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27 July – 2 August 1915: Patriotism and Can They Believe It's Not Butter?

The meeting of Wandsworth Borough Council on 28th July was a largely uncontroversial affair, with the reports in the Wandsworth Borough News mainly covering Council decisions without any debate. 477 kata lagi

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What is Hydrogenation? And Why Is It In All Your Food?

Chances are you’ll eat something hydrogenated today. What does that mean? We’ll give you a quick tour of what hydrogenation is, how it’s done, and why many people don’t like it.

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Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Whatever time you’re reading this I hope you are having a wonderful time thus far on my new baking blog Margarine for Error Baking!   211 kata lagi

You Will Fall In Love With Grass-Fed Butter

Many people think of butter as merely a cooking ingredient, but did you know that it can be a health food too? The health benefits of butter from grass-fed cows is undeniable, and the flavor is noticeably better as well – it is creamier and richer than the nameless brands at the grocery store. 319 kata lagi


Banana Split Dessert


1⁄2cup butter or 1⁄2 cup margarine, melted

2cup graham cracker crumbs


2cups sifted powdered sugar

3⁄4cup butter or 3⁄4 cupmargarine, softened

1teaspoon vanilla… 90 kata lagi

Mooh!ve over butter

Once upon a time, everyone loved butter.  I remember one summer growing up, my mother switched over to margarine but didn’t tell my dad.  It was summer and the butter dish sat as it always did on our kitchen table.  704 kata lagi

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