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UN Fisika 2016 Paket 3 Nomor 27

Jeni mengamati sebuah objek kecil menggunakan lup yang kekuatan lensanya 80 dioptri. Jika jarak baca mata normal adalah 25 cm, maka perbesaran maksimum yang diperoleh jeni adalah … 24 kata lagi

Un Fisika 2016 Paket 3

UN Fisika 2016 Paket 1 Nomor 27

Yani yang memiliki jarak baca mata normal 25 cm mengamati sebuah benda kecil dengan menggunakan sebuah lup yang kekuatannya 8 dioptri. Perbesaran lup yang diperoleh untuk pengamatan amta berakomodasi maksimum adalah … 24 kata lagi

Un Fisika 2016 Paket 1

Heart Feels

Heart feels, it burns like acid next is fibrillation.

Heart feels, we love with our mind, but our hearts makes affection. 

Heart feels, it never ends flowing like a river.  29 kata lagi


6 Things I Enjoyed About The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook — AYCE to Better Health

Have you heard? There’s an AMAZING new resource making its way into the autoimmune paleo community! I recently received a preview copy of the NEW Autoimmune Wellness Handbook and after flipping through briefly, I couldn’t wait to dig in deeper!

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Au eliberat 14 lupi în natură. Nu o să îți vină să crezi ce a urmat!

În 1995, agenția Fish and Wildlife Service din SUA, a capturat 14 lupi din Canada și i-a eliberat în Parcul Național Yellowstone, unde lupii dispăruseră din 1926. 68 kata lagi


It’s Okay, Just Say It! — Flying Above Lupus

“I am the Butterfly, and i will do everything in my power to keep the Wolf leashed…” Even if it means saying NO! Saying no is a personal dilemma for me.

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