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Feature Friday: Lupus Awareness

Alexis Teixeira was diagnosed with Lupus at age 14 and has fought for many years through testing and treatments to get proper help. When she was eventually married, she was currently receiving exams but developed preeclampsia after becoming pregnant with their daughter Gianna. 237 kata lagi

Wristband Ideas

...But I Love It!!!

Approximately¬†a year ago, I made the decision to transition to a gluten-free diet. My logic? I’d done some research on the impact of gluten on patients who suffer with inflammation and the vast majority of what I’d found argued that individuals with autoimmune conditions should remove gluten from their diets. 710 kata lagi


Imagine That...

It’s happened guys. The dreadful taper. Following my visit with my rheumatologist yesterday, I was instructed to taper my steroid dosage. In previous posts, I mentioned how wonderful prednisone was at numbing Lupus related pain and fatigue. 227 kata lagi


Things I don't know: to the hospital and beyond.

One of my doctors once told me that I am so bad about never slowing down, that when I do call her and complain that I don’t feel good, I usually should have been in the hospital two weeks ago. 713 kata lagi

It's So K

Did You Cuddle Yet Today?!

It’s National Cuddly Kitten Day guys! And even if you don’t have a cute little furry kitty at home to snuggle up with, you need to… 245 kata lagi