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Last words - Lyric Poem

Last words last-
A flavor on the tongue,
lingering on the breath,
a song that once was sung.

Passing as a sigh,
hovering like a mist, 25 more words


Skeleton Keys and Vintage Ways

Feel the cut

Let it sow

Missing you is all I know

Skeleton keys and vintage ways

These are what filled your days

Let me sit and… 108 more words


Where Do We Go?

The air is pregnant with salt: I can feel the drunken breeze struggling and sagging beneath its own weight. Slate stones push up against my feet, and as I near the water, the foamy tide reaches up with desperate imprecise fingers to grasp the tips of my toes. 729 more words


Prelude to Bruise

The Short Version: A collection of ferocious, insistent, searing poems, many of them about a young gay black man only ever called Boy. Some are beautiful, others gut-wrenching – but every single one will leave a bruise. 682 more words


Heroic Ginger 😊💁

I’m super proud of my decisions in life recently. I may be ginger and years ago you may have given me a school life of awfulness and confidence killers, and It was not even looking pretty a few month back for me, but I say the bad has made my life what it is today 😊… A stronger, braver woman who’s now about to follow her dreams and change her life for the better. 272 more words