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Mangroves of Florida Keys

① memo 20181210 ~ Mangroves of Florida Keys ~ Gulf of Mexico from Middle Torch Key , last month, Florida Keys


Sunbathing in the Florida Keys

① memo 20181209 ~ Sunbathing in the Florida Keys ~ Great white heron (I believe) sunbathing in the mangroves of Middle Torch Key , Florida Keys , last month. 10 kata lagi


Giant Mudskipper

Scientific name: Periophthalmodon schlosseri

Giant Mudskipper

As its name has stated, the Giant Mudskipper is the largest mudskipper species. These mudskippers can commonly found in the mud of the back mangroves. 168 kata lagi


Vietnam, Science

By: Nico Guthrie


This report reviews climate change related impacts and mitigation strategies for Vietnam. There are a number of potential impacts to Vietnam such as sea level rise, coastal erosion, and coastal flooding. 1.508 kata lagi



Located principally in south-western Brazil, but with small areas within neighbouring
Bolivia and Paraguay too, the Pantanal (Spanish for “marshland”) covers 150,000 km2… 441 kata lagi

SMA Prep Partners with Apparel Co. MANG to Give 7,000 Mangroves New Life

SMA Prep welcomed back Kyle Rossin, co-founder of the West Palm, high-performance apparel company, MANG. Prep’s young environmentalists work with MANG to give dying mangroves a second chance at life which in turn positively impacts Florida’s fragile ecosystem. 490 kata lagi