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Magma - Attahk (1978)

Attahk is the sound of a Magma allegedly more influenced by late ’70s pop trends such as disco, funk, contemporary R&B, with the caveat that such things (or at least their antecedents) might have played a role in shaping Magma’s initial signature sound. 398 kata lagi


Blue Lagoon Iceland

I can’t tell you how excited Em and I have been for this day!  Bittersweet, no doubt about it.  It is our last day of our vacation, though we get to spend it being pampered at the Blue Lagoon.   186 kata lagi


It Takes a Village.

We just hit the 6 month mark on owning our new Airstream and have been on the road for 11 weeks today. Getting used to living and working out of an 23ft Airstream has been a lot of work, but is truly worth it. 810 kata lagi


Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Could Cause Up To 90,000 Immediate Fatalities + NEWS

Tech Times –

If the massive volcano that lies beneath the Yellowstone erupts, 90,000 people will get killed.

The eruption of the supervolcano would emit very high levels of molten lava on the Earth’s surface and very thick clouds of smoke in the skies. 216 kata lagi