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The Irrelevant Majority

Most people don’t wish to wage war;
They’re sickened by gristle and gore.
It isn’t the masses,
It’s men from madrasahs –
These fiends are the rot at the core.


Semangat Mengaji

Kegiatan mengaji anak-anak di Madrasah Annuur


$488,000 to be given out this year to madrasah students under Muis award

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – Like other students, Siti Aisyah Iskandar Muda Abdul Jalil sometimes has to ask her siblings to turn down the television while she studies. 258 kata lagi

Current Affairs

How the holy Qur'an worked a miracle in my life

When I first moved to Qom a little over a year ago, I was completely ready to get my Islamic education started. I had just gotten married and really wanted to study hard before having kids (since having children does limit the amount of time mothers can spend in the classroom – for more on the life of a mother in Qom, check out some of sister Samira’s posts!). 1.615 kata lagi

Howza Life

Madrasah Lampu Merah

ATCS (Automatic Traffic Light Control System) dalam kondisi tertentu dapat membedakan tabiat pengendara sekaligus refleksi kedalaman pemahaman seorang Muslim akan agamanya.

Melanggar atau mematuhi aturan lampu merah didorong oleh apa yang mendominasi pikiran dan hati. 1.034 kata lagi


A sneak peak into how Madrasah students take the PSLE

This is the period where Primary 6 students (12 year olds) sweat and their parents have panic attacks.

The Primary School Leaving Examination is here and students take the exams that most in society think will shape the rest of their lives (get into good schools, land good jobs, marry beautiful partners, have beautiful children) only to find out that it is a load of rubbish too late in their life later on. 191 kata lagi

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Masjid and Madrasahs in Singapore

A Madrasah is an arabic term used to describe an educational institution, whether secular or religious. Students don’t actually have to be muslims. Madrasahs go back a long way, with the… 834 kata lagi