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【最高画質】最終回全員OP「ぼなぺてぃーと♡S -All staff ver.-」【ブレンド・ S】

【最高画質】最終回全員OP「ぼなぺてぃーと♡S -All staff ver.-」【ブレンド・ S】

*全【ブレンド・ S】関連動画を見たい方はチャンネル > 再生リストでお願いします。キャラ別の再生リストもあるよ!(´・ω・`)

桜ノ宮 苺香:和氣あず未
日向 夏帆:鬼頭明里
星川 麻冬:春野 杏
天野 美雨:種﨑敦美
神崎 ひでり:徳井青空
秋月 紅葉:鈴木達央 99 kata lagi

Indian woman and her "Maika"

Wife: (Apprehension and confusion on the face)
I want to talk to you about something

Husband: (without looking up from the phone)
Yeah. Tell me. 826 kata lagi


Blend-S - The Cafe of My Dreams

Let’s be honest, your to-do list of things to do when you visit Japan has “visit a maid cafe” on it, right? But what about a maid cafe where the waitresses each have a different persona such as a sadist, a tsundere, a little sister, or a trap idol? 397 kata lagi

Anime Review

Blend S and its unique display of humor

FIRST LOOK – Throughout looking at the various line-ups of titles in many anime seasons, the comedy genre has always been a hit-and-run for me. As someone who prefers a show with some deeper and serious tones, finding a good anime series that can genuinely get you laughing for the majority of one episode is kind of rare. 492 kata lagi



Mengenai lagu ini sendiri saya sangat menyukainya. Lagu ini juga menceritakan mengenai sebuah perjalanan dan sangat emosional menurut ku.
Yap, Felt selalu membuat pendengarnya jatuh cinta pada lagunya. 865 kata lagi

Terjemahan Indonesia

Miku Monday: Piano Songs

Turns out September if National Piano Month.  Not one to let a good musical excuse go by, I decided to try and focus on piano heavy songs.   343 kata lagi