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My heart can’t handle this anymore.

(First KMG’s version has Yudhishthira ranting a whole paragraph about Karna’s feet.

Then Shivaji Sawant has Karna wondering why Yudhi stares at his feet every time they meet. 86 more words


Giveaway: Books for the Mahabharata Reader

Guys, I have something exciting for all of you.

Many readers of this blog will know that I write – both blog posts and books – on various topics, but the one subject I keep returning to is mythology. 450 more words


Arjun, Without a Doubt - Review

Story – the two minute version

The book starts with the POV of Arjuna in the forest where the Pandavas and Kunti are living incognito after escaping from the house of lac. 439 more words

Book Review

The most important lesson from Krishna

Saama, Dana, Bheda & Danda.

This is the simple, most important political, eye-opening message that Krishna makes in the Mahabharata epic and not the abstract ones about Yoga, Karma, etc. 1.013 more words


Kalki and the End of the Kali Yuga from the Mahabharata

Selections from the Mahabharata, Book 3, Section CLXXXIX:

“Thus addressed, that foremost of Munis began his discourse again, delighting that tiger of the Vrishni race and the sons of Pandu as well.

2.121 more words