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Magnetically Fanning Sheet Metal but How?

Helping Manufacturing Productivity and Safety with Magnets

Handling and prying apart ferrous metal sheets can be difficult especially if they are oily or polished.  The Metal Sheet Fanner uses magnetic forces to induce a magnetic field into the ferrous metal sheets, creating magnetic poles that then repel each other.   152 kata lagi

Bunting Magnetics

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Devilish Heart - Magnet

You’re my devilish heart.
But I still love you, my sweet feline.

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The Fractiles-7 Refrigerator Experiment, Part I

To begin this experiment, I first purchased two refrigerator-sized Fractiles-7 sets (available at, and then, early on a Sunday, quietly arranged these rhombus-shaped magnets on the refrigerator in our apartment (population: 4, which includes two math teachers and two teenagers), using a very simple pattern. 100 kata lagi


Flying rose with magnets DIY

I wanted to pique my six-year-old’s interest in science with an exciting experiment. She knew well already, how the magnets attract each other, so we built something interesting to experience they can repel each other as well. 384 kata lagi


MAGNETIPS™ - Incredible Magnetic Pens

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Designer: Typica

Categories: OfficeProduct Design

Year: Present-2020






Overview:  Magnetips are not your average fine-liners. As well as being refillable, each one of the pens also contains two super strong Neodymium magnets. 27 kata lagi