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Kick off the Jubilee weekend with a mangrove cleanup!

Lim Chu Kang mangrove is a precious patch of forest west of Sungei Buloh along the western Johor Straits. I got to know the mangrove there intimately as I worked alone there on many nights as an honours student 25 years ago. 166 kata lagi

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How that Cheap Prawn Sandwich of yours is Ruining Sri Lanka's Coasts

WRITTEN BY-Mark Huxham Professor of Teaching and Research in Environmental Biology at Edinburgh Napier University

Date posted- July 24 2015 on qz.com

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Hari Mangrove Sedunia atau World Mangrove Action Day jatuh pada tanggal 26 Juli. Meski telah lewat 2 hari, Kawanbumi tetap ingin ikut memperingati, dengan menyerukan pentingnya menjaga mangrove.

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When I was a child, I thought mangroves were very ugly. Repulsed by this alien environment, teeming with mosquitoes, crabs and other creatures I disliked, I declared one day that I wished they could all be cleared away. 355 kata lagi


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Belitung Island / Bangka Belitung / Indonesia

By PeterPaulize

Source: 500px.com