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skittery cracks on the rickety track
steer the mighty train’s tip
into the eye of the black.

with the captain unfit to aptly react
the panicked roar of the pipe… 15 kata lagi

Mental Health



I can hold my breath

I can bite my tongue

I can stay awake for days

If that’s what you want… 423 kata lagi


The loneliness of autism

Being in the autism spectrum makes me different ( but not less!) and most of the time I feel lonely. Not alone but lonely because of my inability to express and communicate my emotions or thoughts. 19 kata lagi

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Lyric BTS - Blood, Sweat, Tears (피 땀 눈물) | I And K-POP

Artist : BTS/Bangtan Boys (방탄소년단)

Genre : Pop, Dance, Rap

Release :

Lyric :
nae pi ttam nunmul nae majimag chum-eul
da gajyeoga ga
nae pi ttam nunmul nae chagaun sum-eul… 234 kata lagi


Lyric Loco ft. Punch - Say Yes (Ost. Moon Lovers) | I And K-POP

Artist : Loco, Punch

Genre : Soundtrack

Lyric :

Ni nunape wattjanha
Naega yeogi ittjanha
Neoui ibsullo mareul haejwo
say yes say yes

Nado moreuge… 266 kata lagi


Lunchtime lyric

The tiny meal for tiny hands

It seems so easy to understand.

The plate is never finished, it’s true

But that has never bothered you.


Lyric I.O.I - Very Very Very (너무너무너무) | I And K-POP

Artist : I.O.I (아이오아이)
Genre : Kpop, Dance, Pop.

Album : Mini album 2016 “Miss Me?”

Lyric :

nal neomuneomuneomu
neomuneomuneomu neomuneomuneomu
neo~muneomuneomu neomuneomuneomu
neomu johahamyeon geuttae malhaejwo… 233 kata lagi