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Puppies and Lupus.

Meet Fifi Beau! She’s a Chihuahua puppy, around 13 weeks old. My dad, brother and I all chipped in to get her for my mums birthday. 599 kata lagi


Laughing at the clock

Many would be shocked to hear that I hate my birthday.   I think the dislike came after my 25th.   The essence of time became limited and many deadlines came about.  548 kata lagi


I need to start by saying sorry. Sorry to my readers, supporters, and friends that I have been away for so long. Life… that is all I can say. 338 kata lagi

Divalicious Journey

Your Struggle Is Important 

Just because it seems as if someone is struggling more than you, doesn’t mean you get to diminish the importance of your own struggle. Don’t ever compare your lupus battles and never let anyone guilt you into believing that it could be worse for you because it’s worse for someone else. 21 kata lagi

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Amazingly Beautiful 

You are amazingly beautiful beyond lupus. Take a moment to look at your metamorphosis through pain and see your true growth! #LupusInColor

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The night I was supposed to die.

Twenty years ago my parents were given the news no parent ever wants to hear, “Your daughter may not live through the night”.   

It was Wednesday February 19, 1997.   1.050 kata lagi

Chronic Pain

Worry Less Laugh More

I used to worry about the future a fair amount.  I worried about exams; what to wear; doing the right thing to impress the right people; I worried about all sorts of things.   271 kata lagi

Whims And Wonders