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Travel Fear: Sickness

It’s another Spooky Saturday! This time around, it’s all about getting sick on travel–or staying well! I’ve heard people say they’re afraid to travel because of possible seasickness, air sickness, traveler’s diarrhea, foreign illnesses, insurance concerns, and more. 285 kata lagi

Eradicating global infectious disease: Two steps forward and one step back?

By: Jessica Hostetler, PhD

The world made some good progress recently toward controlling or eliminating several diseases. Such gains are often long and hard fought. Vaccines are often a primary tool for eliminating diseases, which makes the rise in vaccine scepticism in many developed nations all the more troubling and fears of disease resurgences and outbreaks all too real. 1.017 kata lagi


Heidelberg University Hospital: Fighting Malaria in Burkina Faso

Malaria remains a significant threat to human health in many parts of the world. For example, in 2015 there were 214 million cases of malaria worldwide resulting in an estimated 438,000 deaths, 90% of which occurred in Africa. 267 kata lagi


Feed a Need

Stephen Curry is a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. He is the greatest shooter in NBA history. Curry had won The NBA most valuable player and led his team to their first championship since 1975. 199 kata lagi

2 common behaviors that  may pass deadly illness to your unborn child

The 40 sensational week’s journey that you will spend with your growing baby during your pregnancy can be thrilling, adventurous and of course full of expectation and excitements. 553 kata lagi

Microbiology Lab - Medlab science

Here are a few photos collected from different labs during our parasitology sessions; super interesting !

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What happens in malaria, exactly?

What is it?

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by a type of parasitic protozoa. Humans become infected if they are bitten by a mosquito that carries the protozoa. 491 kata lagi