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Buy My New TG Romance 'How I was Turned into a Pregnant Girl' NOW!

Heya sissies!

So, I just finished my first TG pregnancy story in aaaaaages, and I’m super-super excited to share it with y’all. It’s got a strong man who discovers just how hard life can be for a pregnant woman when his wife… 220 kata lagi

Lisa Change

Exclusive Story: From Man to Mommy

They’d been married for less than a year when Adam began pestering Katie to have kids.

“C’mon…” he moaned, following Katie round the kitchen as she prepared their dinner, “I don’t wanna wait. 2.465 kata lagi

Lisa Change

Tentang Kamu -part 24a

Tentang Kamu – Part 24

Autor : Cat meonks

Cats : Cho Kyuhyun Choi siwon dll

BL,Yaoi, Mpreg

Warning : typo berserakan dan bahasa kurang jelas, 6.743 kata lagi