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Gene Drives: Are we playing God?

Malaria, dengue, zika virus.

Mass producing genetic modifications has the potential to revolutionize the way scientists deal with the spread of these diseases as well as conservation. 1.055 kata lagi

Dark field blood diagnostics

Method of Professor Dr. Guenther Enderlein (1872-1968), that primarily a biologist and a zoologist was 1916 came from Enderlein a first report over a revolutionary reorganization of the bacteriology. 225 kata lagi

Biological Medicine

Futurism |A New Malaria Vaccine Was 100% Effective in Clinical Trials

In Brief
  • The PfSPZ malaria vaccine was 100% effective in U.S. clinical trials and 48% effective in trials run in Mali, exhibiting a previously unseen level of sustained efficacy in that region.
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Malaria increases reported in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela in 2016

According to a new Pan American Health Organization Epidemiological Alert this week, in 2015, a total of 451,242 malaria cases were reported in the Region of the Americas, representing a 62% decrease in comparison with cases reported in 2000, but representing a 16% increase compared to the cases reported in 2014, the year with the lowest number of malaria cases in the last four decades. 31 kata lagi


Revelations and Exasperation in Sierra Leone

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Malaria is the most ruthless and ferocious disease on earth, probably contributing to the highest number of human casualties in human history.

That’s a pretty vague statement that would require a change of font to have you bat an eye. 830 kata lagi


Review: Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World by Irwin W. Sherman

Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World by Irwin W. Sherman

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A highly accessible account of how past epidemics have changed human history, this book is a must-read if you’re at all curious about the development of medicine, public health or diseases. 208 kata lagi

Book Review