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와! 이 노래 가사가 진짜 좋네요~ (물론..구글 검색한 후에 그 노래 가사를 알았어요. ㅎㅎ 저..일본어를 잘 몰라서 영어랑 인도네시아어로 번역한 가사를 찾았어요). 유연히 한국어 가사를 찾았어요!

It’s in my head, darling, I hope
That you’ll be here, when I need you the most

Little Things

Putting food where giving goes

I’m so tired of working every day,
Now the weekend’s come I’m gonna throw my troubles away,
I need to calm down so that I will be alright, 172 kata lagi


Jamaican Moon

Prompt: Music

Clyde was in London and Sharon had the flu. Jay felt isolated and vulnerable, especially since Kenny was hovering around the corridors. He would like nothing more than to see Kenny at the bottom of the Potomac, an appetizer for the fishies. 675 kata lagi

Writing Prompts


1. Goat Boy

I had a terrible headache,
worse than ever before,
dreamed dark dreams the whole night long
and awoke next day with horns, 868 kata lagi


[Lyric] Seventeen - Pretty U (Rom/Trans)

Album: Love & Letter
Released Date: April 24th 2016

Lyrics(작사): ???
Composer(작곡): ???
Arranger(편곡): ??? 721 kata lagi


[Lyric] BTS - Fire (Rom/Trans)

Album: 화양연화 Young Forever
Released Date: May 2nd 2016

Lyrics(작사): Pdogg, Bang Shihyuk(방시혁), Rap Monster(랩몬스터), SUGA, Devine Channel
Composer(작곡): ???
Arranger(편곡): ??? 526 kata lagi