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Scientists in South Africa say they have
discovered a compound that could help
prevent and treat malaria effectively. It’s
an important milestone in fighting the… 21 kata lagi


Mylan Needled over EpiPen Price Hike

(Washington, DC — August 25, 2016) – It’s a good thing that Mylan Pharmaceuticals CEO Heather Bresch runs a drug company.

She’s got to be glad to have easy access to powerful sedatives. 1.249 kata lagi


Desperate in Venezuela

Venezuela is continuing to spiral down as the economy descends into such depths that ordinary citizens are risking their lives and their health to attempt to anything to maintain their lives as normal. 115 kata lagi

Malaria All You Want To Know About The Disease

People living in under-developed as well as developing nations are at a constant war with different species of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the vectors for different kinds of parasites which infect human beings. 1.033 kata lagi


Could Malaria be completely eliminated?

Is it possible for malaria to me completely eliminated ?

Some research scientists in Australia have found a protein that can ‘completely’ cure malaria and protect from re-infection. 171 kata lagi


Manmade Triggers Behind the Zika Virus

by Katy Schaefer

It seems that every year has its own health crisis. In the past ten years, we have seen panic from SARS, Mad Cow Disease, Bird and Swine Flu just to name a few.This year seems to be the year of the Zika Virus. 1.116 kata lagi

Climate Change


Honey, why aren’t you eating your food? I noticed the sudden change of attitude as soon as I mentioned mama’s visit. Are you sure you people should know why I’m like this, mama is not happy with me at the moment coupled with the high feverish condition I’m currently battling? 487 kata lagi