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On Honor and Memorial, how they go hand in hand.

I remember a snippet of a conversation I once had with my Paternal Grandfather, “Granpa” Onofre.  I was in my pre-teens in the early 1990’s and we were discussing the merits of his 2 door Grey Nissan Pathfinder, a counterpart to my family’s two-tone Maroon and Charcoal 4 door “Forthfinder” as my “Gramma” Caring (on my mother’s side) would comment on it.   944 more words


Review of Dinaw Mengestu's "All Our Names"

“There was so much emptiness in life that had to be filled, and I was just seeing it.”

Dinaw Mengestu’s latest novel, All Our Names… 806 more words

Book Reviews


Andrew Ager’s Führerbunker is a short chamber opera depicting the events leading up to Hitler’s suicide in April 1945.  It’s a tautly constructed work in which many short scenes are woven into a seamless and compelling whole.   303 more words

Performance Review - Miscellaneous

General Leadership: Champions Don't Take Shortcuts

My latest on General Leadership:

A lesson every successful athlete learns quickly is champions don’t take shortcuts. Sure, an athlete can take performance enhancing drugs or try quick fixes, but those short term wins are usually overshadowed by long term defeats. 144 more words


Yet Another Big Push

Imagine a Game 7, Sens. Just imagine a game 7 with all the glory and excitement that comes with it. Now remember that to get there, you need to win one more game. 396 more words


Minto MIST Siding

Hi All,

Well I finally got it right! But I almost didn’t!

I got the conditions I wanted but had to work quickly only to find I didn’t pack my filters and only had one in the bag….that I had never used before. 98 more words

The Importance of Housing

A new How Housing Matters website offers searchable research and news on a range of housing topics. The interactive portal, created by the Urban Land Institute with support from the MacArthur Foundation, emphasizes “the connection between housing and better educational opportunities and outcomes for children; stronger foundations for family and community economic stability; and healthier individuals and neighborhoods.” 154 more words