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MacArthur RoboCall Welcomes ‘Seedy Jim Keady’ To Congressional Race

A telephone campaign paid for by Tom MacArthur for Congress blasting Democratic challenger Jim Keady will make the rounds district-wide in congressional district 3.

In the robocall, a woman asks how Keady—referred to in the call as “Seedy Jim Keady”— can be expected to “take on the big issues facing this country” when his restaurant, the Lighthouse Tavern in Waretown, has become a “stain on the community.” According to the call, Keady’s restaurant has faced nearly 40 health code violations including a “fly-infested kitchen.” The call also alleges that the establishment has become a dive bar with a reputation for police activity. 63 kata lagi


Synesthesia IV

This Saturday FAWN Chamber Creative are presenting the first part of Synesthesia IV.  Yesterday I sat down with artistic director Amanda Smith and singer Jonathan MacArthur to find out what it’s all about.   296 kata lagi

Toronto Opera News And Views



Having completed a tour of duty with the United States Marine Corp, Ben MacArthur returned home to Sagina, Michigan in 1977. When Ben returned home, jobs were few and far between, and it looked as if a recession was about to hit the rustbelt. 3.083 kata lagi


Memories of Your Suburb: Cawdor

Originally inhabited by the Dharawal, Gundungurra and Cubbitch-barta people, the land became part of the vast holdings acquired by John Macarthur in the early years of the 1800s. 182 kata lagi


MacArthur Highway - Street photography

The following text is excerpted from Wikipedia’s article on MacArthur’s Highway. I recommend reading it if you have more interest. All photographs are my own and are copyrighted.   697 kata lagi


Jesus Confronts Hypocrisy

John MacArthur, “Jesus confronts hypocrisy”

John 7:53 through 8:11, as I read you follow closely in your Bible.  Beginning in verse 53, John writes:

And every man went unto his own house, Jesus went unto the Mount of Olives.  5.201 kata lagi


How to Study Scripture

John MacArthur, “How to Study Scripture”

How to study scripture.

Now we’re assuming that you are a Christian and that you know the Lord Jesus Christ and you have received Him as your Savior by faith you’ve opened your heart and invited Christ to come in, take over your life to rule your life to be the Lord of your life. 2.818 kata lagi