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Making Camden History

Making Camden History

A brief historiography of the local area

The story of the construction of the history of the Camden area.
There are many versions and they are all correct.
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JRNL102 What is Hidden? | The true normal

You think you know people.  We jump to conclusions and snap judgements about our fellow man, thinking that we know what goes on in their life. 514 kata lagi


Great idea.  Create a sort of spooky, short opera program in a funky location and use it as a fundraiser for your next major project.  That was… 95 kata lagi

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April 1943 (2)

13 April – 78 US aircraft of the 11th Air Force made 11 separate attacks at the Japanese airfield and military barracks at the Main Camp and strafed the beach on Kiska, Alaska.   613 kata lagi


7 Great Study Bibles

Via challies.com, here is an excellent visual presentation of seven excellent study Bibles. I personally have the ESV Study Bible and love it.

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Baa Baa Black Sheep

Sheep are a common sight in Victoria’s western district.

CloudChaser spotted this impressive fella on the side of the highway at Orford, between Macarthur and Port Fairy. 25 kata lagi



The slogan of MacArthur, Leyte are the words made famous by the man after whom the municipality is named: “I shall return.” This message of hope and resilience is one that resonated strongly after Yolanda’s landfall. 465 kata lagi