. 204 kata lagi



remember, kids: it’s never too late to take up smoking.

followed by bursting into flames.