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Biblical Doctrine Study week 1 thoughts

Are you desiring to try a thorough study in Systematic Theology but don’t know where to start? Have you excitedly bought or were given the John MacArthur/Richard Mayhue tome… 306 kata lagi

My Father and the Generals

Through the years I had heard occasional rumors of a distant relative on my father’s side called Indian Mary.  When my son the anthropologist was writing about Ishi, the last Yahi Indian, the time seemed ripe to research the rumor. 1.315 kata lagi

"These Proceedings...Are Closed."  Historic Connections 

Today in History, September 2: 1945 – A Japanese delegation signs surrender documents aboard the Battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, bringing WWII to an end. 335 kata lagi

Out and about at Cobbitty Markets

On a frosty Saturday recently the CHN blogger attended the Cobbitty Markets. The carpark was covered with a light shade of white while the thermometer hovered around zero degrees. 299 kata lagi


We can't be defensive about this one

Lately I’ve seen a lot of Christian friends sharing John MacArthur’s response to what happened in Charlottesville. (The video has been shared 42 thousand+ times on Facebook and viewed 30 thousand+ times on Youtube). 923 kata lagi

Social Justice

Chapter II-MacArthur

Timothy calculated: an hour of jeepney ride starting from City of Malolos via MacArthur Hi-way; a  highway lined by the incongruity of capitalistic ventures—grubby galvanizing shops, shopping malls, baskets of vegetables and crabs, fancy ice cream houses. 2.380 kata lagi