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Anne-Happy 05

More typesetting and OP/ED lyrics, although there wasn’t much to typeset this episode.

Translating: Crunchyroll
Typesetting: TheBitStick
Timing: TheBitStick
Opening lyrics: http://www.chachajjang.info/
Ending lyrics: http://www.chachajjang.info/ 6 kata lagi


The Sound Of Madness - Shinedown

Yeah, I get it, you’re an outcast
Always under attack, always coming in last
Bringing up the past, no one owes you anything
I think you need a shotgun blast, a kick in the ass… 332 kata lagi


- Seams

I didn’t want to be the one to forget.
I thought of everything I’d never ℜegret;
A little time with you is all that I get… 595 kata lagi

Music Lover

New uploads for lyrics fans

I added some more doodles from last weekend to my Redbubble page for all you lovers of lyrics. Check them out, let me know what you think.

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Oh son, after all shores will be eaten
After the gods’ll drown in fire and fury
The foretold will, despite the effort, happen
while mother demands her daughter’s dowry… 169 kata lagi


Pani Muni - Yogeshwor Amatya 

(Pani muni dhunga maa leu lagyo) 2

Herda herdai kanchhi ko jovan chheu lagyo

(Pani muni dhunga maa leu lagyo) 2

Herda herdai kanchhi ko jovan chheu lagyo… 127 kata lagi


MUSIC FOR THE DAY ~ Stevie Nicks: “Call On Me For Magic”

A wonderful song demo by Stevie… the video has a few lyrical errors… but that’s alright… : D