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MUMBAI: Amid outrage over Maharashtra government’s decision to de-recognise madrasas which only educate students on Islam, the Shiv Sena on Saturday said the move should not be seen as one intended to strike a blow to religious education in the state. 255 kata lagi


Kalimahs – A Concerning Observation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In many classes I have taken, I found myself probing the students, trying to determine whether they fully understand the importance and meanings of the Kalimahs. 343 kata lagi


MTs BW NW Rensing Adalah Peserta dalam Lomba Nurul Haramain Scout Camp Competition (NHSCC) ke 5 di Narmada

MTs Birrul Walidain NW Rensing Kec. Sakra Barat merupakan salah satu madrasah yang diundang mengikuti kegiatan Nurul Haramain Scout Camp Competition (NHSCC) ke 5 tingkat SD/MI, MTs/SMP se NTB tahun 2015. 190 kata lagi


Your child and Madrasah/ Maktab??

The first formal institute of madrasa/Maktab education was at the home of Sayyadina Zaid bin Arkam (ra) near a hill called Safa, where our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam) was the teacher and the students were the beloved sahaba (ra). 734 kata lagi

Social Issues

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About the Author:

The article written is in context of the issue facing the Malay Muslim Community in Singapore authored by a Muslimah born breed in the world’s richest city Singapore. 1.457 kata lagi

Being Me In Singapore

Of Mosques, Madrasahs and the Moroccan Sites of Spirituality

Imagine wearing shades of different colour everyday, how different the same thing may look depending on your colour code for that day. That’s why perspectives exist, that is why you can see same things under a new light if you change your location and attitude. 1.174 kata lagi


Pakistan's Fight With Extremism: Are Things Really Changing?

This article, titled, “Pakistan’s Fight With Extremism: Are things really changing?” by the Huffington Post, particularly interested me because as I am developing the basis for my term paper on the subject of government involvement and education in Pakistan, I think it is important to note the general public’s opinion on what the Pakistani government should be doing to help. 404 kata lagi