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Being sick and getting well

Experiences in Kenya

Falling sick in a foreign country is annoying. Especially when you actually just want to enjoy your trip and need to be at the top of your powers. 687 kata lagi


Dreaming big isn’t discouraged – it’s required

When you first join the Peace Corps, you’re taught about managing your expectations. As a Volunteer, you’re much more likely to create change at a micro level than you are to change the world. 801 kata lagi

From The Field

Character Study: the most interesting woman in the world

Okay, the title should say The most interesting woman in MY world, but THE world sounded catchier. Years ago I met an very interesting woman. I want to use the word girl because she was a baby-faced 19 year old, but to be fair I will say woman. 604 kata lagi

Character Study


So I had a dream and I woke up all wet with a migraine to boot too.

During the last world cup the Brazilian national team someway somehow could not find a defender so I was asked to step in as a central defender. 531 kata lagi

Rassegna settimanale 22-28 giugno: Africa subsahariana

22 giugno, RUANDA – Generale arrestato a Londra per crimini di guerra

A Karenzi Karake, direttore generale dei servizi di intelligence e sicurezza del Ruanda, è stato impedito di lasciare l’Inghilterra dall’Unità di Polizia per le Estradizioni, per conto delle autorità spagnole. 497 kata lagi

Rassegna Settimanale

Pandora Report 6.28.15

It was a big week, right? The Supreme Court was making declarations and in California the General Assembly was making some decisions of their own. We’ve got the mandate for childhood vaccines in California, World War II chemical weapons testing, and other stories you may have missed. 629 kata lagi

Pandora Report (Archives)

Can artificial blood help control mosquitoes?

In my latest blog for STEAM Register, I take a slightly humorous look at a very serious issue. Mosquitoes. One scientist suggests artificial buffets. Confusing, I know. 12 kata lagi