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Relationship is transactional?

Relationship is transactional ! said my friend

I dont think so , i replied ?

Think about it , he said , U go into a relationship to get something back, it could be security, companionship or sex.. 136 kata lagi


My tears tore a hole
In my heart and soul
Breathing in fire
Exhaling desire

Just to be with you
It is you I pursue… 34 kata lagi


Sajak Untuk Langit

Ku kirim kagum pada langit di atasku
Keindahannya masih sama persis
Meski kini dia menudungi gelora yang tak sama lagi

Human goodness through the pandemic, why it shouldn't have been a surprise:

You, I and the vast majority can give ourselves a significant pat on the back. For the last 10 weeks, in the main, we did what humans do. 914 kata lagi


Emotional Strength

What is emotional strength? For a long time in my life I have always thought emotional strength to be the strength it takes to not let anything in your life affect you. 523 kata lagi


Eyes ~ Windows to the Soul!

Eyes are the windows to the soul“,
as Shakespeare said!

But what made him think this way?

Did he fall in love with someone… 125 kata lagi



उनकी आखों ने जो बयान दिया
हम बेजुबान से बन बैठे ।।
वो इश्क़ का इख्टियाम करने को
मेरी ज़िदान से तुलना कर बैठे ।। 133 kata lagi