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Naively in love

Dont’ know you
I do know me

Naively in love
Just a feeling

Walk by me
Scenting easy

That look
Beyond seeing

I like you
Stranger being


Stopped keeping that count

Hands tied
Eyes bound

In silence

Many times
She pound

Stopped keeping
That count


"Pretty Green" meets "Green" :: Weller Wednesday

“Pretty Green” meets “Green” :: Weller Wednesday

It’s Weller Wednesday. For the first installment of Weller Wednesday and the Best of Paul Weller’s Music, let’s do a Mash-Up of sorts by taking a look at one of the Best Songs from The Jam and one of the Best Songs from solo Paul Weller – both with the color Green in their Song title. 512 kata lagi


You are my pen

You are my pen
I am your paper

Keep writing
Me on myself

Unending ink
Huge space

Write me right
Love your sight


Going Back to 2004: Why Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" Will Forever Be A Favorite Song

Last week or so, Natasha Bedingfield was liking my tweets. Yes, you heard me correctly: Natasha Bedingfield was liking my tweets, from her verified Twitter account. 1.180 kata lagi


A Song for Readers

Note: Say it aloud. In fact, sing it. Then go back to reading.

Why do we read?

We read, because,

once upon a time,

yes, once upon a time… 254 kata lagi

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Radio 78, side B, track 6: "Rocket Man" by Elton John

Oh, Elton John, I’ve heard this song before but I didn’t really pay attention to it.  I thought it was great of course, but I always assumed that the Rocket Man was some kind of a metaphor, that it wasn’t really about a man in a rocket.   189 kata lagi