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Folk Epics from Ancient India

Folk epics are an integral part of our life as they depict the world view of a particular society from where they originate. Being the oldest in their creation, they were passed on as oral tradition or written down by single or multiple authors . 488 kata lagi

The Language Handicap

Bahubali was definitely a visually breath-taking film which deserved the success. But the movie’s characters simply seem to be inspired (a better word for copied) from Mahabharat. 727 kata lagi


Hinduism on Abortion

Hindu ethics are based heavily in the virtue of ahimsa, or nonviolence. Life is regarded with the highest esteem because all living beings are but manifestations of the Supreme Being. 1.188 kata lagi

Book Review: The Myth of Hastinapur by Rahul Rai

Great epics like Mahabharata doesn’t belong to one writer. It belongs to all those writers who present the story from the view point of different characters. 408 kata lagi


Peter Brook’s Mahabharata

Guest post from S. Akda

Peter Brook’s 1989 film, the Mahabharata, is a modern Western adaptation of the ancient Indian epic of the same name. 1.914 kata lagi


An Essay on the Bhagavad Gita

An Offering of Devotional Worship

Victoria Hornberger

            The Bhagavad Gita, “Song of the Lord,” is part of the world’s longest epic poem, the Mahabharata… 2.733 kata lagi

Spiritual Growth


She is a remarkable human being; an extraordinary creation of God; the personification of our mother Earth; the one from where it all began; the source of evolution and revolution; may not be the face of many nations but is undoubtedly their core; the reason we have the strength to wield the sword and the mightier one, the pen; my folks she is the reason you all can read this post! 278 kata lagi