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Povestea iubirii dintre un lup si o caprioara

In vremuri demult uitate, era o padure fermecata in care toate animalele traiau in pace si in armonie cu natura. Ele se puteau insoti cu orice alt animal si nu putine erau familiile alcatuite din specii diferite. 1.083 kata lagi



Lup is a 2D platformer with heart, throughout the game you’ll have to overcome enemies and challenges using weapons and items. 6 kata lagi


Change Your Focus

Don’t always focus on what lupus pain was in your body or the pain that has yet to come. Take time to create conscious thoughts on the wellness within you and invite your focus to be in ‘I am well ‘ mode. 73 kata lagi

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Capturing The Springtime Moment: Parish Larkspur WIldflower

Parish Larkspur WIldflower Images by kenne

Conditions for wildflowers are much better this spring than last year.
Yesterday (March 20, 2015) we saw several parish larkspur along the Bear Canyon trail at about 2,700 ft. 29 kata lagi


New development projects coming up in Potong Pasir

There will be new development projects to improve the living environment for Potong Pasir residents, the Ministry of National Development (MND) said in a written answer to a query in Parliament yesterday. 178 kata lagi


Becheciul, lupul şi noi.

Cam cu aproximativ un an în urmă, imediat după ce mi-am cumpărat Vitara, am fost invitat de o gaşcă de baieţi la o ieşire în natură. 776 kata lagi