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Ayam Goreng Mentega

Niat hari ini sebenernya coba bikin dendeng batokok cabe ijo. Tapi berhubung cabe ijo dan air kelapanya lupa beli plus ada insiden yang menyakitkan kepala kita undur dulu. 151 kata lagi

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big yellow taxi came and took away my old job

don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? — the prophet joni mitchell

gonna miss those peeps … 37 kata lagi



I haven’t made this Treacle Tart, but it does look good.  As the heading says the old original recipe would have used treacle, but this more ‘modern’ version replaces that with golden syrup.   19 kata lagi

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just another morning conversation, part 70

me: the guy who killed 84 people in france is described as a moody oddball.

mo: uh oh. that could be you. nah, you’re not an oddball. 20 kata lagi


just another morning conversation, part 69

me: we need a ba-dum-bum.

mo: i haven’t had coffee yet.

me: why have you not had coffee?

mo: i have, but it isn’t working. … 15 kata lagi