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Sumpia Abon Feat Ebi

Pernah dengar Sumpia?? Atau sejenis lumpia yang ada isinya, biasanya ada di pasar, isi sayur, daging dan macam- macam rasa. untuk 1 resep lagi hari ini saya akan bagikan resep… 196 kata lagi


Cardiac Delight is Not on the Menu

Once you’ve tried our traditional Filipino food, that’s it! You are hooked and you’ll be dreaming of it and not white Christmas.

Allow me to show you what’s was on my plate in one of our festivals. 88 kata lagi

Weekly Photo Challenge


Lumpia is a Vietnamese version of an egg roll that can be made with

either pork, beef, or chicken

Pho is Love

“Oxtail. That’s beef right? I like to use meat with the bones; that’s the difference between my pho and the one at restaurants.”

My friend Sarim’s… 788 kata lagi

The LEO Schlumpia®

The L.E.O. Schlumpia® is not about Uncle Leo, although he probably would have loved one. This L.E.O stands for Lox, Eggs & Onions.

We’ve recreated this breakfast classic often found on the menu at delis and diners.   73 kata lagi

lumpia makanan khas semarang yang fenomenal

tiket pesawat promo murah banjarmasin – semarang mulai dari Rp 464.400, yuk bagi kamu warga banjarmasin dan sekitarnya yang ingin menikmati kelezatan lumpia khas semarang bisa booking… 111 kata lagi

Tiket Pesawat

Uncle Larry's Schlumpia® for a sweet & savory New Year

Welcome the upcoming Jewish holidays with some Schlumpia® at your holiday table.  Potato Onion or Kasha Varnishkes are a crispy and tasty side dish to compliment your holiday brisket or roast chicken.   128 kata lagi