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Derbyshire Dales Community Forum

Reminder that the Community Forum takes place next week in The Memorial Hall at 7 pm on Tuesday 25th October.

Items for discussion will include:- 82 kata lagi

Local Government

Global Industry Observer - September 2016 - Market updates for 20 industries

Global industry observer (GIO) brings to you  market updates for  20 industries. GIO’s advantage rests in the diverse range of product segments  and companies  covered on  a single platform. 735 kata lagi

Market Research Reports

Government Continues its Regulatory Onslaught with Aadhaar Despite Supreme Court Orders: 6 Separate Instances of Flagrant Abuse in 25 Days

Deepening the erosion of civil liberties, subsidies of LPG now cannot be received unless you sign up into the club of Aadhaar. A firm warning was fired to the some 20% subscribers who have not yet given in to enrolling with UIDAI’s database by the Oil Ministry. 687 kata lagi


Solane: Fueling Filipino mealtime memories; launches "Dapat Lang" campaign

The best memories of my family usually involved copious amounts of food; either from a restaurant or from our homey, little kitchen usually filled to the brim with spices and other knick-knacks. 626 kata lagi


LifeHack Mengatasi Tabung LPG Yang Bocor

Sebagai manusia modern, kita tidak akan bisa lepas dari tabung LPG, kenapa? Karena pemerintah nyuruh masak pakai gas LPG, kecuali kamu anak kos yang bergantung hidup sama masakan mbak mbak warteg. 564 kata lagi


Coffee Break

Today I had a terrible thought as I was sat in a cafe. Casually and innocently sat with my regular latte, working on an article, I was tuning in and out of background chatter, as you do, I heard someone at the counter order a regular low-fat one-shot frappuccino with no cream and I felt a smirk creep across my face. 465 kata lagi


A/W 16: Why this season's food is always a favourite

I was thinking about what to have for dinner the other day as I was flicking through a fashion magazine and admiring statement coats. It occurred to me as I was admiring a camel coat that not only are autumn/winter clothes my favourite, but this season’s food is, too. 622 kata lagi