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Exploring traditional temple life

By Adelaide Lodder:

The Bhairon Mandir temple stands tall and proud in the city of New Dehli.
The age-old temple was said to have been constructed by the Pandava princes and was built during the time of the Mahabharata, which was a series of major changes in ancient India. 154 kata lagi


1. Yoga of Arjuna's Grief

Said Dhritarashtra: When Pandu’s sons met mine for battle on the Field of Dharma, the Field of Kuru, tell me what happened, Sanjaya.

Said Sanjaya: When Prince Duryodhana beheld the army of the Pandavas drawn up in battle order he approached his teacher and spoke thus: “Behold, Master, this grand army of the Pandavas marshaled by your able pupil Drupada.” 408 kata lagi


Andhra Mahabharatamu Part 3 : How The Epic Reached Completion

This is the last post in my three-piece series about Andhra Mahabharatamu and the three poets who contributed to this epic project that spanned almost to 3 centuries. 866 kata lagi

Telugu Literature

The Bhagavad Gita, Some Context

For those interested, the version of the Bhagavad Gita referenced here was originally published serially in The Mountain Path, the quarterly journal of Sri Ramanasramam, from April 1965 to October 1969. 357 kata lagi


Fables taught universal values but were adapted to local cultures

A long tradition of preparing princes to rule was the genre of literature known as ‘mirror for princes,’ fables with tales in which animals are the leading characters of the stories. 408 kata lagi

Nimira Dewji

Bhima's Perspective

I keep reading Mahabharata in one form or another- it’s like comfort food- easy to digest, having read the stories so many times- and yet nourishing. 540 kata lagi



Crossing all the borders

Compiling dictionaries

Reading myths and generalizing the superstitions

Pen trailing down with the ink and generations immersing with the same old sink… 205 kata lagi

Motivated Me