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Everyone comes looking for something. The question is…do they know it? And is what they think they’re seeking really why they’re after?

I sit here in the mall food court and people-watch- something I do rarely but ought to try more often. 861 kata lagi

This Is Life.

Retail Pokemon

Customers. Flock in

like them damn Zubats in caves.

I have no repel.


A Pleasant End to an Uninspiring Night

This afternoon I felt fantastic. I just got a new pair of nice sunglasses, I was walking around the mall and just ready to talk to any cute girl that caught my eye. 352 kata lagi


Day 9: Black Friday, Untrampled

Yikes, I almost forgot I had to do this. I was, um, otherwise occupied.

As is traditional, I observed Black Friday at Walgreen’s–a good source of cheap crap for small children who won’t know the difference, and CVS–as good a source of gift cards as any. 110 kata lagi

Theater Of Cruelty

Is it really a "Happy Holiday"?

I had a really good time yesterday, Thanksgiving, but had a tinge of sadness when I had to say “good-bye” to my daughter who had to go to work at a retail establishment.  483 kata lagi


Valley malls prep for rush of holiday shoppers

NILES, Ohio (WYTV) – Now that the holiday shopping season is well underway, local stores and malls are beefing up security in preparation for more foot traffic from now until Christmas. 200 kata lagi