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What am I up to?

I’ve been sharing little hints on social media about what I’m doing at the moment, but this post is letting the cat out of the bag, I suppose. 549 kata lagi

Thoughts & Reflections


Local communities are concerned about transport and land use in South West Sydney as the population is expected to grow to one million people by 2021. 1.086 kata lagi


Facing Disasters

For a brief moment I hesitated.

Interviews with survivors of the Grenfell inferno reminded us of the horror and the tragic consequences of an avoidable and predicted disaster. 386 kata lagi


Episode 18 - 1John2:3-6, Romney

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Hello and welcome to the pod!

-Today we start off the podcast by discussing 1John 2:3-6. I start by discussing my views on the passage in general, especially when it comes to false salvation. 217 kata lagi

Episode 16 - 1John 1:6-10, False Salvation, and Abortion Billboards

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Hello and welcome to the pod!

-Today I start out by discussing my current reading through 1John. If you have been listening to the pod, you have heard me discuss the John MacArthur challenge of reading 1John for 30 days in the row. 227 kata lagi

Like MacArthur Once Said?

A quote attributed to MacArthur is that Japan is a nation of 12-year olds……

We’re now subscribed to our cable provider’s Japanese-language channel and watch probably for the first time since we left in 1998, a lot of Japanese programming. 166 kata lagi

5 Star Gentleman Cob-warden.

Welcome to Maple City Pipe Blog! Today we are going to look at a Cob Mod I did that involve nothing but two Missouri Meerschaum pipes, two pieces of a beer can, two different types of glues and some plastic wood. 296 kata lagi

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