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Tung-gung på g!

Stora Värtan utanför Täby är ett välkänt vatten främst tack vare Värtan Cup som årligen arrangeras av sportfiskeboden. Men Värtan har också blivit känt för ett fantastiskt fiske efter gädda under 80 och 90-talet. 1.118 more words


Monday Memo: College and Disabled Students

Mondays for most people means a return to work and a reluctance to wake up. For me, I woke this morning determined to be productive, thus I opened this blog, an idea I have held for quite a while. 329 more words

Autoimmune Survivor

I am an autoimmune disease survivor. What, you ask? We never hear words like that. Those who had cancer, receive treatment, and enter into remission are called “survivors” of their illness. 940 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Rocky Mountain High

I did it. I am sitting on the top of a mountain. I moved to Colorado to test the theory that the environment in St Louis was aggravating my Lupus. 400 more words

Current Events

To Judge A Book By Its Cover

Many of us have done it:  judged someone without knowing their real story.  It’s pure ignorance and it’s what makes dealing with some people in this world a real challenge. 356 more words


God First....Family/Friends Second!

This week has been a memorable week for many reasons! I think one of the first things I will say I have learned is how much I value “treat others how you want to be treated.” I naively expected people to treat others that way….but I learned this week (probably before but this week it stood out) that people don’t treat people how I would like to be treated. 467 more words

My Daily Randomness

Please Don't Ask Me How Much Weight I've Lost!!! 

Just because I’ve been open and publicly blogged about having weight loss surgery eight weeks ago does not mean I appreciate being asked how much weight have I lost….now, today, or this week! 578 more words

Living Well With Incurable Illness