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Day 2: At Plaza

We all have that moment where we crave for something we ourselves don’t know what. Where else is better than a place that offers lots of variety of different foods. 242 kata lagi


Seattle Food Festival

Festival food might be some of the best food around. Chris, my brother, and a few friends of ours went to the Seattle Food Festival yesterday, and it was  218 kata lagi

PIG OUT: Buddy's Pancit Lucban

Hey there friends!

Buddy’s is a Fiesta – themed restaurant that offers real Quezon province food. Upon entering, the interior is made out of colorful wooden carvings and kipings (colorful rice papers). 169 kata lagi


Wellnessland Cafe

I have a big announcement to make. And this may be a shocker but I need to confess. I must. So here it is,

I am turning VEGAN. 335 kata lagi


Pork Lumpia


1 pound ground pork
5 cloves garlic (crush)
1 whole yellow onion (dice)
3 tbsp. olive oil
3 tbsp Magi seasoning
1/2 cup oyster sauce… 141 kata lagi

Awesome Recipes

After Dinner Musings

Having just finished dinner, I started thinking about how my menu has changed since I got married. I grew up in a family that was all meat and potatoes. 280 kata lagi