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The Abduction

The horses were in a steady gallop now. The chariot passed smoothly over the uneven terrain, its design and build contributing no less than the skilful handling of the reins by the man driving the horses. 1.151 kata lagi


Irawati Karve's 'Lady Pundit'

“Go into the assembly and ask if Dharmaraja had become a slave before he staked me.”

– Irawati Karve, Draupadi: Introduction, Yuganta

Irawati Karve’s Draupadi in… 574 kata lagi


Disturbing tales Of Mahabharata: The princess who was sold for some mere cattle

The epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana, have been the cradle  of the ideology on which our country is formed. Though Ramayana is incredibly perfect in terms of its characters, Mahabharata is like a fabric where hues of all shades ripple through its countless characters. 560 kata lagi

Peter Brook's "Battlefield", Capitol Theatre, Singapore

SH, having waxed lyrical about Peter Brook’s Mahabharata, generously bought us second row seats to what might be the great theatre director’s last play, … 223 kata lagi


[Theatre Review] Brook Makes Audience Battle Boredom


Peter Brook & Singapore Repertory Theatre

21 November 2015, 3 pm

Capitol Theatre

17–21 November 2015

I do not need to offer a synopsis of… 610 kata lagi



A best interpretation of Mahabharata I have ever read:-

Sanjay , was finally there, Kurukshetra, the ground where the great war of Mahabharata was fought. 612 kata lagi


Peter Brook's Battlefield

When Peter Brook’s The Mahabharata hit the stage and screen in the mid-1980s, it was taken to task for being appropriative and orientalist. (Google “peter brook’s the mahabharata and orientalist.” I’ll wait.  513 kata lagi