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Moonlight Garden (Chapter 11 - Indonesia)

Pengarang: Kang Unnie/MissPM

Genre: historical, romance, yuri

Mohon dicatat kalau manhwa ini banyak adegan yuri dewasanya. Jadi bagi yang masih anak-anak silakan tutup, dan bagi yang meneruskan, Anda telah diperingatkan, jadi jangan menyalahkan siapa-siapa.

Happy reading~


How No To Summon A Demon Lord Is Pretty Enjoyable Trash+A short discourse on dense harem protags

Cut to 2018, when I was barely more than a few anime and Animeheaven was still alive. Instead of using livechart, I just used to wait for the anime updates on Animeheaven to see what new anime were coming out, since I’m not as involved in finding out information about anime as I’m for light novels and manga. 1.186 kata lagi


A Year of Dilemma

Good afternoon!

How are you all today? I hope everyone is doing okay. I’ve been thinking a lot about this post and what should I write in it. 1.030 kata lagi


SUMMER MANGA HAUL|17 Volumes|Sustain The Industry

It is the summer time. Meaning time to stay in my room and read manga all day and night. Yeah! Joking(not really), but it is time to talk about this haul that I have collected so far in the summer time. 1.021 kata lagi