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These traditional Italian cookies are delicate and have a light anise flavoring.  Many of us remember them as holiday cookies or cookies that graced the cookie table at a wedding.  234 kata lagi


conversations with char, part 1

me: Here’s your mail. You got more greeting cards today than I’ve gotten in my entire life.

char: That’s because you don’t have any friends. 13 kata lagi


the day i stopped caring

I’d love to change the world
But I don’t know what to do
So I’ll leave it up to you
— the prophet alvin lee… 737 kata lagi


i wonder if jesus has a ponytail now

mo: look at this painting of jesus.

me: wow. he’s a handsome devil.

i hope hell has mexican food. i bet the enchies have onions.


just another morning conversation, part 71

mo: When we started out as a couple, you always made the coffee.

me: That was only to get you to sleep with me.

note to self: don’t talk in the morning till after you’ve had coffee.


All-in-one Milk Tart

This version is non-traditional in that it does not use pastry bases. Makes two small tarts. 54 kata lagi


Mentega atau Margarin. Mana yang Lebih Sehat?

Mentega dan Margarin, serupa tapi tak sama. Mentega disebut juga butter, yang terbuat dari lemak hewani. Sedangkan maragrin dibuat dari lemak nabati. Inilah perbedaan dasar antara mentega dan margarin.

192 kata lagi