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Whose LPG Subsidy is it anyway?

LPG subsidy is a common word in India. Almost from rich to poor uses LPG for cooking mostly on a subsidized rates. Across India, across all states LPG subsidy is taken as our right forgetting that it has to come from some place. 586 kata lagi

BW LPG primio BW Volans

BW LPG Limited danas je preuzeo osmi i posljednji brod BW Volans iz brodogradilišta Hyundai Heavy Industries. Sa brodom BW Volans  ima BW LPG flotu 41 brodova, od kojih je 29 u vlasništvu (VLGCs plovila), sedam u najmu (VLGCs  plovila) i pet LGCs plovila u vlasništvu. 68 kata lagi

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BW LPG prejel BW Volans

BW LPG Limited je danes sprejela dostavo osmega in zadnjega plovila BW Volans iz ladjedelnice Hyundai Heavy Industries. Z plovilom BW Volans, ima BW LPG floto 41 plovil, od tega 29 v lasti (VLGCs plovil), sedem najetih (VLGCs plovil) in pet LGCs plovil v lasti. 96 kata lagi

Hyundai Heavy Industries

Modi: India has to become stronger

Varanasi/Ballia, May 1 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi rode an e-boat and an e-rickshaw in Varanasi on Sunday and added India has got to become stronger by empowering its poor. 17 kata lagi

Three stoves under £200

You can’t beat the look and feel of a stove in your room, with its cosy ambiance and eye-catching detail. Electric stoves are perfect for homeowners on a budget or without a chimney. 324 kata lagi


How to destroy a trailer home !

For Throwback Thursday this week, here’s a very early post of mine, from July 2013. It’s about my life as a rambunctious kid, growing up (or nearly not) in the south of England. 1.366 kata lagi


Govt to set up LPG air mix plants in Murree, Gilgit, AJK

ISLAMABAD: The government has geared up to install capital intensive LPG air mix plants valuing Rs514 million apparently to provide the gas to the consumers in some parts of the hilly areas instead of enhancing the supply of LPG to the consumers through cylinders which is cheaper mode to supply fuel. 781 kata lagi