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Scenes on Sunday ~ Burning Dawn

Red sky in the morning, a witch’s dark warning.

dawn, aurora, morning

glancing across my bed

I know that it’s going

to be a hard day ahead… 33 kata lagi


Bangkok: November 2017 #1

f/4 1/30 ISO6400

f/2.8 1/60 ISO6400

GX85 + 15 f/1.7


Hybrid photography

One system to do it all!

As a photographer for over 40 years, I have long sought to reduce the weight and amount of equipment I take out with me on assignments, especially where video and still images are required.    671 kata lagi

Social Media

Playing with some Panasonic cameras

This weekend my good friend Wes started talking about looking at a mirrorless camera setup. As someone who’s gone through that transition before I was curious about what he was considering. 506 kata lagi