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Cid Inc & Darin Epsilon on going B2B in Brooklyn

Inoki Deep kicks off the NYC Underground Summer with Darin Epsilon and Cid Inc

Inoki Deep is back at it again; after last year’s impressive lineup … …

19 kata lagi

Quick Spin with Subandrio

Subandrio has been delivering some of the amazing sets through his show “Global Mission” on our FRISKY channel for quite some time now. He is the true master of … … 13 kata lagi


Join Praveen Achary as he gets ready for the Juicebox Music Showcase

Juicebox brings their best from the label to the dance floor with the Juicebox Music Showcase

FRISKY’s association with Juicebox goes a long way back. For … …

21 kata lagi

Frisky Loves Colombia takes you deep into their fast growing electronic music scene

Colombia’s DJs take us into their exciting and expanding scene on FRISKY Loves Colombia

South America has been an underground electronic music hot spot for years, … …

22 kata lagi

FRISKY Weekly: Illegal UK Raves, new gear for audiophiles, and other cool stuff

Discover the top stories, photos, and bits of FRISKY from the week!

Illegal UK Raves make a comeback & VICE dives in with a new film covering the Renaissance… 22 kata lagi


Quick Spin with Milos Miladinovic

Label owner, label assistant, DJ and radio show host, he is probably the only guy whom you would find in every role that one could think of playing in the … … 14 kata lagi


Experience Cirque Noir’s extraordinary events as they get ready to go global

Cirque Noir takes their Texas based circus on the road and on to FRISKY

Concrete and metal surrounds you as beautiful people dressed in elaborate costumes … …

22 kata lagi