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Why hasn't any celebrated filmmaker (Nolan, Wachowski, Snyder, Singh) attempted to make the Mahabharata into a Hollywood epic yet?

Answer by Raakhee Venugopal:

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First Krishnarpanam

​படித்ததில் பிடித்தது…
”சர்வம் கிருஷ்ணார்பனம்” இந்த வாக்கியத்தை முதலில் கூறியது யார்?
சர்வம் கிருஷ்ணார்பனம் என்று சொன்னவன் கர்ணன்.
பரசுராம் என்ற பிரமணரின் சாபத்தால் பாரத போரில் தோற்ற கர்ணன்:
முன்னொருநாளில் அந்தணரால் கொடுக்கப்பட்ட சாபத்தால் போர் தருவாயில் கர்ணனின் தேர் சகதியில் சிக்கிக் கொள்கிறது.

Ithihasas And Puranas

Immortal by Krishna Udayshankar

‘Death is certain for all who are born…or is it?’

Professor Bharadvaj is more than just another whisky-loving, gun-toting historian-for-hire. Behind the assumed identity of the cynical academic is a man who has walked the earth for scores of years.

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Jeremy Corbyn, Sanghatan and the Mahabharata War

One of the most notable controversies to emerge from the Labour leadership campaign has been Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to commit to the principle of collective defence. 1.108 kata lagi


Person apart from Arjuna who heard Bhagwad Gita directly from Krishna - Sanjaya

Usually we think that only Arjuna was the only person to whom Bhagwad Gita was told directly bu there is something else which we are unaware of. 143 kata lagi


Wheels in art : some chariot images

Chariots have been an important aspect of warfare and have been used from very remote times. The Rigveda cites chariots and so does the Atharvaveda. Initially the fighter and charioteer used to be the same. 1.290 kata lagi

Art History

१४०) The Mahabharata - a child's view / Samhita Arni

१४०) The Mahabharata – a child’s view / Samhita Arni / July 1996 / edition December 2009 / Pages 287/ Tara books / Rs. 475/- English  8 kata lagi

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