Wish List Wednesday: Swimsuit Must-Haves

Swimsuit shopping is a stressful task. Not only is it the most revealing garment you’ll probably ever wear in public, but maybe the one you like is only sold as a set and you’re not the same size on the top and bottom. 307 more words

Wishlist Wednesday

Adat ketika Lulus es-em-a

Kami tiada tahu kalau hari Jum’at ini[1] ialah hari diumumkannya hasil Ujian Nasional (UN) di republik ini. Kami baru mengetahui kalau hari ini ialah pengumuman hasil ujian tatkala mendapati ramainya anak-anak SMA – laki-laki & perempuan – tegak-tegak di tepi jalan ataupun konvoi naik motor. 524 more words


Shoe Game

HELLO Saturday!

Since moving to New York I’ve learned that fashion isn’t EVERYTHING. Comfort plays a huge role in the game too. I have walked so much in this city. 188 more words

Forever 21

Second Phase

Akhirnya, adalah kata pertama yang tepat untuk posting ini. Karena akhir selalu berawal, berawal dari pertanyaan yang terbesit saat sudah kerja di tahun pertama. Pulang kerja begini-gini aja? 553 more words


Lulu's maxi dress - my new summer love!

This Lulu’s maxi dress has it all – comfort, style, versatility, and COLOR! Look at that gorgeous teal! Lulu’s always has a great variety of maxi dresses, so that’s always one of the first places I peruse before buying. 89 more words

Fashion Post

Prissy in Pink

I am the queen of buying statement pieces without a specific occasion for them in mind. But there is nothing more haunting than perseverating over an article of clothing that you once passed up and `can no longer get your hands on. 310 more words

Outfit Of The Day

Red, Black, and Houndstooth

When you’re cleaning out your closet, there will always be items that you are a-ok with getting rid of, and those that you cannot part with. 274 more words

Outfit Of The Day