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The 2017 Winter Cup Preview

About a month into the 2017 NCAA gymnastics season,  we get our first look at the country’s most talented athletes. Every year this particular meet has been affectionately nicknamed the splat fest and the screaming moms championships for good reason. 561 kata lagi


Playboy is a porn mag again

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

Playboy, after declaring nudity “passé” and going PG-13 on its website and magazine in March 2016, has returned to stuffing its pages with full-frontal nakedness. 498 kata lagi


Issue I: H-

In this novel issue, we wanted to record a small little compendium of quips and arbitrary moments of reflections from H- from her trip to Paradise Island for her cousin’s wedding. 696 kata lagi


Deconstructing the MAG Code of Points

We’re officially in a new quad, and as always, that means forgetting everything you thought you knew about the code of points and spending the next four years trying to remember everything new, only to have to start all over again in 2021. 2.115 kata lagi


Creating My eBook

I thought that designing my eBook would be the easiest part of this brief, until I thought about how I would actually create the ebook and bring all my designs together. 219 kata lagi


48 hours in Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane is the capital, largest city, and economic centre of Laos. Even though it was made capital in 1563 to protect the people from a potential Burmese invasion, today, there is not much left of ancient buildings and artefacts as it got looted and burnt to the ground in 1827 by the Siamese. 1.004 kata lagi


SLA-First blog post

Hello! Kirstin here, brand manager of Ocean Lore Graphics checking in to say hi and welcome everyone to the Silver Lining Artistry Blog!

This is where you can find updates, tutorials, Q&A’s, and so much more. 87 kata lagi