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Crumble Mix and Custard

Crumble mix, custard, small puds, spray clean with bleach, baking soda, margarine, cheese, sausages, coke.

Somebody who bakes their own cakes. Has a sweet tooth. Having sausages for dinner. 19 kata lagi


life is funny, part 365

this story is probably too long, so stop reading now.

i’m at work yesterday. actually i’m at home today, but i’m writing in the present tense about yesterday which makes no sense but i always write in present tense and i don’t use capital letters because it’s fascist and it doesn’t matter anyhow because you stopped reading a paragraph ago. 622 kata lagi


Glutenfree and eggfree chocolate cake

4 tablespoons cocoa
4 dl sugar
3 teaspoons of vanillasugar
1 teaspoon of salt
7 dl semper glutenfree flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
4 dl milk (ricemilk / oatmilk or regular milk) 47 kata lagi


Planta of The Poor Man's Butter

We, the poor kampong kids, relished on the slightly saltish, rich smooth taste of the yellow greasy stuff that we spread on our roti.  Add a small sprinkle of fine sugar, and wow that was a wonderful breakfast treat.   91 kata lagi


living with an artist, part 11

when she was a little girl, it was a pencil and a box of crayons. these days, it’s a guerrilla box of her beloved oils and a taxidermy bag of spray paint. 37 kata lagi


Raspberry Buns (Nana's Recipe)

The decision to put this one on was tough. Part of me still thinks I may have made a mistake but here it is all the same – the secret family recipe for raspberry buns. 418 kata lagi