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2018 Project 365, Day 34: Welcome Home Food

Photo #34: February 3

After days of eating Chinese/Taiwanese food, it’s great to have some Filipino dishes again! Aside from this spread, I came home to my sister’s pork sinigang, which is my absolute favorite Filipino viand!!! <3

Spring Rolls for Watery Heart

I crave for spring rolls, like a summer time.

How to cook it?

  • ground beef
  • corrots
  • unions
  • celery
  • garlic
  • eggs
  • mix it all together and cook it…
  • 27 kata lagi

Chinoy Treats by China Mommy

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and it is that time of the year wherein Chinese cuisine, of course, is in demand for gatherings in a restaurant or at home. 792 kata lagi

Chinese Food

Around The World In 80 Foods – Country 3



2 packages egg roll wrappers

½ cup water

1 tablespoon cornstarch

Medium pot filled to halfway with cooking oil

Filling Ingredients:

1 pound sausage… 218 kata lagi


Tips Ibu Bekerja: Membuat Stock Lumpia Beku.

Sebagai seorang ibu, tak semua dari kita beruntung bisa mengurus anak-anak dengan exclusive di rumah. Banyak juga yang terpaksa harus bekerja meninggalkan anak di rumah. Pemecahannya, kebanyakan orang merekrut asistent rumah tangga yang handal untuk menangani urusan domestik termasuk memasak. 284 kata lagi

Baby, Kids &amp; Motherhood

Big Boi Bringing Filipino Food to Sawtelle

On Wednesday, January 10th, Big Boi will open their doors to the public for their soft opening. Brought to you by Chef Barb Batiste, the mastermind behind dessert bar B Sweet, Big Boi brings Filipino comfort food to Sawtelle Blvd. 79 kata lagi

Lumpiang Togue recipe (with tofu)

The famous Lumpia originated in China which was definitely embraced by the Filipinos.  Lumpia basically means spring roll. Toge or togue means bean sprouts. The contents inside the spring roll has a lot of variation in the Philippines. 219 kata lagi

Filipino Recipe