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Ep. 16: Leslie, Great Leadership, and Filipino Food

In this week’s episode, I chat with Leslie Hazle Bussey from GLISI, the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement. We discuss great leadership and what a great leader does in order to lead and inspire. 102 kata lagi

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Thanksgiving Day spread, 2017

Forgive me, fellow bloggers for being absent on WordPress.  It’s been 8 days since my last reading.

Tuesday last week, I had a wisdom tooth taken out.  595 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

Turon - Banana Lumpia

I’ve had deep fried bananas battered with panko crumbs, bananas inside baked goods like bread or muffins, and fresh bananas on their own, but it was only this year that I tried something called banana lumpia. 180 kata lagi


Recent Grinds: Home Cooking

Growing up my mom didn’t really cook much as she was working hard all the time to make sure we had the opportunities we needed to go far in life.   334 kata lagi


Lutu-lutuan #10: Lumpiang Ubod

Before anything else, I’d like to give myself a pat on the back for this 10th lutu-lutuan post. 😀 I hope I get to post more tens of posts! 865 kata lagi


They’re Celebrating…Something, Part II: Stuffing Ourselves With Stuffed Things

It’s time to cook all the little stuffies the humans brought home from the market.

Poor, sad, cold little bao.  A nice hot sauna will fix you right up! 297 kata lagi

Naughty Loki

They're Celebrating...Something, Part I: I Don't Trust Any of This Stuff

The humans are celebrating…something.  They didn’t start out to do it.  No, they just decided that dragging Sigyn and me along and meeting up with the blue-haired goddaughter at one of the local grocery markets to pick out a variety of “fun things to eat” sounded like a good idea.   282 kata lagi

Naughty Loki