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Høyde-, lav- og adiabetiske bortfallssatser

Høyde-, lav- og adiabetiske bortfallssatser

Jeg husker å sitte ved et av skrivebordene helt foran klassen. Av en eller annen grunn er lærerens skrivebord på en liten høyde, som om det gir ham mer innflytelse over de bølleårene før han. 39 kata lagi


I stand outside; bare feet in my sprawling balcony,

A slight chill in the air; under the skies; so starry.

I see neon lights in the distance ever so clearly, 243 kata lagi

My favourite kind of friends...

I admit I am old school. I am a sucker when it comes to friends who makes an effort to keep in touch with me. I love people who actually check up on me. 425 kata lagi

Embrace the single life.

Nothing compares,
To waking up every morning,
Uncertain, wondering if today’s the day,
You meet your sanctuary, your divine refuge. 64 kata lagi


Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me,

Watch yourself!

Yeah, you better watch yourself ’cause it seems you have forgotten how far you’ve come. I’m writing this letter to you hoping you will read it and receive sense. 1.289 kata lagi


Do you know what day it is? Huh, Huh, Huh?

It’s hard to believe that it was two years ago that this little buddy of mine came to live with us and join my family of Bo-Bos…. 122 kata lagi