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2018 VM Workshop

Hello Everyone,

Below is the invitation for VM worshop 2018!

Dear z/VM, z/VSE, and Linux on IBM Z Professionals (new and experienced), zNextGen and Enthusiasts, 357 kata lagi


So, you want your own mainframe? // Hercules z/Architecture Emulator Tutorial

I attribute about 95% of my learning to actually doing work.  Most of my peers would agree and even push it further to “95% of my learning is by screwing things up.”  For many computing platforms, it is very easy to spin up a VM and get working.   756 kata lagi


Docker containers are from Mainframe era

Containers are the hottest trend in data center innovation today. If you don’t know where Containers are used in real use cases: Everything at Google runs in a container. 449 kata lagi


Mainframe is the central defender

Amidst the hype of inverted fullbacks, ball playing goal keepers, deep lying play-makers the most certain aspect of football that stands still even today, is importance of the central defender. 560 kata lagi


IBM’s Master the Mainframe Contest: It’s All About Skills Development and Opportunity

By Billy Clabby, Clabby Analytics

IBM has been running “Master the Mainframe,” an annual contest designed to teach students to code and build new innovations on the mainframe, since 2005. 1.580 kata lagi

Annual IBM Shareholder Meeting

reading annual @IBM Proxy Statement. Describes the board “IBM’s Board is composed of a diverse, experienced group of global thought and business leaders. ” Youngest is 57; 9x Directors in their 60’s; 2x Directors in their 70’s; Kenneth I.

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