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Mirror Mirror

Who are you?

Famous playwright William Shakespeare in the acclaimed Romeo and Juliet wrote; what’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet! 821 kata lagi

WHAT'S IN THE BOX??? Lara Croft probably shouldn't peak...

To carry on with the Tomb Raider theme we thought we would revisit an older Lara Croft film (still waiting to see the new one!) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – the cradle of life. 1.052 kata lagi


The Fav 4 – Tech & Innovation News Bites Edition 3 (toys'r'us tanking, MIT neural network chip, Microsoft AI chinese translation, CRISPR killing malaria)

Here’s last week’s new edition of my “Fav 4”, edition 3. My favorite and most noteworthy tech & innovation news bites of the week. 4 updates in an easy to consume video format. 209 kata lagi

News Bites

WWARN workshop to help science researchers build data management skills- Funded places available.

Seeking to support data management skills development among early- to mid-career malaria researchers, WWARN will host a free practical workshop in April at the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM)(link is external) 374 kata lagi


Tracing the sickle cell disease back to one child.

New research suggests that the history of sickle-cell disease goes back to a mutation in just one person.

In the Sahara desert, a child was born with increased immunity to malaria, which was important because at the time, in this part of Africa it was wet and rainy and covered with forest. 156 kata lagi

School Report 2018

Donating to Effective Charities - the Most Good You Can Do?

This is a more in-depth article aimed at people who are pretty familiar with effective altruism and organisations such as GiveWell and Giving What We Can. 2.238 kata lagi

Effective Altruism