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Are you like me, a lover of large handbags, or rather, pouch-like bags. Sometimes a little too spacious, too big but still – very practical & appealing. 17 kata lagi


Transitioning to Spring. StreetStyle Edition 

I could not be happier that Spring is Springing along so quickly. Although it doesn’t look so sunny outside in my pictures it was actually pretty nice out. 193 kata lagi


Earring Alert

On a lunch-break visit to Mango, a store which isn’t usually on my radar, I came across these lovelies. The red and white beads are ceramic, but surprisingly light, leading to what I would image to be a stunning accent to an outfit. 106 kata lagi


What You Need To Know About Mango Worms Aka Mango Fly

What are mango worms?
First, the mango worm goes by many names. It is technically a fly larva and it also goes by the names mango fly, putzi fly and tumbu fly depending on where you are. 395 kata lagi


Fun in the Sun: Summer Tag Post

After posting about my first summer in Darwin, I thought I would indulge in a classic tag post and let you all know a little bit more about what I love about summer. 497 kata lagi

Extraordinarily Ordinary....

Existence and its Manifestation….”Life”is Ordinary… Absolutely Ordinary…Absolutely Uniform…Yet Absolutely Unique…

All trees are ordinary…All flowers are ordinary.. All Fruits are Ordinary… Yet Unique intrinsically and that’s why special…from an Existential Perspective… 120 kata lagi