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Stone soldiers on to do his part for Senators cause

The question was not how well Mark Stone would play, but if he would play at all.

As it turned out, the Senators and their fans had nothing to worry about with their star rookie winger. 876 more words


Toronto Summer Music and more

For those of you who won’t be glued to the underwater cycling at the Pan-Am games there is actually music on in Toronto over the summer.   249 more words

Do You Know What Happened On April 9, 1942?

Most folks recognize Dec. 7, 1941…the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt called it “a day which will live in infamy.”

But I wonder how many folks recognize April 9, 1942? 435 more words


Request for research help - Do you have an Osage Orange tree

Do you have an Osage Orange tree or know someone who has one? Here are a few images for your reference…

They are also called hedge apple, horse apple, monkey ball, bois d’arc, bodark, or bodock. 49 more words

The Basin - Kentlyn - NSW Part 2

Hi All,

Well I went back to The Basin the next week and it was surprising on just how much the river had dropped in that time. 182 more words

SE39 Week 7 - Old Soldiers

This week’s final sound bite clue was a little difficult to understand, and its upper-range frequencies made it the favourite clue of dogs across Ottawa. It was Douglas MacArthur’s farewell address, after getting fired. 931 more words

The Basin - Kentlyn - NSW

Hi All,

This week shot is back locally to me and I have wanted to come to this spot for so long but one thing put me off. 221 more words