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"Sleeping beauty, open your eyes to me."

Sleeping beauty you’re always on my mind
As you walk, as you talk,
your voice vibrates my soul.
No matter what,
I never seem to find a… 232 more words


Hide & Seek

You are a flower hidden away in the misty dark nights.

The one nobody sees and pretends that it’s not there.

But I can see you blooming and I can smell your sweet old scent and… 301 more words


"Unstoppable Love"

One of the song I got LSS with this 2015, is this song “Unstoppable Love” by Jesus Culture feat. Kim Walker-Smith. I just can’t stop singing and declaring how Jesus pursue you and me! 438 more words

† Faith †

Pretty Ugly Liars

The beginning is always so easy it’s almost like reciting a short and sweet poem.

The cheap vodka in your system is hurtling and screaming for your attention. 259 more words


She X

She used to dance in the daytimes,

even if no one else could hear her silent music but her ears.

She used to hum those sweet sweet melodies as the sun and moon arose and decayed. 385 more words


Tiffany SNSD - Only One (OST Blood)

Nae maeumi wae apeun geolgga neoui chagaun geu nunbichi
(내 마음이 왜 아픈 걸까 너의 차가운 그 눈빛이)
Mengapa hatiku terasa sakit ? Matamu yang dingin seperti akan menangis… 313 more words



Running Blind

Somewhere defined in aimless words
Somewhere within my angry herd
of stampeding emotions
Love was running blind

I read my way through those scattered pieces… 145 more words