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Glaze Experiments

I picked up my Tittymamas from the glaze and oxide induction and they are hideous! Ha! As I first thought, the colour of the natural oxides isn’t suitable for the work I am trying to produce and the shine to the glaze is something I want to avoid. 279 kata lagi


Sidang Keterangan Palsu, Jaksa Pastikan Edward Bisa Dihadirkan

Sidang pidana keterangan palsu Akta Notaris Nomor 3/18 November 2005 kembali digelar di Pengadilan Negeri (PN) Bandung, Jawa Barat, Rabu (22/8). Dua dari tiga terdakwa tidak hadir karena alasan sakit. 237 kata lagi

037 - Advanced Compositing

We are moving into deeper and more complex compositing techniques now. Nuke has a remarkable ability to work within 3D space and manipulate 2d elements in the quest for seamless composites. 194 kata lagi


মা ও বোনের গতর থেকে মধু লুটা

আমার বোন সীমা গত তিনমাস আগে মাত্র ১৮ বছর বয়েসেই বিধবা হয়ে বস্তিতে ফিরে এল । বিয়ে হয়েছিল মোটে তিনমাস । আমার বয়েস ২০ আর মায়ের ৩৫ । বোন ছ মাস আগে একটা ছেলের সাথে পালিয়েছিল । ছেলেটা আসলে ক্রিমিন্যাল । তিনমাস বাদেই সে খুন হয় । বোন ফিরে আসে আমার কাছে


Bad people, but great designers

Hey ho folks! Missed me? I know it’s been a while now. The reason why I didn’t post anything pretty obvious. There were some much of going on in my professional and personal life that I struggled (see the name of my blog) how to shape all of it properly. 315 kata lagi


take company public

We support our clients both in the definition of their strategy and in the implementation of it. Given the nature of service of financial institutions and the large number of people that make up their service and sales networks; the implementation of the strategies adopted by banks is especially complex and difficult. 46 kata lagi

investor relations

Any commercial activity or intermediation of resources that allows the management, use and investment of money or that generates value through it. Financial services are activities carried out with the purpose of mobilizing the resources of a determined group of people. 109 kata lagi