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"Since I stopped helping Anthony research Harold the Doll..."

The final night of my research, I have now stopped as Anthony has asked, I don’t know if it was my neighbor’s dogs, coyotes out in the backfield but I heard a series of growls. 163 kata lagi

We can't be friends if you aren't always positive.

When you have Lupus, people ask you how you’re feeling. & when you respond “I’m okay”, they often respond with “No, how are you REALLY”. & I’m like well they ASKED, so I’m going to be truthful….. 553 kata lagi

Strange Change

I don’t like change. Never have. But sometimes change is thrust upon me. The things I hate to change most are related to my face. I am not pretty or beautiful or usual looking. 617 kata lagi

The hits just keep coming... but we're not keeping count.

I don’t know if we’re all sick again or we’re still sick…the point is WE ARE ALL SICK. Just when I thought the flu had made it’s second round through the house and the last of us was on the mend, Little Dude went right back to what seems like the worst of a flu/ head cold hybrid. 503 kata lagi

Chronic Illness

The Buts

Sometimes it is the very last thing you want to do that is the very thing you need to do. And somehow you manage to get yourself to the point of doing that thing that you really did not want to do and then realize it wasn’t so bad and in fact helped you in some way. 449 kata lagi

Whims And Wonders

Bright Lights Beckons And Calls.

Bright lights beckons and calls,
everyone’s out having fun on the town,
but I sit here alone in my room.

Waiting, forever waiting.
For my health to improve, 114 kata lagi

Rakel Leah Mogg

On Fearing the Unknown

On a good day, living with a disease as unpredictable as lupus is energising because it reminds you to live each moment intently. This might mean slowing down and taking the time to savor every minute. 400 kata lagi