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put down that fucking guitar

If you suspect that you are the victim of A neuroblastoma, and your interactions with the family member are consistently painful – you may want to set some boundaries for your health’s sake. 30 kata lagi


The State of Poetry Criticism - July 2017 Update

Disclosure: Many thanks to Órla Ní Mhuirí for her advice regarding the ethical questions involved in publishing the data collected here. Thanks to the Association of Internet Researchers… 826 kata lagi


¿El cactus hace el mismo daño que el magma?

Vamos a hacer un experimento para verlo:

Primero con cristal haces 2 figuras como estas (bloque de cristal 3×3 hueco)

Luego abajo de una pones un cactus y en la otra un bloque de magma, y encima de cada bloque pones un pistón y haces un camino de redstone uniendo las dos figuras. 68 kata lagi


Some think they want to make Yellowstone blow on purpose

a 2014 report (many for like this on the internet) –

LINK –  https://youtu.be/SIIThOZfC68

Lots of seismic activity in recent weeks at Yellowstone – scroll down ▼ for more info…

Seismic Activity

Continental rift exposes mantle melting at work

Changes in the degree of melting of mantle rock explain uplift and subsidence patterns in New Zealand’s Taupo Volcanic Zone. Read more in Physics Today…

Physics Today

Aleutia for Secret Affair

Feeling peachy today :)

The Secret Affair is open and offering boudoir designs for you, including this romantically sexy Aurora lingerie set from Aleutia.  Aurora comes in solid and prints…with or without the rose and/or a bow… sooo many decisions!   96 kata lagi

Second Life