Label » Lymphadenitis

Cervical lymphadenitis (Updated - Apr 2014.)

Meier JD, Grimmer JF. Evaluation and management of neck masses in children. Am
Fam Physician. 2014 Mar 1;89(5):353-8.

Neck masses in children usually fall into one of three categories: developmental, inflammatory/reactive, or neoplastic. 950 kata lagi


And then I was sick, and sick, and sick

I’ve been ranting on how stressed I am with work and all, and how tired I am that my body starts to become weak and weak each day. 327 kata lagi

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My bout with Scrofula aka TB Lymphadenitis

After being in and out of Medical City for 7 months undergoing weekly checkups, lab tests, xrays, CT scans, biopsy and surgeries (yes, I had 2 minor ones), I have been finally diagnosed with Tuberculous Lymphadenitis or Scrofula. 713 kata lagi


How Do You Get Lymphedema?

How Do You Get Lymphedema?

Causes of Lymphedema



Genetic abnormality involving either VEGF-C or FOXC-2 Gene.

1. Milroy’s Disease or Milroy’s Syndrome – arm and/or leg swelling evident at birth. 321 kata lagi