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Chapter 1.11 - Jake

Jake nocked another arrow and pointed it toward the can he’d set below him. Perched on the fire escape, he was finally able to let loose the stress that had been accumulating all day. 1.407 kata lagi

Jake Kennedy

The Nike Air Mag Releases Today, Nike Stays Winning

By the time you’re reading this, the most anticipated sneaker release of the year may or may not have already happened. The Nike Air Mag… 111 kata lagi

The Taurus Model 66: A Lot of Bang for Not a Lot of Bucks

When many people think of double action revolvers, they think of Smith and Wesson, Ruger, and somtimes Colt. There’s another company out there though that is often unfairly overlooked due to people equating low price to low quality. 676 kata lagi


Let Of Norway take you on a Departure from the Norm

Of Norway brings their exceptional style to FRISKY with the launch of Departure From The Norm

Of Norway brings a uniquely creative and remarkable sound to … …

20 kata lagi

Quick Spin with Gare Mat K

Gare Mat K always brings unique deep tech beats through his swirling and hypnotic Progrezo Sounds mixes. With fresh tunes from the creative and stylish Progrezo Records (read more about … … 15 kata lagi


January 28th, 2016 - Parkway Pulse

This month’s Parkway Pulse featured Platinum member, Triple J Firearms. Jonathan Chadwick gave us information on what you can find in their store for both ladies and men. 94 kata lagi


Those words

i’m scrolling on the book, reviewed the play i have been trying to read them but don’t seem to find that sentence that once stroke me it’s not a different book i read them to you once i outspoken those words can’t seem to find them, the sound of those words portraits me, i thought i had marked it i could find it easyly on the page, not a single mark or annotation