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March Mango Madness

Mangos are my absolutely favorite fruit! I could eat them every day. The tastiest ones I’ve had are the Kent and the Champagne varieties. When perfectly ripe, both are sweet and without stringy fibers. 523 more words


Mango Coconut Muffins

I have half a can of coconut milk left in my fridge and this is just perfect for some coconut muffins. The original recipe comes from King Arthur Flour’s… 387 more words


A soda alternative without high fructose corn syrup

The top three crops subsidized by the government are corn, wheat and soybeans. Because of all the money that goes towards them, they are made cheap and appear in just about every food product on our grocery store shelves. 405 more words


A little Taste Explosion for your next Party

In my kitchen I have 2 horse power standing! What? Yes, it’s true. (careful, this might be little surreptitious advertising) And the 2 horse power have a name: Vitamix! 183 more words