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Asparas - India

In Hindu folklore an Aspara is a celestial nymph (cloud/rain/water spirit). We see them mentioned in the “Mahabharata,” The world’s most longest epic poem known. They are sometimes depicted as court dancer or musicians of the Hindu Deities. 449 kata lagi

Myth And Legend

‪‎Lord Parashurama

LordParashurama‬ is worshipped as mool purush,and also known for ridding the world of kshatriyas 21 times over after the mighty king Kartavirya killed his father. He played important roles in the Mahabharata and Ramayana, serving as mentor to Bhishma, Karna and Drona. 141 kata lagi

5 Reasons to Write Books in Multiple POV

If you are itching to write in multiple POV or by using various points of view, STOP! Says Zen Scribe. It’s a risky proposition.

It’s not a good idea if it is your first book and if you are trying very hard to impress your readers with your ability to create hundreds of characters. 525 kata lagi


Bhagavad Gita: Real & Unreal

I acknowledge this graphic from the Net

The unreal has no existence

The real has no non existence

This is what the Wise see as the Truth… 422 kata lagi

And So They All Say!

A conversation between Ganga and the King of the Lunar Dynasty of Hastinapur, Shantanu.
Courtesy ~ Adi Parva – Churning of the Ocean via Amruta Patil… 25 kata lagi


Just Another day

The garden was deserted. Arjuna stopped near a tree. The air was still. He tensed as he heard a shuffle behind the bushes. Stealthily, he moved back, to circle the tree and approached the bush. 382 kata lagi


Decoding Krishna

An Avatar of MahaVishnu. Krishna remains as the most intriguing, versatile personality humanity ever saw. A King, lover, husband, musician, politician, warrior, wrestler.  Krishna was everything. 1.670 kata lagi