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Oh, Glitter.

I take flight in the night from lack of sleep, cause peace of minds the only time that we’re free. It’s got a hold on me and I’m a chase that feeling. <3


Let It Out

If anybody comes around to find me
If anybody ask for me she said
Tell ’em all I’m in the deep end singing
If this music’s in my head…

371 kata lagi

Won't Hold My Breath

I’ve never felt anything like this anger before.

My knuckles are bleeding from pounding on your door.

Let me in or let me be.

Oh, this pain in my core. 215 kata lagi



Traffic lights and speed cameras….. What a pair of Tw@ts!!!


Mortal [song lyrics]

I’m looking down

almost on the ground

falling facedown

crashing to the Earth

realizing I’m mortal

I’m so angry

fading gently

day to day

dying inside… 34 kata lagi


Song Idea #25 

I want a sweet guitar

You want a wedding ring

I want reality

You want a movie scene

I don’t quite get

How you love me 6 kata lagi


War of Fools

we can be free
if we sing together
we cant win
this war we’re fighting in

Broken voices
blood choked throats
as we stampede
towards acknowledged goals… 65 kata lagi