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An ancient, unbeaten, disease.

Malaria could be set to make a horrific comeback.

The disease, spread by mosquitos and therefore found in swampy and humid regions, is responsible for over 500,000 human deaths a year, most of whom are children. 326 more words


Consortium aims to rid Hispaniola of malaria by 2020

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is leading a consortium of malaria partners aiming to eliminate indigenous cases of malaria on the island of Hispaniola by 2020. 1.129 more words


The Case For Nazi Malaria Super-Mosquitoes

The Nazi Reich is basically the gold standard for evil empires. Yet despite being about as evil as it gets, its still not known whether or not they were taking a crack at biological warfare. 344 more words


Help us beat Malaria

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) and scientist Christopher Weir have gotten together to create a crowdfunding project to help fund research into a vaccine for Malaria. 127 more words

Songs of The Day: Malaria, "Your Turn To Run" and "You, You"

My two favorites from this Berlin based, all female, 1980’s group, falling somewhere between Post-Punk, Neue Deutsche Welle, Goth, Dark Wave, Minimal Synth, and a few other sub-genres. 7 more words


Food Security - Aversions to Nanotechnologies

Public knowledge and understanding of key enabling technologies is often lacking

“I wonder how many opposed to biotechnology have ever been to an undeveloped country where agricultural workers, many of whom are women, spend their days pulling weeds, hauling water and fighting against crop loss from insects, viruses, bacteria and fungi.  943 more words


Why not Mozambique? Just a gut feeling...

Public health and transport systems get a bad rap in South Africa. A short holiday across the border, however, and you’ll be longing for home. 1.468 more words