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Start With Me by J. Saman

This is the third and final book in the Start Again series by J. Saman, which I totally, totally love. Here are the links to my reviews of book one… 654 kata lagi


Chapter Ten - Under the milky way tonight

Jeannie slowed her car and stopped at the red light. During the day she hated driving. Roads too busy, drivers too crazy, but at night she didn’t mind. 1.140 kata lagi

Casino Heist

OLD BAT at the October book group

I hosted this meeting in place of another member. I  lent my flat and asked the others to bring a plate of food.  This was successful as every one brought some thing different.   261 kata lagi

The Shark Club

The Shark Club

by Ann Kidd Taylor

October 2017

I heard about The Shark Club somewhere. At this point, I literally can’t remember where I hear about books. 554 kata lagi


I Love!

I love it when humans are soft. Just think about it; you know people when they are at their cruel and their competitive when their hearts are on fire and their minds as sharp as the edge of a blade.And then you see them at 2am, their heads lolling on their shoulders, heavy eyelids, and soft-spoken words. 118 kata lagi


Fiction: Ammarah's Fear


‘What do I want from life?’ Ammarah thought to herself. ‘If I die tomorrow, what will I regret having not done while I had the chance?’ 52.263 kata lagi


Blue Eyes

I love her.

My lips smirked as I watched her struggle beneath me. She was terrified, and I couldn’t help but bask in the ecstasy of the moment. 200 kata lagi