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Orielton - Narellan - NSW

Hi All,

Well something a little different this week.

I just happen to be reading the paper and noticed something about the address and after a google search it came up with this place. 231 more words

Shepherds Conference Inerrancy

For anyone who is interested, John MacArthur and others are putting on a conference this week dealing with inerrancy. The general sessions and a Q&A are being live streamed. 56 more words


Corregidor Adventure: (Is)Land Before Time

If you’re a Filipino, the first thing that probably comes to mind upon hearing Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s name is his famous quote: “I shall return.” 399 more words


The Universe is: Good

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. Genesis 1:31

Creation is Good. And in particular today, the universe is Good. 91 billion lightyears across as far as we can see.

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I want you to be wise to what is Good. Romans 16:19

For the next 6 weeks I am going to update this blog each weekday with something that is Good.

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Camden Bibliography a Biography of a Country Town

Camden Bibliography

A Biography of a Country Town.

The Camden Bibliography is an attempt to highlight some of the research that addresses the notion of Camden as a country town and the subsequent urbanisation of the Local Government Area. 6.147 more words

Injuries to Lehner and MacArthur

Hi this entry is going to be about how these injuries will affect the team in the weeks to come. Loosing Lehner is a big blow to the team with Anderson already being out with a broken hand, loosing our regular backup is bad. 74 more words