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2 mm: Outstanding or Overcoming?

Recently, I have been watching motivational videos and one really struck a chord with me – go two millimeters more to be outstanding. I cannot explain it as well as… 575 kata lagi

Dealing With Chronic Diseases

Toni Braxton Speaks On Difficulty With Lupus

“It is challenging when I am working because I have to put on that smiley face anyway… that’s the toughest part when I have to perform.”


The 1am Anxiety Tornado

I haven’t written in a while. I guess I just can’t find the right words until I’m falling apart, and it’s harder to write when falling apart makes no sense. 928 kata lagi


Extracts from paper diary – August 2012

I continue to jot down some of the junk in my head in the hope that one day I will be able to make sense of it and collate into some short stories. 329 kata lagi


Not The Life I Ordered

This is not the life you ordered, but it’s the life you have. Stop allowing lupus to take your zest to live away. No, its not fun. 100 kata lagi

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Today is the day

I am making a change today. My sister sat down with me last night and spoke to me from her heart and it was things that she had wanted to say for so long but didn’t know how. 668 kata lagi

You Can Fight Lupus

You can fight lupus or let it beat the hell out of you. You can complain or put your fists up and punch back. You can cry as the victim or lift your hands in the air as the victor. 48 kata lagi

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