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MacArthur's Ticker Tape Parade

Dear Bernie

What books did you want me to subscribe to for you. Also what is your correct address. The one you put on my letters, or the one the Gov’t sent me. 419 kata lagi

Bernard Travels to Japan and MacArthur is Fired

Dear Bernard

I didn’t expect to hear from you until you landed in Japan so we very surprised to get your letter from the Canal Zone & yesterday we got the ones from San Francisco. 344 kata lagi

Four Local Volunteers Honored at Heritage Day

Saturday October 9 was the 27th annual celebration of Heritage Day at McArthur-Burney Falls Park. As part of the celebration, Catherine Campbell, Chairperson of the McArthur-Burney Falls Interpretive Society, and Brett Mizeur, Supervising Ranger, honored four local volunteers for their valuable assistance to the park and the event. 424 kata lagi

Northern California

Searching for God's Will

Maybe you’re like me. When I see an article (or a sermon, book, pamphlet, smoke signal, etc.) on the topic of finding God’s will, I feel a sudden tinge of hope that the message might be “the one.” And, though you may have never defined it that way, you may very well have been searching for “the one” message as well. 512 kata lagi


Menangle ‘Little England’ says Duchess of York

‘This is like home, like England’, proclaimed the Duchess of York  in 1927 on her visit to Menangle. She and her husband the Duke of York visited… 1.505 kata lagi

Ignorance of History Makes for Bad Decision Making

I like Spain, man. But our “benevolent colonizer” called America has also done something to our country. We owe what we are now because of what Americans did during World War II. 674 kata lagi

MacArthur Winners, a Czech Zeppelin and more! Your Weekly Lit News Roundup by Laurel Dowswell

MacArthur Winners Announced!

The 2016 MacArthur Fellows include a human rights lawyer, an art historian, a theoretical computer scientist, and many others including some incredible creative thinkers and activists. 524 kata lagi

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