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Hello World!

I am a weak person. Physically speaking I am weak due to my Chronic Illnesses. I have been sick since I was born, my family just didn’t know it yet. 1.331 kata lagi

The Nazis Had Pancakes (and other such tales of drug induced sleep)

Day four of the new dosage and the “meh” has hit. At least I knew to expect it this time round, and I have the bonus of knowing that it should start to ease in a week or so. 465 kata lagi

Guest Post: Heather's journey from lupus to 5k

I recently ran a 5k on February 17th in Nashville, Tennessee.  My niece Kayla challenged me to share my journey on her blog so here I go. 1.174 kata lagi


Prep Day

Tomorrow is prep day for my colonoscopy and endoscopy on Tues. I’m so so stressed. The thought of going without food, having to take heavy duty laxatives, the pain it will cause me. 510 kata lagi

Brain in Overdrive!

Week 5

15 stone 10lb.

3 stone 10lb to goal

No weigh in

19000 steps

No weigh in again this week. I did have every intention of going! 391 kata lagi

Day To Day Life

Pursue Your Goals Like a Baby

Yeah, I said it, like a baby; you’ll see why in a moment.

Before this journey began, I was going to the gym 6 days a week and loving it. 700 kata lagi


On fighting with my pointy, little elbow.

I don’t know why, but I feel this need to protect people from this side of me. I struggle to put on a smile and keep my groans to myself, not burdening anyone with my whining. 1.075 kata lagi