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夜間飛行(Night Flight) || 発熱巫女~ず

yakan hikou
Night Flight

original: 夜のデンデラ野を逝く
arrangement: Tim Vegas
lyrics: 宇田敬子 (Uda Keiko)
vocals: 舞花 (Maika)
album: TWICE
circle: 発熱巫女~ず (Hatsunetsumiko’s)

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#SPAIN: Live blog of Objetivo Eurovisión - JOIN US from 22:00 CET

Spain decides its song for Kyiv, and we’re here to give you our thoughts on this prestigious occasion. It’s forecast to last less than 2 hours, but we know how our Spanish friends like to make the most of Objetivo Eurovisión. 825 kata lagi

Eurovision 2017

#SPAIN: Review of the Objetivo Eurovision finalists

Spain is always an enthusiastic participant in Eurovision, and with automatic entry into the Grand Final, has that extra incentive to do well. As ever, Eurovision Ireland will be running a live blog of the proceedings from Madrid on Saturday night. 474 kata lagi


LeKlein Triumphs, Objetivo Eurovisión line up complete!

Last night, the #Eurocasting portion of Spain’s national selection came to a close, with three acts taking place in the special #Eurocasting final to decide which public voted act would be the wildcard entry into the Objetivo Eurovisión final. 135 kata lagi


Spain: Internally selected Artists have been chosen + Top 3 Eurocasting

Spain is inching closer to completing the list of competitors for the national final, which will be held in February. You’ll recall that there are two components of the Spanish selection, the first being of 5 internally selected artists, and the other component has come from an online and open selection, which is still ongoing. 139 kata lagi


In the Rain

Ya, sudah akan mengakhiri tahun 2016 dan ini post baru
maaf jika agak sedikit kurang baik ketika melakukan terjemahan

Other English translation by: Releska

In the Rain… 479 kata lagi

Terjemahan Indonesia

Feel The Flow ~ FELT

And with this, all requests are done –except, of course, those two I don’t have the lyrics. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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