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Hey everyone !

First, I want to thank everyone who has visited, has been following, and sharing, my blog! It means so much! It’s not easy for someone who is shy, quiet, and nervous 99.999991% of the time lol. 184 kata lagi

Self confidence: I want to be "me" again

Hey guys!

Today I’ll bring you a text about something that I never want to talk because I’m always too afraid of it. Today I’m not afraid. 598 kata lagi

About Me

Pushing Along

I read a book about a person who did a solo trip to the Antarctic and all I could think of is why. Why would you put yourself through that kind of risk? 352 kata lagi


My Latest Quest

Every since I was diagnosed, I dreamed of being healed from this condition. Lupus was always a burden that I felt prevented me from normalcy. Over the years, I’ve been on almost every medication available. 372 kata lagi


Mana buku kaporit?

Entah siapa yang mulai pren.. tapi itulah uniknya medsos. Salah satunya Facebook. Setelah bejibun kuis-kuis tentang nasib, berubah wajah jadi tua ataupun make over ala artis jadi kinclong, tapi ternyata beresiko dari sisi keamanan data karena aplikasi-aplikasi itu ternyata buatan pihak ketiga dan berpotensi meretas data sang pengguna kuis tanpa disadari. 394 kata lagi