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The Palace of Illusions

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I remember reading the Mahabharata in school and liking the story, even though I found it very unfair to women.

Recently, I was browsing books in my library and came across a book titled ‘The Palace of Illusions’ by Chitra Banerjee DivaKaruni. 301 more words

Book Review

Value of Truth


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Radha Prathi, May 18, 2015, DHNS

The colours of life are certainly not black and white. 424 more words

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All classical yoga practice is based on The Eight Limbs of Yoga, compiled by Patanjali. We have been exploring this route to bliss.

The Bhagavad Gita is often referred to as the ‘bible’ of yoga practice. 127 more words


The Story Of Tilottama

This is the story of Tilottama, who was an Apsara or celestial maiden created by Lord Brahma for a special purpose. This story is told by Sage Narada in the Mahabharata to the Pandavas. 1.656 more words

Indian Tales

Multiple Arjunas .

Pan-Indian Arjun, Indonesian Arjun, Bengali Arjun, Tamil Arjun.

Zapped? Don’t be!

Indonesia, with its huge Buddhist & Hinduist influences has its own Mahabharat. Variations between ‘our’ MB & ‘their’ MB – some quirky, some weird, some hilarious, some disgusting, some beyond imagination. 481 more words


"The Mahabharata behind Marketing" and finally, Krishna on scene....

Yesterday we spent few minutes reviewing the progress of our play-script.Things are moving sane.

We are not in hurry, this play shall develop bit by bit online/offline. 45 more words


The art of seeking

One day a group of six disciples approached Sage Pippalada seeking the knowledge about the Brahman (Ultimate reality). Instead of providing the answer forthright, Sage Pippalada tells them – “Dwell with me for a year with Tapas (austerity), Brahmacharya (self-discipline) and Sraddha (faith). 483 more words