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MORGAN STANLEY: IBM's stock could explode 40% (IBM) | 05/16/17

(Source: markets.businessinsider.com)

Thomson Reuters

Don’t let Berkshire Hathaway’s IBM stock selloff scare you, Morgan Stanley says.

The multinational technology company’s stock price is primed for a strong second half of the year, according to the US investment bank. 190 kata lagi

Money Matters

IBM Demonstrates Quantum Computing Advantage

In an announcement last week, IBM reported that scientists from IBM Research and Raytheon BBN have demonstrated one of the first proven examples of a quantum computer’s advantage over a conventional computer. 797 kata lagi

Vision (Mainframe)

Time for the final character featured in one of the five mid-credits scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2…and the one who suffered the major change from the comics. 970 kata lagi


Mainframe Mobile Apps

Here is the list some of Mainframe mobile Apps, that you might be interested in.  I personally use the Redbooks app, Doc Buddy, and SHARE… 158 kata lagi


No letup by IBM on Blockchain

IBM continues to push blockchain. Its latest announcement on the subject, Three Blockchain Adoption Principles Essential for Every CEO, came early this week. The basic pitch: in certain market segments blockchain could potentially help save billions of dollars annually and significantly reduce delays and spoilage. 744 kata lagi

MAINFRAME – Download complete PDS to PC (Desktop) and Format Them

1. In the command prompt, type FTP <HOST IP ADDRESS>
2. Enter your USER ID and PASSWORD to Login
3. Enter the command “PROMPT OFF” so as you do not get notification for every member in the PDS… 163 kata lagi


Novo Paradigma Digital

As empresas tradicionais estruturaram os seus processos no pressuposto do cliente estar fisicamente presente. A automatização das tarefas tinha em mente a “standardização” de processos internos de atendimento tais como a encomenda, a produção, a comercialização ou os serviços pós-venda. 1.125 kata lagi

Transformação Digital