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Mahabharat In A Nutshell

Oh sweet cheese and crackers. I should have done this such a long time ago! In this post I will do my best to provide a Coles Notes rendering of Mahabharat instead of ranting about specific parts of Mahabharat and trying to tie it all together. 1.312 kata lagi


Mutual regard for Meaningful Relationships


Sometimes, we make a conscious effort to reconnect with the people who populated our past. It could be either with the agenda of keeping or redeeming a promise or very simply to enjoy a bit for the sake of old times. 335 kata lagi

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The Palace of Illusions

Ok, so I’d been wanting to read this one for a long time; it’s got very good word-of-mouth reviews. I had read Divakaruni’s Sister of My Heart a few years ago and liked it quite a bit. 765 kata lagi

Book Reviews

The Thirteenth Day: A Story of the Kurukshetra War

The Thirteenth Day: A Story of the Kurukshetra War by Aditya Iyengar is another retelling of Mahabharata. This book, however, does not throw light on each and every event of our grand old epic. 552 kata lagi

Book Review

Where exactly is it mentioned that Vajranbhi asked artisans to carve images of Krishna?

In his book Jaya , Devdutt Pattanaik says that Vajranbhi, great grandson of Krishna, asked artisans to carve image of Krishna based on description of Uttari. 288 kata lagi


Coffee Break

Summer riding piggy back on +40 centigrade during daytime and I’m frazzled by multiplying dust particles, the seeping lethargy and the unhealthy attachment to my air-con. 555 kata lagi