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By: Bulan Permitasari Santina Putri, dkk.


Divisi               :  Bryophyta

Klas                 :  Hepaticopsida

Bangsa            :  Marchantiales

Suku                :  Ricciaceae

Marga              :  Riccia

Riccia merupakan marga yang paling luas penyebarannya. 748 kata lagi


By the seaside..

I love the seaside.

The salty breeze, wind in your hair, and sound of waves crashing.. Standing there and staring into the horizon feels so relaxing. 31 kata lagi

Weekly Photo Challenge

Outward Bound Lumut (part 1)

The year before last, my friend Sophia asked me whether I wanted to go to Outward Bound during Christmas break. At first it sounded like a fun camp, with descriptions of kayaking, rock climbing and all these kind of activities, but then I heard some horror stories about ghost sighting and horrible toilets so eventually I chickened out and didn’t end up going. 2.668 kata lagi


Sunrise in Lumut

This photo was taken in June 2010 from a rented apartment nearby the coastal town of Lumut in the state of Perak, Malaysia. I was there on a wedding photography assignment at another nearby town, Seri Manjung. 40 kata lagi


Huge Success: Charity Sale at Sekolah Sungai Tali

On the 30th of May 2015, CharityBN Group of six volunteers organized a Charity Sale at Sekolah Sungai Tali in Lumut, Belait District as part of the school’s Community Outreach Program event. 165 kata lagi