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The Great Debate

Butter Vs Margarine

This debate started decades ago. Vegetable oils have been overly recommended for years because they are “heart healthy.” Oils like these are heavily processed because the seeds that make them are not very oily to begin with. 350 kata lagi

Real Foods

my "universal" gluten-free pie dough

For the longest time, I made my own gluten-free pie dough using « split pea flakes », which I found in my local organic food store… in France. 484 kata lagi

Sulfite Free


Just about to make a sandwich and almost put the margarine on the wrong thing! :)


Pigeon bonen curry

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Ik ben dol op curries. Het doet mij denken aan de curries die mijn moeder maakte, dat is de sentimentele waarde die ik eraan toeken. 237 kata lagi


Earth Balance Organic Whipped Buttery Spread

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m a fan of butter — it’s one of the few dairy products I still eat despite being lactose-intolerant. 316 kata lagi

Food Reviews

Simple tips to lose pounds and inches

Each year (at least for the past 4 years since I started my landscaping business) I notice the pounds and inches creep up on me throughout my offseason.   648 kata lagi


Cinnamon rolls

I really felt like making cinnamon rolls, as they are one of my favorite sweet pastries. The thing is, when making proper cinnamon rolls you need to wait several times for the dough the rise. 307 kata lagi

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