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Masjid and Madrasahs in Singapore

A Madrasah is an arabic term used to describe an educational institution, whether secular or religious. Students don’t actually have to be muslims. Madrasahs go back a long way, with the… 834 kata lagi


KBM XI MIPA 1 sampai 4

Selasa merupakan hari yang paling oye bagi santri MA PPMI Assalaam kelas XI MIPA-1 sampai XI MIPA-4. Loh kok bisa? Ya iya laah… lha khan pelajarnnya paling berfoya-foya… ha ha ha…

MA Assalaam

15 things you may not know about Uzbekistan

People often ask out of the 100+ countries I have been to, which are my favourites. Over the years the answer keeps changing as I visit more new countries. 1.087 kata lagi

Different Trips Around The World

“Ile kewu on the blink”, where lies the blame?

“Do not play with Muslim children, they are taught to throw stones at people in their ile-kewu”- these were the words of a preacher to us during my church going days. 647 kata lagi


The Light of the Night 

The beautiful moon two nights ago. Excuse the laundry hanged by my neighbour please hehe.

I’m reminded of what my ustazah said during class last week when she mentioned how when we reach scenic and picturesque places like New Zealand(for example) then we say “SubhanAllah”. 89 kata lagi

Takeaways & Reminders

Lesson Plan Puasa

Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih Maha Penyayang

Kalau puasa di bulan Ramadhan itu dianggap sebagai madrasah (sekolah), maka tujuan pembelajaran tertingginya adalah kualitas taqwa. Tujuan yang pengukuran dan penilaiannya adalah hak mutlak Allah swt. 414 kata lagi


Community Service Reflection (Term 4)

Since term 4, the whole school went to a madrasah in a small community, we’ve been split into 2 groups, the 1st group will be teaching the students on the 1st floor, and the 2nd group teaches the students in the 2nd floor. 139 kata lagi

Community Service