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Fried lumpia is a traditional Filipino dish, similar to egg rolls,  that are stuffed with pork and vegetables then fried to perfection. When I think of lumpia it makes me smile because it brings me back to happy childhood memories of helping my Mom in the kitchen. 386 kata lagi


Fried Lumpiang Togue

I was never a fan of vegetables when I was younger, but lately I found myself trying and learning to eat as much veggies as I can.   186 kata lagi


Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Lumpia) with Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce

This is recent work done for Worden Farm’s new blog, http://www.wordenfarmtotable.com.  Reposted with permission from http://www.wordenfarmtotable.

How many times have you looked in the fridge at the end of the week of cooking and couldn’t find a lot of any one thing left but a little bit of a lot of veggies like a half a head of red (or green cabbage), half a bell pepper, one small carrot, a couple of green beans, a couple cups of sprouts, or one green onion.   802 kata lagi


Won ton-athon!

Lately, we’ve been on a kick/mildly obsessed with won tons! 124 kata lagi


Lumpiang Togue

One of the best local delicacies in the Philippines. Good as an appetizer, snacks, and could be a meal too! It is jam pack with vegetables that are a good source of fiber with an optional pork meat if your prefer. 259 kata lagi

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Rice Bowl Restaurant - Sargent Avenue

One thing about reviewing restaurants is I often find myself no longer stopping at places I had once visited. The algorithms constantly demand new and fresh material, and so places, such as Rice Bowl, on Sargent become places I used to visit. 611 kata lagi

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