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Another Safe Landing 6/06/15

“Peanuts On A Plane”, 20 x 16″, acrylic on canvas

Recent Progress 6/03/15

So, what, you may be asking yourself, if anything is going on at The Lettering Office? Has Mel’s devotion to pithy aphorisms committed to canvas waned? 95 kata lagi

Today's Progress 4/08/15

Started the day facing the music about the things that have been bugging me about “My Diagnosis”… which in included scrapping two canvases (dandelion and hawkweed) and just plain starting over. 131 kata lagi

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Today's Progress 4/07/15

Finished the drawing for “What You’ve Got” today. It’ll be ready to transfer onto canvas tomorrow. It will be the first time I haven’t done that in pieces. Should be interesting.

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Today's Progress 4/01/15

I did not enjoy myself one iota today.

(April Fools!)

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