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My Hot Topic Visit

As most people know, Hot Topic is an American retail chain that specializes in music and pop culture inspired fashion along with various items from figures to key chains, wallets and more! 451 kata lagi


Why Book Stores Are Bad For Me

So, because my friend and I have no lives, we always end up hanging at the local mall which is like 5 minutes away from both of us and next to mall, like literally right next to it, (they share the same parking lot), is a Barnes and Nobles that we always end up in. 82 kata lagi

Kate Hudson's athletics store is coming to MOA this spring

A new fashion athletic wear store is coming to the Mall of America this spring.

The mall announced this week that Fabletics – which is co-founded by actress Kate Hudson – will open a 2,000 square-foot store. 167 kata lagi


Super Bowl of Shopping

Once again my guy is glued to the television set all weekend watching football.

“Is that the same game? It’s been on for 4 hours.” 631 kata lagi


I Went To A Show At A Mall

On Saturday I went to a show at a mall. It was awesome. Here are some of my favourite photos. You can view my review and complete post here.