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US: Shots of live parasites may be best protection against malaria yet


After decades of trying to zap malaria once and for all, researchers are buzzing about a new experimental vaccine against the mosquito-transmitted infection. If results from early trials hold up, the vaccine could one day significantly help slap down malaria’s infectious toll, which hit 214 million documented illnesses and more than 400,000 deaths in 2015 alone. 787 kata lagi

NG: Malaria quick urine test developed in Nigeria


It’s a typical scene for a pediatric clinic in Lagos. Children crying in pain after health workers pierced their thumbs with medical needles to extract blood samples for malaria tests. 477 kata lagi

US: New soap to ward off malaria carrying mosquitoes


(Medical Xpress)—Gérard Niyondiko along with colleagues Frank Langevin and Lisa Barutel has posted a project on the crowd source funding site ulule for a product called Faso Soap. 343 kata lagi

Africans are living longer than at any point in the last 25 years

In a year which has seen Africa’s biggest economies falter as the rhetoric of a boom has been questioned, data from the WHO’s World Health Statistics 2016… 304 kata lagi

Experts warn conditions are ripe for a mosquito outbreak in Calgary

With rainy conditions persisting and the inevitable warm-up right around the corner, Calgary is on the verge of a mosquito invasion.

While the pests haven’t made an appearance just yet, experts warn they’re on their way. 309 kata lagi


Is There Something Dodgy Going On With GSK's Tafenoquine?

Tafenoquine is an experimental anti-malaria drug manufactured by GSK. It seems it might be just as dodgy as Roche’s Lariam (see here). Personally, after experiencing the horrors of Seroxat, I wouldn’t ingest any GSK product, and why would I? 2.057 kata lagi