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vegas - wednesday

On Wednesday evening there is ANOTHER happy hour at the top of ANOTHER hotel. It’s just been the drinkiest week and the mingliest week I’ve experienced in quite awhile, if ever. 573 kata lagi

Mainframe Problem Diagnosis Part 1

In this series, we will discuss various topics related to mainframe z/OS problem diagnosis. In this article part1, I will give an overview fundamentals and in later articles we will discuss in depth. 211 kata lagi


Mainframe: Sightline (custom)

Mainframe did a great job with his o-ring Sightline figure at Joecustoms.  For those not familiar with the figure, it was included in a recent box set.   22 kata lagi


Capping in z systems - Part 1

Today we dwell into one of the exciting topic in the mainframe world its “Capping”.

What is capping?

Capping controls the amount of CPU consumption by an IBM z System logical partition LPAR.   282 kata lagi


Master the Mainframe

Have you heard of Master the Mainframe contest?

Its a contest that encourages students to develop mainframe skills.  Its part of IBM z System Academic which provides mainframes training and resources to students at schools worldwide. 208 kata lagi


What Operating systems Mainframes run?

I was asked this question last week while I was riding with Scoop ride sharing service.  We introduced each other and conversation goes like this: 261 kata lagi


Mainframe Job Types

I get this question asked several times. What kind of jobs does IBM mainframes offer?

For starters, mainframe computers are large, multi-processor computing devices able to perform thousands of tasks every second. 224 kata lagi