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X-Aminations: X-Men Gold #21

We’re revisiting the Brotherhood of Eeeeevil! Mutants that launched this title less than a year ago, which means we’re dragging up the new Pyro and Avalanche that came with it.  398 kata lagi


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Decay

Hello Everyone!

This week’s challenge is about Decay, which means – as its meaning on Cambridge Dictionary – “to become gradually damaged, worse, or less”. With that in mind, I decided to share with with information about a really cool and rusty place to visit! 538 kata lagi


Not Yellowstone - but NW is shaking

This was sent in – it is of interest to Yellowstone quake watchers ….

I’m watching the Rattlesnake Ridge near Yakima, Washington right now.  Estimated 4-10 million cubic yards of hillside slipping at 1.6 feet/week. 49 kata lagi

Seismic Activity

We have earth beneath us, but also beneath the crust is fire, the fiery magma is on everyones mind like what is going on at Yellowstone. 391 kata lagi


25 gennaio, roma: inaugurazione di "magma. il corpo e la parola nell'arte delle donne tra italia e lituania dal 1965 a oggi"

L’inaugurazione della mostra MAGMA. Il corpo e la parola nell’arte delle donne tra Italia e Lituania dal 1965 ad oggi si terrà il 25 gennaio… 176 kata lagi

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