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Woman Runs 26 Miles in 3-Inch Stiletto Heels: 'I'm Always Doing Crazy Things'

Because running a marathon isn’t difficult enough, one woman decided to do it in a pair of 3-inch stiletto heels — and set a Guinness World Record in the process. 840 kata lagi


Solange Knowles Calls Out U.K. Newspaper for Editing Her Hair in the Cover Photo

Solange Knowles sent a message to the world in her new album A Seat at the Table with her track “Don’t Touch My Hair,” but Britain’s… 314 kata lagi


Troian Bellisario Calls for Mandatory Warnings on Photoshopped Ads: 'We All Look Different'

Troian Bellisario knows how harmful it can be to see unnaturally perfect bodies in advertisements and magazine spreads.

The former Pretty Little Liars star, 31, has spoken openly about her… 702 kata lagi


How to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms When You Quit Sugar, According to a Nutritionist

Eating less sugar can lower your risk of diabetes, help you lose weight, and even lead to brighter, younger-looking skin. But for most people, quitting the sweet stuff isn’t easy—especially at first. 779 kata lagi


This Personal Trainer Was Bullied as a Teen for His Weight and Now Has His Own Fitness Studio

Talk about a transformation!

When Steve Tanen was a teenager, he was continually bullied and shamed for being obese — but after losing 100 lbs., 707 kata lagi


Motherhood Is Hard to Get Wrong. So Why Do So Many Moms Feel So Bad About Themselves?

Giving birth to her first child at home without medication was a foregone conclusion for Margaret Nichols. Pain would yield to will, and that would be that. 3.304 kata lagi


This Pad Commercial Represents Real Period Blood

Raise your hand if every menstrual product commercial you’ve ever seen has used a mysterious blue liquid to represent period blood. Yep, that’s pretty much all of us — which is why we love this new ad from Bodyform. 242 kata lagi