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Health Check: is margarine actually better for me than butter?

The type of fatty acid is what’s most important when choosing a spread.
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Evangeline Mantzioris, University of South Australia

Only 20 years ago butter was the public villain – contributing to raised cholesterol levels and public concern over an increased risk of heart disease. 927 kata lagi


Global Margarine Detailed Analysis, market By Hydrogen, By Raw Material, Forecast in 2017-2022

“The Report Global Margarine Detailed Analysis Report 2017-2022 provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. – MarketResearchReports.biz” 462 kata lagi

brothers, part 5

“Come outside! There’s music!”

Rick has poked his head through the door to lure me out. I am skeptical. There’s a muddy dog waiting to pounce, and I’m doubtful of the prospects of a concert. 489 kata lagi


brothers, part 4

Enjoy every sandwich, the prophet Zevon said.

I think that applies to walks, too.

These guys.


brothers, part 3

the good news: i think i have mastered the coffee maker.

the bad news: apparently you should NOT wait till smoke starts pouring out of the toaster as an indication the toast is done. 65 kata lagi


5useful tips for preparing a healthy lunch

It is not just eating by eating. It is learning to eat well and as healthy as possible so that our organism stays in optimal condition and we take it along the way of life in the most pleasant 384 kata lagi

Healthy Food.

brothers in arms

We’ve searched the garage, and the horrible truth is evident: We can’t find a spear.

Texas’ new law has just gone into effect. It’s now legal to carry long knives, daggers, bayonets, and yes, even spears around in public. 451 kata lagi