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Muslim 'Clock Kid' was Serial Troublemaker

The Muslim teenager from Texas who was arrested for bringing his home-made clock to school was a “weird little kid” that could have a future in crime, one of his former teachers said, according to the… 439 kata lagi

Global Agenda

My Thoughts About MacArthur by Bob Ong (Book Review #53)

” I shall return.” The book is metaphorically based on what General Douglas MacArthur said in 1942 as he left the Philippine Islands during World War II in the attempt of organizing the American offensive against Japan to help the Philippines in its cause. 607 kata lagi


Hope and Loss on Sydney's urban fringe

Winners and losers on the urban fringe

Sydney’s rural-urban fringe is a site of winners and losers.

It is a landscape where dreams are fulfilled and memories lost. 800 kata lagi

Development of Sydney's urban fringe

Sydney’s urban sprawl invades the Macarthur region again

Sydney’s urban growth is about to invade the Macarthur region yet again. This is a re-run of the planning disasters in Campbelltown of the late 1970s. 364 kata lagi

I Stand With Ahmed, Do You?

Normally, I steer clear of politics, or any matter that concerns actions taken by officials. However, in this case, I can’t do that.

In high school, the only thing I ever successfully built was a bird feeder. 226 kata lagi


A Taste of the 97th Annual Inter-Mountain Fair

From September 3-7, the 97th Annual Inter-Mountain fair featured five

days of events, competitions, exhibits, and fun. This is a major family-friendly event involving sponsors, businesses, volunteers, and participants from throughout the Intermountain area. 1.318 kata lagi

Northern California

Wars End and Wars Begin

I meant to get this out on 2 September but, as is typical, work got in the way.  Classes, grading papers, and research seems to get in the way of more fun things.  513 kata lagi