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Parikesit The Next King of Hastinapura

Raden Parikesit is now King of Hastinapura. And his two ministers are very faithful, Bangbangkoco (son of Gatotkoco) and Sancaka / Santyaka (son of Satyaki, prime minister of Sri Krishna Basudewa), Parikesit’s age is still young even he is the youngest king among the kingdoms that exist. 1.770 kata lagi

Javanese Culture

The Death of Pandava (Pandawa Seda - Javanese Version)

The Kurusetra meadows are now deserted. The Bharatayuda war has ended in victory on the Pandawa side. The Kauravas were all dead. Although the five Pandavas survive healthy but many knights and brave warriors who support them are killed, including the sons of Arjuna (Irawan) and Abimanyu and son of Bima (Gatotkoco). 4.105 kata lagi

Javanese Culture

Bharatayudha War (Javanese Version)

The war between brothers, between the Kauravas and Pandavas, known as the Bharatayuda war was very fierce, complex, exciting and depressing for many warriors are falling. 4.156 kata lagi

Javanese Culture

Mahabharata (Javanese Version)

Hastinapura is a kingdom that has long been established, hereditary from the great-grandfather of Santanu that Prabu Hasti until his offspring someday. In the story of “Ancestor of Hastina”, Santanu is said to have obtained the Kingdom of Hastinapura because of the legacy of King Palasara. 13.018 kata lagi

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Ancestor of Hastinapura (Mahabharata)

The story of the wayang (puppet) world is quite a complicated story to tell simply. Every character in the wayang story has its own history. This is what causes the way the story seems to go back and forth or have a jumping-timeline, such as this time and then back to the past and then back to the present, not to mention another story that needs to be inserted before the core story continues and so forth. 4.638 kata lagi

Wayang Stories

The Omnipotence of DHARMA

In order to live your dharma, you will need to be your dharma. In every decision, you will have to weigh the scales of justice, evaluate the moral impact on your department, company – and most of all, yourself. 3.535 kata lagi

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Supreme Kings

The deeds of supreme and immensely fortunate kings.

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  • 2.480 kata lagi