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Hey, folks! Ready to go on a virtual trip to Shikari Mata? Let’s start.

The Legend of Shikari Mata

It is believed that sage Markandya meditated for ages with a desire to see the worldly form of Goddess Durga and had his wish granted at this place. 785 kata lagi


Danger! Take A Shower After Eating

When hunted time not a few people who immediately shower after eating. But, do you know this is harmful to the body?

Taking a shower after a meal causes vasodilation, which enlarges blood vessels that will affect blood flow. 90 kata lagi


Give me that Zam Zam Mandi

We love Mandi and we have found one of the best places in Dubai that serves the carbilicious Khaleeji dish.

Yes we are willing to share this with you, Zam Zam Mandi restaurant by Deira City Centre. 259 kata lagi

Some Mistakes When Taking a Shower

One of the best ways to calm the body after sun exposure and re-work is to take a shower or a bath. Various benefits of bathing are already widely discussed, but hardly anyone is present every time bathing, there are some common mistakes that are often done. 298 kata lagi


5 Benefits Shower In The Morning With Cold Water

A warm bath in the morning does feel good. The body becomes more relaxed. But it turn out a cold shower in the morning is more beneficial to health. 299 kata lagi


Jangan Lakukan 4 Hal Ini Setelah Bercinta

Bercinta bukan hanya soal menggapai kenikmatan seksual. Ada keintiman pasangan suami dan istri yang dibangun melalui bercinta.

Keintiman tersebut bisa gagal diraih jika pasangan melakukan kesalahan-kesalahan ini usai bercinta. 164 kata lagi


Trekking in Karsog and Janjheli valley and nearby

Mandi district is a hotbed for a host of activities. Karsog area near Mandi is a beautiful retreat for nature and culture lovers. The temples, the trails, the age-old architecture, the festivals, and the valleys makes me go here again and again. 493 kata lagi

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