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[NEW VIDEO] Carry this secret thing in your pocket, and screw with people all day, every day

Endless funny prank possibilities…  Make virtually *anything* appear to squeak, squawk, or squeal when you touch, poke, or squeeze it!

As shown in the video, you can “D.I.Y.” to make your own “secret thing,” but if you want to save some time, money, and hassle, here is the link to buy what you’ll need, already pre-made ( 12 kata lagi

Disappearing Coin Trick

We’ve been having fun with simple magic tricks lately, most of which grown-ups need to perform for kids at Travis’s age. But with a little help, even preschoolers can pull this one off, and trick everyone from friends to adults! 106 kata lagi


8 Year Old Mesmerises the Audience at Britain's Got Talent Auditions!

Issy Simpson may look as just a young cute girl – but this 8 year old from Blackpool is already smart enough to pull a Houdini or two and left the judges slack jawed while the audience clapped and cheered. 55 kata lagi

Walter's Magic Trick

Walter showed me this magic trick and I was so impressed!  How fun it is to have a friend who knows some magic!

Joke ?

Why don:t Clams share there food. Because they are shellfish

Magic Trick: Turning Water into Ice!

Looking to impress your kids?  Well here’s a cool little trick you can try to pull off!

How can you turn water instantly into ice by  pouring water into 3 cups? 45 kata lagi