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Generating the Mandelbrot Set With IBM Mainframes

is apparently very cool, and when he found out the Computer History Museum had a working IBM 1401 mainframe, he decided to write a program. Not just any program, mind you; … 210 more words

Classic Hacks

7 Mainframe Taboos We Should Break

Having worked ‘on The Mainframe’ for almost 20 years at a variety of clients and sites I’ve come about a number of taboos within the Mainframe ‘ecosystem’ that are sometimes just doing my head in and just need to be broken. 992 more words

Webcast - March 26th, 2015 - Secure Mainframe Development - In the Cloud

Secure Mainframe Development – In the Cloud

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As they strive to deliver new applications and services, companies face a daunting amount of complexity. 321 more words


Welcome to the Mainframe Age (We Missed You)

Back in the day… way back… computers took up entire buildings. For one computer. Everyone logged onto that same computer, and submitted work to it. The computer divvied its time up across the running jobs, and system operators (sysops) monitored that resource allocation. 747 more words


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1. I work at a place that uses a technology that is 40 years old. At that point, can you even refer to it as technology anymore? 54 more words

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