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Perfect quote РIt aptly sums up the motive to pen my novel.

Why write at all? You cannot inhale and not exhale.
You cannot eat and not poop. 945 kata lagi


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I got an opportunity to grace Chris Graham's platform for authors. Here it is...

Vasusena, Chotima, and Leaving Hastinapur

Priyamveda was the dasi that was in charge of taking care of me and she was like a mother to me. Priyamveda would take me with her to meet the charioteer families. 1.010 kata lagi


The Five Women by Mahasweta Devi

The Five Women is an extremely sombre story written by Mahasweta Devi centered around the interactions between  five women from the farming community, and Princess Uttara in the aftermath of the great Indian epic Mahabharatha. 821 kata lagi


Travel Stories That Haunt Us-The immortal Warrior

You won’t want to bump into a man who has survived a 5000 year old war and roams around with a wound dripping in blood, isn’t it?Neither me, of course! 806 kata lagi


Ayodhya- an ancient city of India

The history of Uttar Pradesh is very much associated with the broad history of India. It dates back to 4000 years.Formerly the area of Uttar Pradesh was occupied by Aryans or the Dasas and their main occupation was agriculture. 203 kata lagi


Ties that Bind

The water ran red, he noticed. He had washed himself off and the water with which he had washed was now the colour of blood. The metallic taste of blood was still in his mouth. 552 kata lagi


A Birth of a Princess and a Meeting of Destined Soulmates

Once upon a time in a kingdom of AryaVarta called Hastinapur, there was a baby girl born to a royal couple who were getting ready to celebrate their first anniversary. 480 kata lagi