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The Chinese government is cranking up the nationalism after its Nobel win

Even more so than most Nobel Prize recipients, Tu Youyou’s victory can be hailed as a triumph of very many things—of Chinese women, of under-recognized scholars… 328 kata lagi

Dear Tu Youyou, use your Nobel Prize to combat the single worst practice of traditional Chinese medicine

Dear Professor Tu Youyou,

My heartiest congratulations to you on being awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in medicine.

It is a rare achievement. To get there, you answered a call from your country’s leader in time of war. 654 kata lagi



Artemisia annua, a common roadside weed, is one of the humblest of the several hundred Artemisia species found all around the world. It’s dull and ragged, but it is instrumental in bringing a Chinese scientist to Stockholm to receive a… 173 kata lagi


Tradational Chinese Medicine help scientist win Nobel Prize

Hello all you lovely people out there!

Today I wanted to share an article about Dr. Youyou Tu.  She is a recent recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her life’s work on malaria in Africa and Asia. 71 kata lagi

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The Professor of 3 No-s Who Received the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine

“In China, she refers to herself as the professor of ‘the three nos’ — no post-grad degree, no experience working abroad, no membership in the Chinese academy of sciences,” says science writer Phil McKenna.  102 kata lagi

KE: Invasive weed threatens to boost malaria


Invasive weed threatens to boost malaria

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An invasive weed may worsen the malaria epidemic in East Africa by sustaining the mosquitoes that transmit the disease, a study says. 467 kata lagi


More Than 1 Million Malaria Cases Per Year Due to African Dams, Study Finds


More Than 1 Million Malaria Cases Per Year Due to African Dams, Study Finds

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I didn’t feel well during my visit to India’s Narmada Valley, where the Sardar Sarovar Dam was flooding the homes of poor farmers, in 2001. 530 kata lagi