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Day2 Alesund

I was awakened during the night by a brilliant light shing into the cabin. We had stopped at a LPG rig which was working under floodlights. 133 more words

The Arctic

Solid fuel use Kills People, Changes Weather


Every evening on the smoky, denuded northern outskirts of Bangalore, Renuka (she uses only one name), a domestic worker in her mid-30s, picks pieces from a woodpile in a corner of her home, a narrow two-room brick house, twigs collected from the road or wooden pieces purchased from a furniture factory at Rs 60 per kg. 1.423 more words

India Spend

Attorneys for NY Regulatory Agency a Little Too Cozy with Crestwood?

Photo: From left, New York DEC attorneys Jennifer Maglienti and Larry Weintraub; Crestwood attorney Robert Alessi on right.

Via Gas Free Seneca:

On February 12th and 13th, an Issues Conference was held in front of an Adjudicatory Law Judge regarding the storage of gas in unlined depleted salt caverns along Seneca Lake. 1.051 more words


Walking the talk

Yesterday, I applied for an unsubsidized LPG connection. For those, who don’t know, LPG in India is universally subsidized by the government, to provide clean cooking energy to poor at affordable prices. 366 more words

Active Citizenship

El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz, ¿cierto Don Ivo Príamo?

Por Roberto Marroquín

El pasado cuatro de febrero, La Prensa Gráfica publico una columna titulada “Cristo fue crucificado, resucito, es único Dios, ¿cierto Nayib?” escrita por Ivo Príamo Alvarenga. 481 more words

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Seneca Lake Uprising Continues

By Sandra Steingraber, EcoWatch

I told the guy at the wilderness outfitter store that I needed footwear appropriate for standing motionless in frigid temperatures with occasional bouts of below-zero wind chill. 690 more words


The Unshed Tears

I almost didn’t go to duty today. I have an important lunch conference about pregnant mothers who have concomitant heart diseases, and an OSCE (major exam that spans both written and practical skills) in the afternoon. 505 more words