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One of My Biggest Food Nemeses

I have been thinking about this Food Horror for quite a while now, but never found the time to sit down and write about it. However, I have recently had a few different “encounters” with margarine, and I have decided that I can’t keep it in anymore. 1.193 kata lagi

Food Horrors

the secret to life

1. left foot

2. right foot

3. breathe

4. repeat as necessary.


American dream

It’s Monday afternoon and we’re out to look at art. We have great museums and one of the world’s best Fancy Pants Art Districts, but we always end up here instead. 369 kata lagi


dear kate, part 3

mo: you always have kate’s back, right?

me: sure.

mo: so why don’t you have her back for this?

me: ummmmmmm

mo is wise. I’ve got your back. 6 kata lagi


dear kate, part 2

Just because you don’t see the three-legged spider doesn’t mean it’s not there anymore. It may just be watching from a distance in a place you can’t quite see, making sure the boat doesn’t turn over from your laughing. 71 kata lagi


sisters, part 2

We’re all gonna be here forever
So mama, don’t you make such a stir
Just put down that camera
And come on and join up  10 kata lagi


i don't need a skywriter to make grafitti in your sky

The sunrise always listens
Sometime she even finishes
My sentences
— the prophet westerberg