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I Ate Here: Lanai Cafe Olympia, WA

Thurston County is saying ‘aloha’ to Hawaiian flavors. The Lanai Café opened in downtown Olympia less than six months ago. Though the owners are from the Pacific Northwest, their business partners are from Maui and Oahu. 355 kata lagi

Seal the Veal: Surf n' Turf Lumpia

This is an adventurous take on an old traditional Filipino recipe- lumpia, which are delicious spring rolls filled with meats, and the stuff happy childhood memories are made of. 428 kata lagi


Lumpia Mami

Mami paling suka makan lumpia, makanan yang sangat mami gemari dari sejak kecil. Sangat enak disantap basah maupun goreng, lumpia memang nggak ada duanya deh. Kebetulan Mami sedang ingin sekali makan lumpia hari ini, jadi Mami mau sekalian ajarin kalian cara menggarapnya. 356 kata lagi

Masakan Cina


Lee este post en español acá

The name might sound quite weird. We usually called them spring rolls. A spring roll is basically a filled rolled asian appetizer. 263 kata lagi


Beef lumpia

I and my son were having fun time with cooking and learning photography. We cooked beef lumpia, it’s spring rolls in Indonesia. It’s perfect snack for Sunday evening. 135 kata lagi


Fried Beef Lumpia with few ingredients

Here’s another Filipino dish. I’m still keeping all my recipes and cooking simple since there’s so much stuff to do and the home is busy as usual plus I’m getting heavier by the day (hahaha!). 315 kata lagi


#1727 - A Weekend Story


Batman V Superman

On Friday evening, a friend convinced me to watch Batman V Superman in Delft. Yeah, actually I had no plan of watching a movie that day but I thought, well, why not :P . 1.131 kata lagi

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