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[torn earth]

torn earth

spews liquid rock to sea-

steam explosion


LG's affordable phones get back-mounted buttons, but no G4 in sight

Ahead of Mobile World Congress, where Samsung, HTC, and other handset makers are planning to unveil their high-end devices for 2015, LG has bolstered its lineup… 365 more words

Pulverized Magma, Arizona; 12 June 2011

Bonito Lava Flow at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
Coconino county, Arizona; 12 June 2011
Mile 4934 of 7221, Day 13, on the trip… 68 more words



Intelligent cars play lots of ting-a-lings for all kinds of tasks the passengers have to obey to. Well, it is what it sounds and at the end, a net of areal hovercraft transportation tramways and drums will anyway replace cars. 76 more words


Emerging from crevasses

Bubbling magma
Emerging from crevasses,
Cooling above ground.


Fantasy colours makeup

Sempre con la intensissimi di neve ho abbinato magma arancio opaco con brivido nella piega dell’ occhio e night life come eyliner e rima interna occhi. 13 more words