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Mangrove boardwalk at Salakphet

There’s a great Mangrove conservation project at Salakphet on Koh Chang, Thailand. The National Park are planting a huge area of the bay with new mangroves, extending the mangrove forest that’s already there. 63 kata lagi



A bit of playing with a photo of mangrove at the coast of Cape Tribulation in Queensland


Matka mangrovemetsään

Torstaipäivän ohjelma alkoi aikaisella aamuherätyksellä, kun koululla piti olla jo kello 7.00. Thaimaalaiseen tapaan lähtö viivästyi yli tunnilla, jonka takia alkumatkan vietimme aamuruuhkassa.  Yliopisto järjesti pakollisen matkan… 375 kata lagi


Bakhawan Eco-Park: Aqua Culture

Various aqua culture projects of the KASAMA can be found inside the park, to include:

  1. Clam Culture
  2. Crab Culture
  3. Tamilok
  4. Fish Culture

The area where these aqua culture projects are located can be view while strolling the 1 km footbridge. 152 kata lagi

Bakhawan Eco-Park at Kalibo, Aklan

The mangrove forest community managed and protected by Kalibo Save the Mangrove Association, Inc. (KASAMA, Inc.) covering a 220.0 hectares plantation is located at barangays of New Buswang, Old Buswang, Pook and Bachao Norte and Bachao Sur in the Municipality of Kalibo, Aklan. 146 kata lagi

Best public parks for kids

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Pasir Ris Park

Which other park allows families to carve through water on a kayak and then explore a 6-hectare mangrove forest? And that’s not even mentioning the playground here, one of the largest in town.  107 kata lagi


Mangrove Project

Bridge across river

Long bridge

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Mangrove project merupakan project yang tidak sengaja terbuat ketika kami sedang jalan-jalan di Mangrove, Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), Jakarta Utara.

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