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Logica firii împiedică entităţile Universului să-şi aleagă contemporanii. De neimaginat este haosul fără de sfârşit ce s-ar crea dacă opţiunea alegerii s-ar fi strecurat între regulile existenţei. 1.978 kata lagi

[Friday Map] Christina's Caves

I don’t often work with colour, but my recent acquisition of a few coloured pens in the same style as my usual pens used for my maps made me want to try something with a LITTLE bit of colour as highlighting. 215 kata lagi


The Rock Cycle

There are three main types, or classes, of rocks. These classes are sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic and refer to how each class forms.

Sedimentary rocks are formed from bits and pieces of shells, bone, pebbles, sand, silt, and other natural materials. 179 kata lagi


November 24 - Volcano-no

Today’s factismal: Many of the words for lava are Hawaiian.

If you ask any geo-geek about molten rock and the first question that he’ll ask is “inside the ground or on top of it?” That’s because geology has different names for molten rock depending on where it is. 268 kata lagi

Earth Science

Other Rock Show playlist - Sunday 22nd November 2015

Other Rock Show playlist, Sunday 15th November on Resonance 104.4 FM

Tonight’s show continues our appreciation of the incredible avant music community of France.

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