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Elementary s3 ep 13

With Lucy Liu directing – including shooting two or three beautiful scenes outside in the middle of winter – and Watson taking a back seat after… 298 more words


Review: Elementary (S3 E14/24), Tuesday 24th March, Sky Living

After the resolution of the Kitty storyline, which ended with Joan looking as if she would resume her position as Sherlock’s protégé, we could have hoped the poor woman would settle into a happy lifestyle. 691 more words


Review: Elementary (S3 E13/24), Tues 17th March, Sky Living

After the climactic events of the last two episodes, in which Kitty took her revenge on her tormentor and we discovered how she and Sherlock met in London, it wouldn’t be possible for the series to keep up the same nail-biting tension. 582 more words


Elementary s3 ep 12

Sherlock and Kitty are able, fairly quickly, to convince everyone else that Gruner was Kitty’s assailant, but proof isn’t easy to find. Sherlock reasons that someone like Gruner isn’t going to be able to turn his killing instinct on and off, so starts investigating cases of missing-presumed-dead women which might be attributable to Gruner. 265 more words


Discussion: Is Elementary better than BBC Sherlock?

So, in a previous post, I mentioned having marathoned the hell out of CBS “Elementary” when I should have instead been catching up on ABC’s “Agent Carter” because I am the literal worst and also I wanted something that was a little bit… chill? 1.298 more words

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