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Metal - Glass & Bone

Seats are still available for May’s Metal + Glass course! 

METAL + GLASS 4wk: Next course starts up Monday, May 2nd and runs Monday & Wednesday evenings Form • Fabricate • Cast • Fuse – Learn basic Goldsmithing – 6:30-9:30pm, – $275 per person, 6 people max, 3 people min. 122 kata lagi

Metal + Glass

MAG Competition Results



Well done to our boys Eanna McMahon and Shane Nolan Tobin on their fantastic performances in the MAG out of age level 1-3 competition. 95 kata lagi

Get Frisky at Club NL with Fady Ferraye & Paul Hazendonk!

Fady Ferraye and Paul Hazendonk represent at Amsterdam’s Club NL

If you are in Amsterdam in celebration of king’s day, make it a point to hit … …

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Bikers descend on Salisbury

SALISBURY’S handsome Market Square was the venue for the Motorcycle Action Group’s spring show.

The vast open space was filled with the sights and sounds of hundreds of motorcycles, as well as a few scooters, and the all-day sunshine ensured a healthy turnout of bikers and admiring members of the public. 32 kata lagi


There are oficial languages and work languages

i can not start to explain to my self how they did not understand when all this started it was not an offencive remark and they just could not understand each other language… 84 kata lagi


Blogger Gaff of the Year Award

1 you can rule easter

2 friend die if they respect life

3 riots only in the same geo

4 no need for interviews

5 not available for breakfast… 24 kata lagi