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The History of Margarine

Margarine originated with the discovery by French chemist Michel Eugène Chevreul in 1813 of margaric acid (itself named after the pearly deposits of the fatty acid from… 910 kata lagi

Food History

living with an artist, part 11

it’s harder than you would think to get a cupcake to stay still for a portrait.


To Star a Mother's Silence

Even acid margarine tastes
better than butter. Saffron-colored
anise seeds are stars, cherished
pearls singing in the grisly mouths
of mothers, a bloodiness in the jaw. 11 kata lagi

the keys to a good marriage, part 7

upside: spouse offers you cup of coffee.

downside: doesn’t mention that amount of coffee offered would fit in barbie mug with room left for cream. coincidentally, HER cup appears to be made for a trans-con truck driver on day 3 of no sleep. 29 kata lagi


the keys to a good marriage, part 6

never leave the mounting spray next to the sunscreen.



in honor of the elephants’ final show tonight:

step up to the sidewalk, the circus is here
but the animal walk won’t be coming this year… 375 kata lagi


our nightstand

there are basically two kinds of nightstands: those with a red boa and a blind dog, and those without.

ours is the first kind. and for that, i am eternally grateful.