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Post-Holiday Thoughts on What Parents Want for their Kids….

The holiday season is over and, as I dig out from the bills, I wonder about gift selection.  Did we score home runs in choosing what to place under the tree?   558 kata lagi


Lenz's Law

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Discussion:

After Class Work:


Measure Me

There is something about the horizon. Strong metaphor, fat with meaning. It is also a mesmerizing magnet when you stand on the shore. It isn’t real and yet it is. 79 kata lagi


Along the line M.C Beatz has brought up an argument in Agbozume by collaborating the top six Rappers from different areas of Agbozume on his cypher beatz. 24 kata lagi


The Magnetohydrodynamic Drive Is Real—and You Can Build One

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According to Wired

I know it’s an old movie (and it was an even older book before that), but I want to look at the physics of the special submarine drive in…

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Tech News

Flying the Friendly Skies with A Hall Effect Joystick

There are plenty of PC joysticks out there, but that didn’t stop from building his own. Most joysticks measure position mechanically using potentiometers or encoders. 234 kata lagi

Arduino Hacks

Product Review: Refrigerator Magnets, 50PCS by A AULife - 10 X 2 mm

I have used those clip magnets on the fridge for some time. They cause a lot of problems. They are bid and unsightly. They cover up a lot of whatever you are hanging up on the fridge, which for me, is my daughter’s artwork. 191 kata lagi