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Horseshoe Crab


It is an animal that has lived on earth for 450 million years, which means that this creature existed before the age of dinosaurs. It has survived 3 mass deaths on earth, including Great Dying which causes about 96% of extinct marine creatures. 991 kata lagi


Kami, Nelayan, Penyu dan Benih Mangrove yang Lestari

Pantai Samas, 29 April 2018. Beberapa Sahabat Samudera dari komunitas reiSPIRASI melakukan kegiatan berkemah di Pantai Samas, bahasa masa Sekolah Dasar nya Perkemahan Sabtu Minggu (Persami). 126 kata lagi

Sahabat Samudera

Autour de Cairns

La ville de Cairns est trés agréable avec ses nombreux hotels et restaurants, sa belle piscine municipale sur l’esplanade et les possibilités d’excursions nombreuses aux alentours. 352 kata lagi


Mangrove || Demi Bumi Demi Kita




Luas hutan mangrove Indonesia 18-23% mangrove dunia loh!


tingkat kerusakannya juga sama besarnya 🧐

Tahun 1999, luas wilayah mangrove di Indonesia sebesar 8,6 juta hektar. 76 kata lagi


Stress Part II: Flooding and Hypoxia

Wetland inhabitants must also deal with flooding stress. All parts of a plant must have oxygen, which causes problems when a plant is rooted in hypoxic soils and it is flooded. 325 kata lagi


The Courage to Save Goliath Groupers

Grace, Braveheart, Wilbur, Salt & Pepper, Pokemon, Julius… they are my friends, and they are the last of their kin. The Goliath Groupers are the gentle giants of Florida. 344 kata lagi

Marine Conservation