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3270 Application Modernization Using OpenLegacy, Part 3: Generating the Application Model

by Frank Griffin, Senior Software Developer for Treehouse Software 

This is the third in a series of blog posts concerning the Treehouse partnership with OpenLegacy. As discussed previously, OpenLegacy is a way to wrap legacy mainframe applications for presentation to Java, Web, and Mobile clients. 3.054 kata lagi

Welcome to the Machine. Where Have you Been?

Have you ever felt that you need to do things a certain way to appease the machine? I guess Pink Floyd did. Most of us have that feeling from time to time. 1.287 kata lagi


The 23 best characters from Reboot

Here’s a good debate: what’s the best Canadian cartoon from the 90s?

Actually, that’s not a debate. Everyone knows the answer is Reboot.

It wasn’t just that it was the first CGI cartoon, or that it was made in Vancouver, though that certainly helped. 3.977 kata lagi


Bringing TDD and automated testing to the mainframe platform

Can contemporary lightweight software development and delivery methods “scale” in large enterprises without appropriate support for the venerable IBM mainframe platform? Thought leaders in the “agile” community seem to think so. 4.567 kata lagi