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Menjejakkan kaki di pantai Kepulauan Kei akan menjadi sebuah pengalaman baru yang mungkin akan sangat jarang ditemukan di pantai-pantai lainnya di seluruh Indonesia. Butir pasir sehalus tepung akan memanjakan kulit kaki setelah menempuh perjalanan jauh menuju kota Langgur-Tual. 459 more words


Treasure Ships - Art in the Age of Spices - Part 1

This exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia includes 300 outstanding and rarely-seen works of ceramics, decorative arts, furniture, metalware, paintings, prints, and textiles from public and private collections around the world. 409 more words

Ora Beach, Maluku, Indonesia: Little Bora Bora in Indonesia!

In the eastern parts of Indonesia, there is an abundance of undiscovered gems to be explored. With its resemblance to the Bora Bora of French Polynesia, Ora Beach is one of Indonesia’s hidden retreats. 275 more words

My Journal

Encounters With Islam: Part 4: 1980-1999

(To read this series from the beginning, go here )

This, the penultimate installment will cover around two decades, and as I set out to write it, I can see no narrative thread that follows the topic, Islam. 3.657 more words


Far Away from Jakarta: Muck Diving in Ambon, Maluku Islands

Life has been busy the last few months, so I’ve been slacking a little bit on this blog. Lots of travelling, combined with wrapping up some volunteer work, and a recent struggle with Ringworm (ugh) kept me away. 1.021 more words


Trekking to Hatu Pahu Pahu, Ora Beach.

Continue from the first post, here is the third day at Ora Beach. Not much different from second day, it was raining lightly, lighter.

Crossing the sea by boat for 15-20 minutes we arrived at another beach still in Seram Island, under the rain we start trekking to a point where we could see an awesome view from above, and I forgot how high it was, but it only took 15 minutes to hike. 322 more words