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Lupus - The Spoon Theory

A while ago while participating in our Lupus meeting, one of our member shared part of a story that she read online, called  The Spoon Theory… 19 kata lagi



This pain is insane


Out of its fuckin mind

Senseless acts of carnage

Raging through my veins

Amazed at how much you hate me… 101 kata lagi

Double trouble...smh!

So by showing these two videos…I DO NOT WANT TO BE JUDGE!!! (who am I kidding…If I saw these I would think…”that girl ain’t got no sense”) (bad grammar done purposely :) ) But here they are, so check them out…not really too informative on anything. 15 kata lagi

Tha 4-1-1

So I wanted to introduce you to someone…a new someone who I haven’t met yet, BUT will be meeting here pretty soon…..IT’S MY NEW HIP!!! (Okay, maybe just a picture of it…all the same). 45 kata lagi

New Diagnosis, Different Outlook

How many of you feel that when you receive a new diagnosis that it seems like your world has crumbled? Well, don’t feel that way. There is a reason for everything that occurs in your life, my outlook is that it is GODs way of telling you to take time for self and gain a better understanding of what is currently going on. 110 kata lagi

So I've Been Diagnosed with Lupus...

Story time! This might be a long one, with a bit of whinging so I will understand if you skip this post!

During the winter of my last year at uni, I became concerned when I started developing joint pain and swelling that would come and go in pretty much all my joints. 1.788 kata lagi