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Lupus/Sjogren's Nasal and Mouth Ulcers/Sores

One of the biggest pains is skin ulceration. I’m not talking about the occasional fever blister or cold sore that normal people get. I’m talking about autoimmune induced sores and long term virus sores. 419 kata lagi

Living Well With Incurable Illness

Your Gut Is Leaky...Ewe

Is it just me or is this term showing up everywhere? Leaky Gut! What the heck is it and why is everyone’s guts starting to leak. 1.503 kata lagi


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Such a good explanation of the leaky gut and hopefully helps explain to some of you why I'm on the AIP diet!

Internal Organ Cuddle Party

I can only assume there is a cuddle party happening in my chest tonight. The symptoms I am experiencing from it are nowhere near as endearing as the organs depicted in this picture, but at least it made me laugh, so thought I’d share. 22 kata lagi

Chronic Illness

Lupus Awareness: Gabby Williams

B1ACK GESUS: Lupus Awareness from B1ACK GESUS on Vimeo.

This video was put in place to support Lupus Awareness. Life can be very complicating at times and a lot of times we have things that we can’t control. 69 kata lagi


Your Story Matters

Lupus may have stolen your ability to do the things you used to do. Lupus may have stolen your beautiful clear skin. Lupus may have stolen your hair or your peace of mind; But don’t ever let lupus steal your voice. 27 kata lagi

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Dating, illness and the survival instinct (part 17)

He’d cared for me before diagnosis, pulling me out of snow banks when I fell. Later, he rode the prednisone rollercoaster with me, as my spirits sunk then soared and I dealt with a swollen face and ripped skin, immunosuppression and insomnia. 1.298 kata lagi


No Medicine Shame

This photo often pops up on my news feed. I always respond with, On the other side of that coin… imagine living in pain and suffering from a chronic illness that renders you helpless and hopeless and people telling you not to take the medicines prescribed that help you because of a cure they don’t have in their hand to give you to live a life without a life altering disease. 286 kata lagi

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